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5 Post-Surgery Necessities

I promise that I’ll lay off the medical stuff as soon as my steri-strips come off (which should be in the next few days!), but until I can go a whole day without screaming because a cat stepped on my incisions, you’re stuck with post-surgery me. 788 more words

What should you prepare for your new baby?

As I was preparing for the arrival of baby number 2, I wanted to share with you my list of things that I found important for both of my babies. 1,428 more words


5 Newborn Essentials & 5 Things I Didn't Need.

I wanted to put together a list of things that really helped me during the first few months of having our newborn home with us. There are A LOT of baby products out there and companies do their best to convince you that you need it all so I wanted to provide a stripped down version of essential items that we found ourselves using all the time. 1,049 more words


What's in my purse?

Today I am going to do the typical ‘what’s in my purse’ post but I thought it would be interesting. The items that I keep in my purse are kind of different because my parents are divorced and I have to take a lot of things back and forth to their houses. 678 more words


6 Things You Didn't Know You'll Need When Living in a Camper

It hasn’t been long, but it’s been long enough!

If you think it’s that I’m tired of sharing 120 square feet with a handsome young lad and my boyfriend (love you, Aks!), you couldn’t be more wrong! 741 more words

5 Staple Items for Your Winter Wardrobe

Happy Holiday’s! Hope everyone is enjoying their time with friends and family, I know I am. Being home from college is a nice break, and the holiday’s are my favorite time of year. 417 more words


bare necessities

I was in a supermarket; a beautiful girl came walking in front of me; by the apron I know she is a doctor; looks very much like skinnier Mindy; now she is 3 feet far; moved a feet away towards a wall corner; scratched her back to the wall. 35 more words