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Giraffes, Patient Care and Lupus

I had developed a sore neck that a heating pad couldn’t fix.  The pain was at its worst when I had been looking down and then tried to raise my head.   328 more words

The "finger-like" parapostzygapophyseal processes of Qijianglong

There’s a new mamenchisaurid in town! It’s called Qijianglong (“dragon of Qijiang”), and it’s the work of Xing et al. (2015).

As far as I can make out, the life restoration is… 1,056 more words


Ghosts (Part II).

In which I took some pictures and found I looked rather ghostly.

After this, I thought about the fragility of our skeletons. I thought hard about how our bones and muscles and veins fit together, and I wondered how we don’t just fall apart when a gentle breeze brushes over our skin. 14 more words

I Tried To Be Artsy

the clavicle, up

i retracted in/back & forth that night. like saloon doors keeping those out,
afraid of the after. reversing the air
to know its before.

this isn’t — what — it is. 112 more words

Random Writing

The Show Must Go On

No one ever, ever wants to hear the word cancer. It’s an infestation to your mind and body. There’s no escaping it. And when you and word cancer are claimed together in the very same sentence, vicious thoughts and ideas and scenarios hit your brain faster than a million seconds times a trillion bullets slash a couple light years and then pluto. 3,040 more words


Pit Bull on Raw Diet - Day 3 (Chicken Necks and Backs)

ETA: I know that in the grand scheme of YouTube this doesn’t have that many views, but I never thought it would get this many, and I want to thank everyone in the comments who is adding great information and helping me to correct the myths floating around. 6 more words