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Oh, The Places You'll Go: Follow-Up

I wrote last year about a couple of places where my work has ended up in one way or another.  Recently, I received some material from a couple of these places that show how my work is being used. 322 more words

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Can't Get Enough of James Garfield?!?

Few American presidents were as unknown to me as James Garfield before I started this journey through the best presidential biographies. Even fewer proved as unexpectedly interesting or as potentially compelling. 156 more words


McCartney Songs from OOBU JOOBU

Browsing through YouTube suggestions today when I came across a series of Paul McCartney cuts from his short-lived radio series Oobu Joobu.

From Wikipedia:

Oobu Joobu was a radio show created by…

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Dadgear Diaper Backpack Product Review

I scoured the internet searching the best features for a diaper bag. The one that came up the most often was an easy way to access wipes. 346 more words

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How Much Presidency Can You Handle?

In case you’re not getting enough of the presidency (or presidential politics), The Washington Post might have the perfect solution for you: a weekly podcast… 155 more words

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30 Choices Young Toddlers Can Make

There’s something beautiful in the way toddlers appreciate the simplest pleasures in life. A few nights ago Neko was squealing with laughter just for repeatedly pushing open his mostly shut bedroom door. 591 more words

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5 Neat Baby Products for Travel

The title would be a lot cleaner if I could call these products “essentials,” but that just isn’t the case. People, including teeny babies, have been around a lot longer than these contraptions, but they sure do make stuff easier. 541 more words

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