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Laser Eye Surgery – Vision Correction in 15 Minutes

If you have vision problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness, you have the option of laser eye surgery. Laser Eye Surgery Glasgow will connect you to a suitable laser eye surgery provider so that you can get the best advice on the service suitable for your needs. 293 more words


Visian ICL

2 more days and I will have Visian ICL procedure done. I am so excited but also felt very calm.

I have been waiting and wanting to do this procedures for a couple of years now, but the cost of it and the fear as well kept holding me back. 164 more words

But Hansel would hold out a bone instead. The witch had such bad eyesight that she always thought it was his finger. She wondered why it grew no fatter.

Ladybird tales, Hansel and Gretel

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Some people see into the future. I see into the distance.

Thanks to my new glasses.

Not that I couldn’t see into the distance before, just that my old prescription was too strong for my older eyes, which are stronger. 155 more words





ハンス・トラクスラー,2012 ,本当にあった?グリム童話「お菓子の家」発掘 p.64

Every morning the witch went up to the cage. “Hold out your finger, Hansel,” she would cackle. “Let me feel if you are fat enough to eat.”

Ladybird tales, Hansel and Gretel