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Inspiration to stick your neck out

I’ve been looking around the Interwebs for inspiration for collars and necklines and it seems that everything goes! There’s so many ideas out there. I whiled away an enjoyable couple of hours the other evening and ended up with an enormous Pinterest board just full of ideas. 456 more words


What neckline suits your face shape?

A deep décolletage will certainly catch the eye, yet some necklines will suit you more than others. about jewellery  discusses the different necklines and how to wear them. 29 more words


A Summer Jacket that Means Business

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted on this blog and it seems like forever since I’ve finished a garment to blog about. So, let’s get down to business with the jacket that I was going to wear on a trip to Brazil that has since been cancelled. 902 more words

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The Value of Necklines

Necklines may seem like an irrelevant factor when choosing the right garment but actually, it can be one of the most fundamental features in your outfit. 366 more words

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