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My Simple Pleasure Beginning with V: Vision

My vision is definitely a simple yet also complex pleasure for me! When I was 12 years old I started having trouble seeing the writing on the blackboard in school. 765 more words


Lunch and Learn: "Myopic" Insights

Clinical researcher, Dr. Stephanie Ramdass, from the Vision Research Institute at MCO will be presenting a Lunch and Learn on Thursday, March 30th entitled “‘Myopic’ Insights.” During her presentation, Dr. 325 more words


Nearsightedness: Seeing Beyond The Obvious Part 2.


In part 1 of this paper, I examined the alarming increase in nearsightedness in the world today.  A distinction was made between nearsightedness, the dioptric changes that takes place in the physical eye, and deeper myopic behavior of the patient. 4,308 more words


Since I was about 9 or 10 years old my vision has changed every year but one. In 4th grade my teacher moved me, row by row, until I was unhappily front and center in the classroom, practically under the blackboard. 524 more words

You Need Glasses Young Man - Who Me?

Not too long ago, I had an eye examination.  I like to make sure I’m seen at least every other year.  If for nothing else, I like to make sure no early stage of glaucoma is coming on.  2,097 more words


Sunlight May Reduce Risk of Nearsightedness

By Dr. Mercola Sunlight is good for you. Seriously good for you. In fact, a new study shows that people, teens in particular, who spend time outside basking in the sun have better vision later in life. 137 more words