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My Aging Neck: A Birthday Lament

I tried to warn Joe right from the beginning.

“Sure, I’m adorable now, but we Irish don’t age well,” I told him. “”You won’t be too happy with how I’m going to turn out.” 495 more words

Steinberger necks - fretboard clean-up and fret dressing

Here’s a couple of pictures you may like: Steinberger composite necks.
This piece of gear represents Ned Steinberger’s true innovation, its construction, its resonance and its look are among the best you could ever find on an electric guitar. 115 more words


Is the Over 50s Woman Invisible?

I was out walking one morning this week and I passed a series of small groups of young women (in their 30s I guess) running the same route. 755 more words


Entangled swans swim to humans for help

The term “birdbrains” might actually be a compliment now.


Zallinger's "Age of Reptiles" mural at the Yale Peabody Museum

In 2012, Matt and I spent a week in New York, mostly working at the AMNH on Apatosaurusminimus and a few other specimens that caught our eye. 141 more words


Giraffes, Patient Care and Lupus

I had developed a sore neck that a heating pad couldn’t fix.  The pain was at its worst when I had been looking down and then tried to raise my head.   328 more words