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Fun Fact Friday 12/7/18

LiveScience on Giraffes

Giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as humans.

Here’s a video of giraffes fighting with their necks with the same number of vertebrae as humans because it’s funny:

Fun Fact

Mugshot Monday: Necks Again?! (And Bill Cosby)

Happy Monday everyone. It’s time for our favorite Monday tradition. Mugshot Monday!

Last week we brought you the mugshot that broke the internet. “Necks” it is simply one of the greatest of all time. 100 more words

Mugshot Monday: Necks

Last week a mugshot broke the internet. I actually immediately put it into my top 5 mugshots of all time.

I mean…

His neck has necks. 55 more words

A doll for Niamh

This is an introduction to the next custom doll for Niamh and a little bit about necks! Meet this little doll she is 16 inches tall, blonde straight mohair weft and big grey blue eyes. 251 more words

Doll Clothes

We may never know how flexible sauropod necks were

The more I look at the problem of how flexible sauropod necks were, the more I think we’re going to struggle to ever know their range of motion It’s just too dependent on soft tissue that doesn’t fossilise. 163 more words


Mike Taylor interview by Szymon Górnicki

A while back — near the start of the year, in fact — Szymon Górnicki interviewed me by email about palaeontology, alternative career paths, open access, palaeoart, PeerJ, scholarly infrastructure, the wonder of blogging, and how to get started learning about palaeo. 83 more words


When is a vertebra "horizontal", part 2

Thanks to everyone who’s engaged with yesterday’s apparently trivial question: what does it mean for a vertebra to be “horizontal”? I know Matt has plenty of thoughts to share on this, but before he does I want to clear up a couple of things. 705 more words