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Necklaces That Tie Us Together

A couple of months ago I found some really cool modern, geometric, wooden bead necklaces online and I really wanted one but, I didn’t want to pay for something I knew I could make!  523 more words


White Chokers 🎀

What do you think about white chokers? 🎀

And what about this one?? 😍

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Multilayer Necklaces 💕

Do you like multilayer necklaces? 😍
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Drawer 3: Rock crystal

“From This Moment On”

My Apothecary Chest: It arrived via container to California from Hong Kong in 1994 after an ex-pat assignment there; where I discovered beading; my repository of many beads. 209 more words


"Must Have" necklaces a woman MUST own!

Who doesn’t love the sparkly jewels around a woman’s neck that help make it look all the more elegant and longer?! They are the “for sure” knick-knacks that bring attention towards your neck and add grace to any dress you pick. 387 more words

Shine Bright Like a Diamond 💎

What do you think about this diamond chokers?? 😍😍
Yes or No?? Should we have this for sale?? 🎀

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