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Feb 12 Proof of Your Presence

Dear Father, how awesome would it be if every time I came away from reading or studying Your Word, or spending time in prayer, there was a visible glow on my face!! 314 more words

Daily Bible Prayer

Because of the Cross--Nearness

Old Testament (OT) (God speaking) “…on that day the LORD will come down on Mount Sinai…Put limits for the people around the mountain and tell them, ‘Be careful that you do not go up the mountain or touch the foot of it. 545 more words

God's Word

Why Do We Pray?

“When life caves in, you do not need reasons – you need comfort. You do not need some answers – you need someone. And Jesus does not come to us with an explanation, He comes with Himself.” 843 more words

Love Hurts

Love hurts when the one you love is not present for prolonged times.  No one likes the feeling of separation from the one you love.  Or looking for them and not finding them. 1,664 more words

Solomon's Song Of Songs

Isaiah 66:2–3 God's Nearness

Because God is so great, so other, so holy, we should be in awe of something else: his nearness. Despite his throne-in-the-heavens otherness, God is a God who chooses to be near. 776 more words

Sermon Notes

The Father’s Unstoppable Love

Morning Thought: The Father’s love brings a deep sense of security. It dispels fear, giving you strong confindence. His unstoppable love sets you free from what people think; all that really matters is the Father’s thoughts toward you. 58 more words

Morning Thought

God Is Here And I Didn't Know It

“Then Jacob woke up and thought, ‘Surely the Lord is in this place, but I did not realize it!’” (Gen. 28:16, NET).

How often is the Lord “right there,” and we don’t realize it? 351 more words