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Trying To Make Two Good Neato XV Battery Packs From Four Bad Packs

A Neato robot vacuum in their initial XV series product line is powered by a pair of identical 6-cell NiMH battery packs. When I picked up my XV-21 from a local thrift store it did not power up, a fault which I’ve isolated to its failed battery packs which I’ve since replaced to get the… 544 more words


How did this man get a boat for a foot?

A random juxtaposition of photos seen on Flickr, using an iOS app that auto-arranged them perfectly:


Neato Robot Vacuum Is Certainly No Substitute For Manual Vacuuming

So now that we have the entire Neato robot vacuum system including charging dock, it’s time to see how did they perform at the job they were built to do. 616 more words


Examining Neato XV-12 Charging Dock

When [Emily] found her Neato vacuum in a thrift store, it had an advantage over mine in that hers still have the company of its charging dock. 567 more words


New Batteries for Thrift Store Neato Vacuums

The Neato XV-21 I found at a thrift store has bee joined by a XV-12 found by [Emily]. Both Neato robot vacuums found at thrift stores have degraded batteries. 284 more words


Cleaning Up a Thrift Store Neato XV-12

When I looked over my Neato XV-21, I thought it was far too clean to be a high mileage appliance. There were several possibilities:

  1. The previous owner was meticulous about keeping things clean (supported by the plastic protective wrap.)
  2. 332 more words

Thrift Store Neato XV-12 Joins XV-21

I thought I was pretty lucky to find a Neato robot vacuum in a thrift store for $8. It didn’t work in the store and that’s why it was cheap, but I have since determined it was fully functional except for its battery pack. 388 more words