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The Friday List on #neato

A few interesting articles I’ve bumped into this week, mostly curated from my Pocket and now shared for your enjoyment. This week saw some Apple Watch UX predictions, an interesting AMA on Windows Metro, and a discussion on whether you should be penalized for showing up late to Crossfit. 224 more words


Star Wars Celebration 2015: Cosplay Photo Gallery

Sadly, I could only attend one day of Star Wars Celebration this year, but I did my best to capture some of the best cosplayers from across the galaxy who converged in Anaheim, CA this past weekend. 346 more words


What’s in The bag ? | Matt Mullenweg, , 2015 post.

via What’s in My Bag, 2014 | Matt Mullenweg.

An interesting look into Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress,  andwhat he has in his Carry-on bag/EDC. 117 more words

How I Grew My Network By 142 People Last Month

I’ve always loved meeting new people. My mother will recall that when I was a child I would walk around the play area at my kindergarten school, offering up whatever toy I had in my hand to other kids in an attempt to get them to share and play with me back. 1,119 more words


How I Actually Get Work Done At Work

It’s here.

One of those miraculous days where you only have a few meetings, no travel, and there are some open spots on your calendar. Incredible! 1,622 more words


Neato Keeps My House Neat & Tidy

Everyone has heard of robot vacuum cleaners, but my favorite one has not gotten as much recognition as some of the others – Meet Neato… 565 more words


Why I Wake Up at 4:22am

I was having lunch with some co-workers last week and the topic of morning routines came up. Everyone was sharing what time they woke up, how much they liked or hated it, and the things they did immediately after their feet hit the floor. 1,995 more words