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What To Do If Your Dog Digs

Perched precariously on the edge of the pot, Pan was in his element. Paws pumping, dirt flying, tail waving wildly, he quickly and professionally excavated the area, messily transferring potting soil from inside the heavy clay pot to a wide swath immediately surrounding it. 2,189 more words

Basic Training

UVM Pasture Walk at Cloverworks Farm

Hi All,

If you are buying a farm, reclaiming a pasture, or even just considering getting into small ruminants, please join us for a pasture walk at Cloverworks Farm! 99 more words


Arcimboldo (Again)

I am busy this morning and thought I would replay a post from several years ago. No reason except that I came across it yesterday and it really caught my eye again. 362 more words

Favorite Things

Ad Astra and Beyond: The Forry Award Anthology eBook

Every year the LASFS votes the Forry Award for lifetime achievement in the field of science fiction and fantasy. This is a collection of the works of some of those so honored.

Neat Stuff

Are the aliens merely sleeping? - Marginal REVOLUTION

Some time ago, I realized that the cosmic microwave background at 2.7K meant the universe was too warm to allow superfluid helium to form “in the wild”. 224 more words


Fantasy world economics 101: Introduction

Source: Fantasy world economics 101: Introduction

I got to thinking about economics in a Fantasy world, particularly my RPG world, after someone posed the question of why there would be beggars in a Dungeons and Dragons game. 108 more words