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A lesson in Affirmation: 2 Peter 1

My greatest desire for Affirmations of God is to share how God speaks to us in His Word so others come to know the joy, peace, power and love that I have found in this “process”. 422 more words


EyeTest(nearsighted) - Eye test for Nearsighted vision

Eye test for Near vision sight

Place yourself 30-40cm from the screen. 

Cover one of your eyes with your palm, without pressing on the eyelid, and read the text below, letter by letter. 119 more words


Improve your ShortSighted problems With these 13 Eye exercises that you can do at home !

Rebuild Your Eyes

Alot of us these days are having problems with their eyes or are having shortsightedness problems, and the majority of those people, and to me as well, its all due to starring at a monitor/tv 8 hours a day, problems like short sighted vision or nearsighted and myopia have grown in the last years. 1,153 more words


My Life As a Legally Blind Person

You may also see my YouTube video at:

Going through life being visually impaired, as you may have guessed, was not easy.  I was born with astigmatism and nystagmus.  1,154 more words

Why Are You Nearsighted? Here's An Explanation You May Not Have Heard.

The southern city of Guangzhou has long held the largest eye hospital in China. But about five years ago, it became clear that the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center needed to expand.

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Shopping for Glasses

Time for the responsible adult thing. I put off getting new glasses as long as possible, because damn those prescription glasses are expensive. It occurred to me that I’ve been using the same lenses for about 9 years now. 556 more words



I mentioned pinhole glasses in yesterday’s blog.  I find them amazing because they correct your vision whether you are nearsighted or farsighted.

Many years ago, I was at a party and pinhole glasses came up.  307 more words