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Open Your Eyes To The Sunlight!

Nearsightedness, also called myopia, is the most common abnormalities related to eyes.  It is becoming more common, The National Eye Institute (NEI) revealed that in people aged 12 – 54 Myopia was present in 25% of Americans.   109 more words


An Experiment In Terror Vol. 1

(Note: I have been and plan to continue reading many books that I may mention. I will say what I liked and didn’t like, but I don’t plan on “recommending” a book. 1,248 more words

100 Word Challenge: Eyes

I ordered new glasses this week with the hopes of getting them by the first of next week.

My eyesight, to be generous, is terrible. 311 more words

Writing Prompt

You Need Glasses Young Man - Who Me?

Not too long ago, I had an eye examination.  I like to make sure I’m seen at least every other year.  If for nothing else, I like to make sure no early stage of glaucoma is coming on.  2,097 more words


Hooray To No Glasses!

In case some people are still wondering whether I’m wearing glasses or not, the answer is No, I no longer wear glasses everyday. I mean, I used to wear everyday because I was near-sighted (I used to have myopia), but now it’s back to crystal clear~ HD resolution~ thanks to the great technology called LASIK ( 1,281 more words


Five Tips For Reading Aloud

Hello again!  Recently, I did a reading at Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s fifth annual Art & Words Show (for a look at last year’s show, see… 700 more words


How to Treat Your Nearsightedness

If you, like millions of other people across the face of the planet, have to deal with nearsightedness on a daily basis, don’t despair – there are ways to manage and treat this vision problem that can help you make it through your day without a struggle. 168 more words

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