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When I’m really drunk I go numb, and it is sublime. I don’t feel the need to say anything or do anything or think anything. I can just exist peacefully. 328 more words

Hillary Clinton | Psychic Medium

Editor’s Note: This article apparently dates back to around 1996.  Those who know me know I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton.  That having been said, I *will* defend my line of work.   467 more words

Election 2016

Witnessing Tip of the Day February 5

February 5 – Psalm 87:6; “The LORD shall count when He writeth up the people, That this man was born there. Selah.” 127 more words

False Doctrines Of Mormonism

The Hands Resist Him

It is rumored and known as an urban legend however can there be more to this story…to this painting?

Bill Stoneham’s 1972 painting of when he was a child became and is still well-known as a paranormal picture. 427 more words


Cirque de la Nuit - Book Trailer Release

It’s nearly time – Cirque de la Nuit will be out soon! In the meantime, whilst I’m busy editing and polishing the final draft, I’m very excited to release the Book Trailer today, to give you a taster of what is to come :)

Writing - General

Ancestor Worship or Temple Worship?

Today we’re looking at the definition of worship in three different settings. The reason for this stems from the repeated articles on LDS websites directing members to be diligent in their temple work. 879 more words

False Prophets