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Robot Disorientation Traced To Timing Mismatch

Once the Roboclaw ROS Node‘s wheel parameters were updated to match the new faster motors, Phoebe went on a mapping run. And the results were terrible! 488 more words


Phoebe vs. Office Chair Round 2

Phoebe was built to roam my house, but the first draft chassis was unable to do so effectively due to a few problems that the second chassis aimed to solve. 256 more words


We're still friends

If you’re my friend, unless I’ve heard otherwise from you, I assume we’re still friends, even if we don’t keep in constant contact. This is because, well: Life.

91 more words

Reading the XV11 Neato Botvac LIDAR with the Raspberry Pi and C++

I really, really couldn’t contain my excitement (ask my wife) when I learned that Ebay prices on these bad boys have come down to under $100.  1,606 more words


Observations From A Neato LIDAR On The Move

Now that the laser distance scanner has been built into a little standalone unit, it’s easy to take it to different situations and learn how it reacts by  552 more words


Making My Neato LIDAR Mobile Again

The laser distance sensor I bought off eBay successfully managed to send data to my desktop computer, and the data looks vaguely reasonable. However, I’m not interested in a static scanner – I’m interested in using this on a robot that moves. 341 more words