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Ebru Van Gogh

I think I have seen this before but it caught my eye this morning.  It’s a video of Turkish artist Garip Ay who works in the art of… 89 more words


The Education of an American Sage - WSJ

Source: The Education of an American Sage – WSJ

Thomas Sowell is sitting in my chair. He’d driven in to Stanford University from his home 50 miles away, and since he’s 86 years old, the least I could do was to let him choose between the two seats in my office.

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Book Review: Seeing Like A State | Slate Star Codex

Source: Book Review: Seeing Like A State | Slate Star Codex

Scott starts with the story of “scientific forestry” in 18th century Prussia. Enlightenment rationalists noticed that peasants were just cutting down whatever trees happened to grow in the forests, like a chump.

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Wanted: Humans


Humans quickly get a reputation among the interplanetary alliance and the reputation is this: when going somewhere dangerous, take a human.

Humans are tough. Humans can last days without food.

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Aboriginal Art of Australia

Whenever I come across a piece of Australian Aboriginal art online it just stops me cold. I am immediately pulled in amid the dots and forms and earthy colors.   261 more words

Favorite Things

Living In The Future: Motion Sensing Light-Up Stairs.

Just more proof that we are getting closer and closer to living in the Star Trek world (holodeck cheerleaders, here I come). A company called SOLED is now selling a lighting kit that turns your home staircase into a futuristic motion sensing wonder. 123 more words