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I suppose I ought to start by introducing myself

But frankly I don’t want to. I’m a British university student, and for now that’s the only label I’ll wear.

I’m doing a couple of modules in Philosophy as part of my first year, and although I whine constantly about how stupid it is to listen to closed minded cis white people sit about and argue, I’ll admit that parts of it are really interesting. 269 more words

Interesting Things

Robotic Vacuums Get Torn-down For Design Showdown.

Fictiv runs a 3D printing shop. They have a nice interface and an easy to understand pricing scheme. As community service, or just for fun, they decided to… 187 more words

Robots Hacks

New trending GIF tagged dog puppy after effects...

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Make Your Model Look Like a Model

I saw a Tweet recently (I think it was a Tweet, I can’t find it again) that had an interesting workflow to make your Revit model render in a single material. 509 more words


What to Look for When Hiring a Product Manager

Product managers can make or break organizations, which is why hiring managers must spend time landing the most talented PMs. Great hires help their companies level-up. 623 more words


The Dragons of Portland

Perched atop the Union Station tower, and various bridges, the Dragons of Portland watch over us as if we were all precious golden coins…

Studio Catawampus… 39 more words