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I mentioned pinhole glasses in yesterday’s blog.  I find them amazing because they correct your vision whether you are nearsighted or farsighted.

Many years ago, I was at a party and pinhole glasses came up.  307 more words

Nearsighted Point-of-View

People, whether they be black, white, old, young or etc., have this almost inescapable nearsighted view of life in its totality. Because of this limited view of time and possibilities, we respond to situations based primarily on reason, experience (first and second-hand), and emotions. 677 more words

Perspective Park

Signs of Aging

The universe has sent me a two-pronged message this week: 1) I am getting old, and 2) aging is taking its toll.

On Monday I visited the ophthalmologist for my annual checkup. 390 more words


Buying happiness is easy when you're blind

I hadn’t tried ordering my contacts online until a couple of months back and I’m not sure why – the ones I use now are super light and thin (a little too light and thin, even – I wasn’t used to it and accidentally broke my first couple of pairs), fit much better and cost a lot less. 286 more words


Vision: The Power of Sunlight or the Son’s Light

In June of 2011, the New York Times asked the question:  “Why is nearsightedness so common in the modern world?”  The article went on to report that, “In the early 1970s, 25 percent of Americans were nearsighted; three decades later, the rate had risen to 42 percent . 419 more words

Blurred Vision: Refocus Your View

Contacts and glasses are two important tools I need everyday. There is no way I can leave my home without them. I’m nearsighted, (if you can even call it that lol), so I can see objects up close, but not far away.   757 more words



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your plans crumbled fast
and now you’re walking away
no backward glance or
consideration for the
far-reaching ripples steps make… 12 more words