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The Lord is Near

What’s your perception of God’s proximity to you? Does he seem far away? Does it appear to you that he’s distant and unengaged, uninterested in the heartaches or challenges you’re facing? 395 more words

God's Love

Nahin Samne

A song which I repeatedly listen and very close to my heart. Something which seems to speak to me. Music of A.R.Rehman which has its own magic. 10 more words



How many times have you questioned if God is actually listening to you? I mean let’s be real; he’s got hundreds of thousands of millions of people talking to Him daily, so are you slipping through cracks? 465 more words


Sacred Spaces 473– Not just “please” and “thank you”

18 August 2015

During the past week on our honeymoon, I enjoyed the many conversations my wife and I had.  Catherine shared with me how a lot of people tend to just offer prayers of “thank you’s” and “please” to God.  135 more words


Couplets (“By protean means propinquity/Inspires not range but unity”)

Though you draw first by chemotaxis,
Perfume is not all your praxis:
Boundless breathings enter me,
And other atoms splinter me,
And rustlings nestle in my ear… 45 more words



everyday i labor towards
nearness… if not close,
then close enough until i
compress an inch into a
centimeter, maybe a millimeter
might be sufficient to see… 28 more words