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More in Common Than Two O's

Both food and books have two o’s but is there more in common than just what is on the surface?

Food and books can be a lot of things to people and here are some of the types of classifications we come across while categorizing our eating and reading habits.   334 more words


The First Things I Bought in Colombia

Being a practical packer is a skill you develop after learning to take just what you need. Moving abroad meant packing for ten months, and being reasonable with what I think I’ll need to bring and what I’ll be able to buy in country. 248 more words


My quarter life crisis, a short bout with depression.

You know you’re homesick when you start to say things like, “I miss the MBTA.”

I made the decision to move to Florida in order to pursue my Masters. 1,265 more words


Rumba: The Dance of Love

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great week (the last week of February)! I was in my Gold Latin class a couple weeks ago and we were talking about different dynamics and necessities for each Latin dance. 607 more words


Little Differences

Anyone that has established a routine, a love for a certain brand, or even a dependency on one particular product or medication is going to have some difficulty acclimating to hopping from country to country – and yes that even includes countries that share a language.  1,038 more words