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Spirit Herbs: Sarah Anne Lawless

A more comprehensive introduction to six herbs for Spiritual workings by trusted and respected herbalist and hedge witch, Sarah Anne Lawless. I have a great deal of respect for her knowledge and authentic use of these spirit teachers.

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Bly the Necromancer 

Bly would not say his craft was magic simply because he did not believe there was anything other than magic. He believed in chaos, and he believed in will, and he knew that mixing the two could produce interesting results. 164 more words

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Necromantic Herbs: Plants of the Dead

A very informative article, partially re-blogged from Grey Necromancer Journal,.  Please visit the link below for the full article. I personally have not used some of these plants in the method provided. 

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Bly the Necromancer’s taxidermy shop 

​If you buy one of the many animal mounts or skulls or bones for sale at Bly the Necromancer’s taxidermy shop, don’t be surprised when they move. 204 more words

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Necromancy spells, part 9

The run of new and tailored spells for Ars Magica themed for necromancy will probably cease playing though my mind soon, till then here are five more new spells. 408 more words

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