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How I Actually Get Work Done At Work

It’s here.

One of those miraculous days where you only have a few meetings, no travel, and there are some open spots on your calendar. Incredible! 1,622 more words


Neato Keeps My House Neat & Tidy

Everyone has heard of robot vacuum cleaners, but my favorite one has not gotten as much recognition as some of the others – Meet Neato… 565 more words


Why I Wake Up at 4:22am

I was having lunch with some co-workers last week and the topic of morning routines came up. Everyone was sharing what time they woke up, how much they liked or hated it, and the things they did immediately after their feet hit the floor. 1,995 more words


Eat Your Dogfood

“Employees should use the products and services produced by the companies that employ them. They should be emphatic fans of their company’s products. Nothing less.”

805 more words

Old Stomping Grounds

Whoa… no less an authority than the New York Times says that the hot new neighborhood in Los Angeles is… Koreatown?!? My wife and I spent five years in an apartment near 3rd and Berendo, but that was a long time ago (yes, we were there during the riots in 1992). 15 more words



There’s a segment of the population for whom pitting fictional characters and weapons from various different creators against each other is an obsession.

I am not in that segment; for the most part, I… 160 more words


Experiencing Marvel Like Never Before

Proclaimed as the world’s “first hyper-reality tour,” The Marvel Experience allows fans to fully engage in a highly engrossing environment that geeks of all ages can enjoy. 1,601 more words

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