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The Number Of Nearsighted People Keeps Growing

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is affecting people at record levels across the globe. Around half of the population in America and Europe has the condition, which is double the percentage from 50 years ago. 70 more words


What It’s Like Surfing When You’re Nearsighted, Pt. 2: Importance of Vision at Sea

Surfing with nearsightedness, or myopia, can put a learner at a disadvantage. Although it’s still entirely possible to learn and develop the skills, clear vision is important in dealing with the intricacies of the sport. 1,079 more words


What It’s Like Surfing When You’re Nearsighted, Pt. 1: The Story

Surfing with nearsightedness can be annoying to downright desperate depending on your situation.

It’s bad enough to be a land lubber who crashes against things with your less than favorable eyesight, but it’s far worse when you’re trying to learn how to surf. 609 more words


My Simple Pleasure Beginning with V: Vision

My vision is definitely a simple yet also complex pleasure for me! When I was 12 years old I started having trouble seeing the writing on the blackboard in school. 762 more words


Medical Diseases #5

Myopia (A.K.A. Nearsightedness)

Myopia is a very common condition that affects around 30% of the U.S. population.  Myopia is a condition in which close objects are clear, but far objects are obscure. 25 more words

Medical Diseases

IPhones Making the World Blind?

A recent study shows that about half the world’s population will become short sighted by 2050. This news is incredibly shocking. In addition, about 1 billion people may have a significantly increased risk of blindness. 308 more words


I spoke this whole time of my companion as though it was a person,

but in reality my companion was shame and my companion was deception. 991 more words