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We're still friends

If you’re my friend, unless I’ve heard otherwise from you, I assume we’re still friends, even if we don’t keep in constant contact. This is because, well: Life.

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Reading the XV11 Neato Botvac LIDAR with the Raspberry Pi and C++

I really, really couldn’t contain my excitement (ask my wife) when I learned that Ebay prices on these bad boys have come down to under $100.  1,606 more words


Observations From A Neato LIDAR On The Move

Now that the laser distance scanner has been built into a little standalone unit, it’s easy to take it to different situations and learn how it reacts by  551 more words


Making My Neato LIDAR Mobile Again

The laser distance sensor I bought off eBay successfully managed to send data to my desktop computer, and the data looks vaguely reasonable. However, I’m not interested in a static scanner – I’m interested in using this on a robot that moves. 341 more words


Shouldn't Simple LIDAR Be Cheaper By Now?

While waiting on my 3D printer to print a simple base for my laser distance scanner salvaged from a Neato robot vacuum, I went online to read more about this contraption. 399 more words


Simple Base for Neato Vacuum LIDAR

Since it was bought off eBay, there was an obvious question mark associated with the laser scanner salvaged from a Neato robot vacuum. But, following… 317 more words