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Why Are We Here?

Well, the short answer is, we’re buying a house!

A condo to be exact. Our own little slice of the world in a 6-unit building situated on the borders of Jersey City Heights, Union City and Hoboken. 221 more words


Small Things Other People Like

(Picture from BoingBoing)

We’ve got one of these too (as do our friends A&A, it turns out), and yep, it’s been pretty good at doing just the one thing it’s supposed to do…


Urban dystopias (keyword search results)

Whoa… serendipity.

From Web Urbanist, found via DuckDuckGo:
Urban Dystopia: 11 Short Sci-Fi Films Set in Future Cities

An impressive amount of creativity to click to—including a video starring the irrepressible Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. 24 more words


ODE: Tempus Vernum

Ode: Tempus Vernum is a love letter.

Every spring for as long as I can remember there are days I look outside and feel a tug somewhere in my chest and I know it’s time. 441 more words


Travel Vibes: Things I Never Leave for the Airport Without

I’m a pretty decent traveler, so here’s some stuff my airport-obsessed-ass can’t travel without:

Headphones/Phone charger: for obvious reasons. Either to block out the plane noise, or if you’re like me, so the person sitting next to you doesn’t try to small talk with you. 946 more words


Consider the Heptapod

Okay, for those of you who have seen the Oscar-winning film Arrival: what does the label on this wine bottle say?