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Living In The Future: Motion Sensing Light-Up Stairs.

Just more proof that we are getting closer and closer to living in the Star Trek world (holodeck cheerleaders, here I come). A company called SOLED is now selling a lighting kit that turns your home staircase into a futuristic motion sensing wonder. 123 more words


Thule Car Top Repair

Plastic and I don’t get along. Turns out the little plastic “clamps” break pretty easy. Made some flat aluminum washers of sorts and brought them back to life. 22 more words

Neat Stuff

Fake News Kills!

I’ve been saying for while that fake news is a dangerous thing.  And it turns out that it has been killing people for over a century. 262 more words

Neat Stuff

It's the Four-Year Anniversary Post!

If it’s Christmas Eve…it must be time for another anniversary post!

Four years ago I began reading the first book in James Flexner’s four-volume series on George Washington. 619 more words


Top Ten Pesky Pre-Holiday Chores

A blast from the past!

Yes! Before the World Wide Web, Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts,
Twitter, and EVEN FACEBOOK(!!!!), civilization was blessed with something
called A NEWSPAPER! 162 more words

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Science: Solar System and Scale

While roaming the internet, I came across this neat video about the scale of our solar system.
If you’re like me, you have difficulty fully wrapping your brain around space distances. 49 more words

Fun with Fujifilm

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am over this buy!!! I was at Urban Outfitters looking around with my cousin when out of no where, he spotted it. 138 more words