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Heart Necklaces

Heart Charm Necklaces

Price: S$12.90
Pink Heart -> #MYPHN
Red Heart -> #MYRHN
Blue Heart -> #MYBHN

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Sunburst and Quill Necklace

A 7/8″ sterling silver disc with a delicate hand cut sun with three hanging Porcupine quills.  A sterling silver ball is attached at the top, with a  16″ oxidized cable chain. 25 more words


Small Balance Shield Necklace

A small brass shield measuring 1″ in diameter, has a soft brown leather disc sandwiched between the backing and a 5/8″ sterling silver disc that has been decorated with hand stamped design representing the four directions.   66 more words


Criteria 2 Sets Colourful Rhinestone Bling Crystal Necklaces Custom

Most of today’s workplaces have a use for a key lanyard in one way or another. The most frequent usage of a break away lanyard… 274 more words