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Neato D7 Robot - All Other Robot Vacuums Suck

As my wife could attest, I have become a bit obsessive in my search for the best robot vacuum for our upstairs for daily use. I originally… 618 more words


Making Neato Robot ROS Package More Generally Usable

Now that I have some idea of what happens inside ROS package neato_robot, and modified it to (mostly) run on my Neato vacuum, I thought I’d look in its Github repository’s list of issues to see if I understand what people have said about it. 256 more words


Neato Robot ROS Package Splits Laser Scan Read Operations

I want to understand how the neato_robot ROS package works, and debugging its hang inside getMotors() was a great first step. Now that I’m past the problem of mismatching responses between author’s Neato robot vacuum and mine, I started looking at other parts of… 320 more words


Neato Robot ROS Package Expects Specific Response But Responses Actually Differ Between Neato Units

I got the outdated neato_robot ROS package mostly working just by adding a timeout to its serial communications. But this only masked the symptom of an unknown problem with no understanding of why it failed. 477 more words


Neato Robot ROS Package Runs After Adding Serial Communication Timeout

The great thing about ROS is that it is a popular and open platform for everyone to work with, resulting in a large ecosystem of modules that cover a majority of robot hardware. 302 more words


Existing Neato Robot ROS Package Will Need Some Updating

Now that we’ve got a pretty good handle on getting old Neato robot vacuums up and running, including talking to their brains via USB, it’s time to dig into the software side and explore its potential. 233 more words


Trying To Charge Neato XV-21 Without a Charging Dock

When I found my Neato XV-21 in a thrift store, it wouldn’t power on and it didn’t have its charging dock. I originally thought I would buy it just for parts but it’s been a long and interesting adventure poking at how these robot vacuums worked. 773 more words