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A New One Just Begun

Taking down the decorations is my least favorite part of Christmas.  When I was a child, we always took down our tree on New Year’s Day mostly because it was always a real tree and beginning to dry out by then.  390 more words

7 Things Every Christian Woman Should Regularly Give Her Husband

I was recently invited to be part of the discussants in a church’s women’s end-of-year conference. But I sent them my apologies because I had another engagement billed for the date and time they chose. 399 more words


Less is more - the minimalist lifestyle

There are situations when people can think about life, lifestyle, or how they perceive and not just perceive, but live their life. This stage of life can bring change in our view, or mindset. 922 more words


The Tenants

Surely there is a medical term for the unholy rage one feels upon returning to a house that’s been sublet for any length of time. For it’s clearly a psychological complex, an anger wholly irrational and out of proportion to the perceived offense. 1,433 more words


Cleanliness Matters The Most

Yesterday I was looking at a video which was a WhatsApp forward message where the main content was about a garbage truck which was automatically loading the garbage bins at the street roads in some foreign country , it really amazed me to see the detailed work of that truck and obviously growing technology as well. 881 more words


To Declutter or Not to Declutter

To Declutter or Not to Declutter

Birthmoms may relate to the notion of taking a certain pride in knowing our children take after us in particular ways. 782 more words


Organization is Not Neatness

Nothing stirs fear in me like the prospect of an impromptu studio visit.

When things are going well, my studio looks like a small tornado just passed through it. 265 more words