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What makes a negromancer an alchemist?

This post sparked by a short article in “The Ricardian – journal of the Richard III Society”, volume 13, 2003.

I bought it at Tewkesbury from their stall, because it had some interesting stuff in it including “The inventory of a fifteenth-century Necromancer” by Carole Rawcliffe. 887 more words



i was whole once, but it was a long time ago, presumably in a galaxy far far away. now im a monster, mosaic, but i love my Frankenstein and He loves me. 91 more words


Necromancy and the Giamos influence

I’ve done a bit of writing lately on the cosmic principle of giamos and its influence on the world around us, namely its association with the Otherworld, winter, and death. 876 more words

Dirt And Bones

Dace & Ermane - IV: Dawn

Dace and Ermane are hiding on the roof, awaiting sunrise and playing the word association game Father taught them. Somewhere below, Mother is scolding the hens lackadaisically as she collects the morning eggs. 162 more words


The Necromancer's Tale

Last weekend, my friend Astris did a reading for me with her tarot deck. I had asked her about the current state of my spiritual affairs and why I felt so mired. 278 more words


Dace & Ermane - III: The Alnight (pt 3)

“And here I am, returned,” Dace said, dispassionate at the end of Ermane’s story. “So you volunteered yourself to the execution in my stead. To absolve yourself.” 853 more words


We are our ancestors' apologies.

Or: “You can’t just cast off your ancestry and here’s why.”

Similar to the argument that American deities should be ignored or even outright buried because of the atrocities Americans have committed in the name of their nation, from slavery to racial crimes to nationalist violence. 1,098 more words

Gaulish Polytheism