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I came across this wonderfully stark image this morning, an entry in the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest from photographer Christopher R. Gray.  It is a night scene from an area of the… 178 more words

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There was an interesting video recently online called Art of the Storm from photographer Nicolaus Wegner that featured a fantastic time lapse of a super cell forming over the… 136 more words


Leigh Goff's Disenchanted

I hope that you all enjoy the character study as Leigh Goff discusses Disenchanted’s bewitching Main Character, Sophie Goodchild–Chris


Sophie Goodchild is a sixteen-year-old half-witch and the star of my new release Disenchanted from Mirror World Publishing. 552 more words


Disobedience, Zombies, and the Brothers Grimm

So this is a subject I’ll probably talk more about in the future, but I had to post this fairy tale.  It is cheating a little bit, since the stories collected by Johann and Wilhelm Grimm weren’t originally intended just for children, and the Western European concept of childhood as we understand it wouldn’t  519 more words


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dreamstime_xl_30022265 This is a story I somehow missed when reading the Grimm Fairytales. Arynnesfannin makes several valid points in the analysis: Exactly how bad does a child have to be in a fairy tale when God himself has to punish him? No one seems particularly surprised/concerned/terrified that the child’s arm won’t stay buried. Is this a regular occurrence in that village? And exactly how shallow was the child’s grave that his arm kept sticking out despite multiple coverings of dirt?

Story's Purpose/ Neil Gaiman

I tend to think that all forms of art– music, literature, dance and the visual arts– somehow transmit information or knowledge of some sort that enhances our lives as humans.   538 more words

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Dog-Dog Aggression Between Housemates Part Three: Management

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve discussed the recent issues between my two dogs, Layla and Trout. After the fight, both dogs had injuries that needed time to heal. 694 more words

Instructor's Dogs


This looks like fun.  I have extra time this June to devote to writing, so I thought this might be the best way to keep on track. 95 more words

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