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YouTube Channel Review: Tybee Tries

Today’s bonus post is about a new YouTube channel called TybeeTries.

Tybee’s channel is all about trying different things and DIY stuff in a fun and entertaining way. 176 more words


Well.... Time to Step on my Soapbox

Here I am again. Creating, crying, chaotic pain, the usual. The first block of my second semester is coming to an end. I’m heading back to Syracuse soon. 269 more words

CoLab Shenanigans

Or Spooky Shenanigans, for me and my two friends. Last Sunday, the 24th of February, we did a 24hr takeover of the local radio station. How well it went or how well our particular performance went remains to be seen, BUT, we had a good time. 74 more words

DIY Homebuilt Manual Woodsplitter

A new toy for the backyard woodlot!

Cut a railroad tie into a big piece and a little piece, cross lap the little piece and big piece… 199 more words

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What Now E.T.?

Yeah, what now?

Where on this pale blue dot is my message? Floating ever upwards? Getting an eagle-eye view of Italy, its probably lovely this time of year, is it even in Europe? 361 more words

Back In the Saddle

On Thursday, January 25th, I got back into the joy that is Foundations. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I had no idea the looming joy that was going to be that nice, fine Thursday morning. 464 more words

Beginners Luck

I’ve finally got myself a proper website. So here is where I’m gonna be posting most of my artwork, personal experiences, and shameless self advertising. I hope you enjoy your stay and come back for more! 23 more words