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Event: Lock & Key, Griever, Nebraska & Old Boy

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/572777722888139/

When?: March 11, 2016

Where?: Lennon’s, Southampton


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Lock & Key –
Hardcore band hailing from Birmingham they head down to Southampton as part of a three-date tour, which also includes trips to Worcester and Swansea. 255 more words


Back from the from the dead... sort of...

Hello Internet! It’s been a while since my last post here! Six whole month since that last blog post! Golly!

So what happened since? Well, I finished building that computer and it is working like a charm, I ran the Omaha half-marathon and finished it in three hours and twenty four minutes, which is not bad for a first timer,  I went to the New York Comic con which was a ton of fun, I transitioned from contractor to full time employee, and finally had an amazing trip to Florida in January. 247 more words

National Reach Adds Value to Notre Dame Volleyball Squad

Notre Dame vs. #8 UNC 10/14/16. Photograph by Mike Miller.

The Notre Dame Volleyball team boasts a wide variety of geographical backgrounds based on the team member’s hometowns. 124 more words

America, 2016, #2 - On Gravel to Avoid the Hit

One in front

of the other they

said and no

one would love

me again, tossed I am on

rusty grills.

Carl’s dystopia today shot near Gibbon, Nebraska, September 2016


Week 118 -- Window Washers

There are a couple areas that I’ve been struggling with in my street photography of late: incorporating people and creating depth.

Not incorporating people into street photography is kind of an amusing problem to have, as a lot of people would probably argue that it’s not really street photography if there isn’t a human element to the image. 336 more words


Spontaneous, Again

Presenting a webinar session internationally early in the morning, thanks to the time difference, I arrived at work at 5:50 AM and left around 3:00 PM on February 17, 2017. 312 more words


Nebraska Republican Governor supports security screening, BUT wants refugee admissions to resume ASAP

My question is, so how much of the governor’s enthusiasm for refugees is because the meat and poultry industry in Nebraska has gotten addicted to cheap LEGAL immigrant labor? 568 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program