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The Campish Shirt

Every summer for the past I’ve-lost-count-of-the-number of years, I’ve wanted to make a camp shirt out of this lovely lightweight linen. This year, as summer was drawing to a close, the stars aligned for me to tackle this project. 854 more words

Sarah Veblen

How to wear full sleeve blouses without looking old

లాంగ్‌స్లీవ్స్ బ్లౌజ్‌లో లవ్లీగా…

లాంగ్‌స్లీవ్స్ అనేది ప్రస్తుతం ట్రెండింగ్‌లో ఉన్న ఫ్యాషన్. అయితే దాన్ని వేసుకోవడానికి మాత్రం చాలామంది ఆలోచిస్తుంటారు. అయితే కొన్ని జాగ్రత్తలు పాటిస్తే.. లాంగ్‌స్లీవ్స్‌లో అందంగా మెరిసిపోయేందుకు వీలుంటుంది..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Twill tape isn't bias tape. You should know this.

I thought I was SO SMART. Bias tape is really hard for me to make. Having fibromyalgia means that the cutting, bending over the table, then sewing pieces together, then ironing, then ironing again (double fold, ya’ll!), and finally sewing on that homemade bias tape entails, is basically torture. 207 more words


Neckline Styles,for a Non-Fashion Student

You can now,brush up your fashion vocabulary along with me,a non-fashion(not relating to fashion industry)student.Once upon a time,when I was two or three year old,my father just like all other fathers was excited to know about my line of interest,he then asked me “What do you want to become in life,sweetheart ?” 144 more words


Flipping It Around (11/32)

Tending to gravitate towards higher necklines I find myself shying away from great tops that scoop or fee, like the three pictured above. However lately I have found an oh so easy solution. 261 more words


Accessories…. Consider jewelry specifically for the purposes of today’s blog…

Accessories used to be the aspect of fashion I focused least on.  Everyone has their own obsessions: Handbags, Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes, and the list can go on.  419 more words

Rules Chrome Hearts Sunglasses For Wearing Necklaces With Different Necklines

Theres been a lot of back on forth on whats acceptable and fashionable when it comes to wearing necklaces. Even though it really depends on the wearer, there are some general rules of thumb that should be followed to avoid fashion pitfalls. 260 more words

Chrome Hearts Pendant