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A short commentary on near-sightedness

I recently got new glasses. A friend recently had eye surgery. Another friend has always been blind. I inherit my bad eyes from my mother, who sometimes says when she is in the shower she can’t see her toes, only fleshy feet. 191 more words


Nearsighted? How To Fix Myopia With The Help of Sunshine

At least one person in your group of friends is sure to wear prescription glasses. You might actually wear them yourself! Among the most common problems that affect your vision is nearsightedness, meaning that you can’t see objects that are far away. 281 more words



Up the prescription

Hard to see the rebellion

For all the money



If these spiritual qualities of goodness, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly affection and love we possess, by the Spirit, and if they are increasing in measure in our lives, they will keep us from being ineffective or unfruitful in all practical knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ – in all intimacy of relationship, and in applied truths (obedience). 305 more words


Album Review: Speak Low If You Speak Love's 'Nearsighted' Speaks Introspective Volumes

Ryan Scott Graham’s solo project Speak Low If You Speak Love revealed a softer side to the bass player of the more aggressive pop-punk outfit State Champs with his debut album, … 506 more words

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Yes, You Can Inherit Your Parents' Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness is a condition where the focus of the rays of light land in front of the retina due to an elongated eyeball. People with nearsightedness have blurred vision for far. 286 more words

Blurry Vision

What Does It Mean To Be Nearsighted Or Farsighted?

Normally, Light Is Focused Directly Onto The Retina

Before we delve into what it means to be nearsighted or farsighted, let’s first talk about how a normal eye functions. 380 more words

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