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Witchy Woman - the fall of Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester

Born around 1400 and probably at the castle of Sterborough in Kent, Eleanor Cobham was the daughter of Sir Reginald Cobham of Sterborough and his wife Eleanor, daughter of Sir Thomas Culpeper of Rayal. 1,268 more words

The Planatgenets

Dace & Ermane - III: The Alnight (pt 2)

The uniform men are here and they are not very friendly-like. They are conferring with one another, looking at Dace and Ermane with censure and disgust. 791 more words


Wednesday Prompt Smash: Summoned to the Death Pits

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Summoned to the Death Pits

A/N: That time of the week, as normal you can find Tim’s work over at http://wordsmithstories.blogspot.com.au/

Prompt: You have been summoned to the death pits… 527 more words


Black Magic Blues (A Chuck Wendig Challenge)

This week’s challenge: starting with a dead body. This falls under the category of a piece that could be turned into a longer piece, and I’m well aware of that. 1,008 more words


Dace & Ermane - III: The Alnight (pt 1)

It was almost here, beckoning at the windows, more than a mere eclipse or shadows stealing light. Dace’s cellmate said some folk had a natural affinity for the Alnight. 1,066 more words


Dace & Ermane - II: The Gloaming (pt 3)

When Ermane barges into the kitchen, Dace is crouched over Mother with her ear pressed to the chest, listening intently. At first, it’s that look on Dace’s face that steadies her nerves, so placid but focused, and Ermane thinks: oh, Mother’s just sleeping. 1,018 more words


Dace & Ermane - II: The Gloaming (pt 2)

As a general rule, Mariole himself did not deliver in person, and especially not to dank basement hovels like these. It took time away from his beloved children, and who knew which of his apprentices would purloin his designs. 858 more words