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My Aging Neck: A Birthday Lament

I tried to warn Joe right from the beginning.

“Sure, I’m adorable now, but we Irish don’t age well,” I told him. “”You won’t be too happy with how I’m going to turn out.” 495 more words

Is the Over 50s Woman Invisible?

I was out walking one morning this week and I passed a series of small groups of young women (in their 30s I guess) running the same route. 755 more words


Entangled swans swim to humans for help

The term “birdbrains” might actually be a compliment now.


Zallinger's "Age of Reptiles" mural at the Yale Peabody Museum

In 2012, Matt and I spent a week in New York, mostly working at the AMNH on Apatosaurusminimus and a few other specimens that caught our eye. 141 more words


Giraffes, Patient Care and Lupus

I had developed a sore neck that a heating pad couldn’t fix.  The pain was at its worst when I had been looking down and then tried to raise my head.   328 more words

The "finger-like" parapostzygapophyseal processes of Qijianglong

There’s a new mamenchisaurid in town! It’s called Qijianglong (“dragon of Qijiang”), and it’s the work of Xing et al. (2015).

As far as I can make out, the life restoration is… 1,056 more words