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Magic, Mystery and Fantasy: The Bone Witch book review

Heyo mates! ❤️
How are ya’ll doing?! I recently ( by recently, I mean in Jan 😉) read The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco and I really enjoyed it! 549 more words

Domagick Enchantment

My Necro altar is getting a makeover as well.

I’m toying around with the idea of making a physical gateway to the underworld and to the death energy, too more with is the same. 129 more words

Rituals, Workings And All My Thinking's On The Occult

NecRomantic Love

Necromancy tends to get a raw deal in popular culture. Indeed, characters associated with this most misunderstood paradigm tend to fall into two distinct camps. The horror film villain with an army of the resurrected dead and almost eternal lifespan, or the unlikely hero who utilises the fallen in a last ditch effort to do evil for the greater good. 2,165 more words


The Devil’s School of Nigromancy – Qayinite Workings with a Folkloric Place of Sorcerous Power – Part 3

(Click here to read part two.)

When arriving at home after the rites of sowing and harvest I opened the Qayinite altar and activated the Nigromancy sigil drawn with chalk upon a black cloth. 1,272 more words

Liber Falxifer

Necromancy and the ‘Godface’ Technique II

Necromancy and the ‘Godface’ Technique

One of the magical practices that fascinates me the most is necromancy, i.e., the art of conjuring the dead either to get oracles from them, to know what is to come, to have perform a task, or guiding restless spirits to better places, thereby acting as a psychopomp, related to the ancient Greek… 4,323 more words

Teaser Time!

Lily and her guards returned to the Sanctuary and as soon as she was inside, she sent a couple to send for her father. She waited in the throne room for him, sitting in the throne, letting the magic weave around her and calm her. 666 more words


Walking Bones

There are few things in this world that stay the same. One of them is that someone is always trying to kill me.

Today it seemed like it would be the man sitting beside me at the bar. 646 more words