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“There is something sacred to common apprehension in the repose of the dead. They seem placed beyond our power to disturb. “There is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave”… Their remains moulder in the earth. 882 more words

Bullying a Necromancer

    Nervously, I wiped the sweat from my hands with an old grease rag my father had left in the basement and rechecked the circle again. I had drawn it in gold crayon, not having any actual gold like the spell called for. 1,213 more words

Short Story

The Secret Purpose of Magic

I’m going to spare you the labor of kneeling before a mystic guru for decades, joining secret societies and putting up with their drama, and quite possibly reincarnating a few thousand times in order to learn this nugget of wisdom. 564 more words


Necromancy Minion Game Is The New Agario On YouTube

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Right Click to Necromance is a free game by Juicy Beast. It is a one year old game jam title that’s finding renewed popularity as some of the biggest YouTubers share the game with their followers. 320 more words


The Age of Black Magic: Step Three

Manufacture large amounts of Dead Water.

If you don’t have an ancestral altar, I can recommend the following book: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/1413484379/

While some are not naturals with regards to necromantic sorcery, lots of people put out offerings like candles, candies and water for their deceased relatives. 235 more words

Black Magic

The Age of Black Magic: Step One

Obtain dirt from the graves of seven young people who have committed suicide because of the election of Donald Trump.

In combination this material will be one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. 71 more words

Mental Influence Magic



*NOTE: This is from a later chapter

The world was pulled downward and into the afterlife. Rohan knew instantly where he was. He would never forget the dry air, the morbid feeling that had overcome him—as it did once again. 1,226 more words

Death Marked