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Ad Astra and Beyond: The Forry Award Anthology eBook

Every year the LASFS votes the Forry Award for lifetime achievement in the field of science fiction and fantasy. This is a collection of the works of some of those so honored.

Neat Stuff

Are the aliens merely sleeping? - Marginal REVOLUTION

Some time ago, I realized that the cosmic microwave background at 2.7K meant the universe was too warm to allow superfluid helium to form “in the wild”. 224 more words


Neat Stuff: X-Men Infinity??

OK, I know we’re both currently taking a break from superhero themed posts, but I recently came across something which I found kind of interesting. Namely, this: 798 more words

Marvel Superheroes

Fantasy world economics 101: Introduction

Source: Fantasy world economics 101: Introduction

I got to thinking about economics in a Fantasy world, particularly my RPG world, after someone posed the question of why there would be beggars in a Dungeons and Dragons game. 108 more words


Spring Spruce Up 2017

Okay, summer is officially here!

Now is a good time to look back at all the Springtime Spruce up 2017 repairs
completed between thundershowers and routine maintenance chores here… 313 more words

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