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Havin a Chat ~ Chapter 5 ~ Shoulders and up - The End for now

So here we are, so much going on in this little area isn’t there?

The shoulders. I don’t know about everyone else but I think my shoulders are one of my better assets and if you have been reading Chapters 1-4 there isn’t much that I have raved about on this aging body of mine. 950 more words

My First Ever Blogs - So A Bit Of This And Touch Of That

A "special issue" for SVPCA 2015 proceedings

Wouldn’t it be great if, after a meeting like the 2015 SVPCA, there was a published set of proceedings? A special issue of a journal, perhaps, that collected papersĀ that emerge from the work presented there. 533 more words

Open Access

Turkey Neck And Beans

Our family has been eating turkey neck meat for years, we switched to eating it after we decided to reduce our intake of beef. While red meat is extremely delicious, it has been proven that consuming too much of it is not good for you. 201 more words

Cooking & Foods

Sauropods were toblerones, not smarties tubes

As we’ve previously notedĀ more than once here at SV-POW!, apatosaurine cervicals really are the craziest things. For one thing, they are the only dinosaur bones to have… 128 more words


Animals | blah, blah, blah

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

Flamingos having a raucous conversation between themselves trying to decide on the alpha male for the moment. 27 more words


Big brands beer-sonified

Well, this is awkward… Almost an entire year since my last post. Ah well, no better time to slip back into the habit, and with something a little bit fun. 83 more words