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Females and Concussions: The latest facts

This article is courtesy of my colleague Lara Janitens PT at Honsberger Physiotherapy.

Although on average, research shows that males participate more often in sports than females, the number of female participants has been increasing quickly over the past decade. 840 more words


Exercises to protect and build a strong neck

The neck is such a vital piece of the body. For one it holds your head in place (which is a pretty big job) and two it protects your Cervical spine. 1,589 more words


Strengthening The Neck Protects Your Athletes

New research offers evidence-based protocol,which may be a step in reducing concussions

By Ralph Cornwell, Ph.D. and Mark Asanovich, MS,
Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Va. 1,750 more words


Penny - Week 20

My favourite things this week are blowing bubbles and making my new sounds, which are ffffff and b. Sleeping is for chumps though. Fffff. I am back to waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours in the night, then every 45mins or so after 4am. 229 more words

PT & Eyes

So today it was back to physical therapy for Sam and another busy day in the life if Baby P the Sequel.

Sam was in a good mood so that’s always a plus. 154 more words


Exercise of the Week: Shrugs

The correlation between neck strength and an athlete’s risk of concussion has been a hot topic this week; did you know the odds of getting a concussion decrease by 5% for every one pound increase in neck strength?? 135 more words