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Thanks a Million!

1,779 days ago I took the first step on this great adventure:  I launched this website and opened Volume 1 of James Flexner’s series on George Washington. 160 more words


Tales of Bambi (the deer!) Night & Day

Here at the International Handyman Headquarters we like to keep track of our
local critter population. Especially when deer appear unbidden and unannounced
at all hours of the night and day. 77 more words


Starting Ideas

This was posted on one professor’s door where I went to college. It occurred to me to see if my Google-fu was up to finding it. 63 more words


What To Do If Your Dog Digs

Perched precariously on the edge of the pot, Pan was in his element. Paws pumping, dirt flying, tail waving wildly, he quickly and professionally excavated the area, messily transferring potting soil from inside the heavy clay pot to a wide swath immediately surrounding it. 2,189 more words

Basic Training

UVM Pasture Walk at Cloverworks Farm

Hi All,

If you are buying a farm, reclaiming a pasture, or even just considering getting into small ruminants, please join us for a pasture walk at Cloverworks Farm! 99 more words