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Battle Report 16: Chaos vs. Necrons

The Ambush in Sector 2

Chaos 7th Plague Knights vs. The Kh’leritehk Dynasty


  • 7th Plague Marines (1,500 points)
    • Warlord: Plague Knight Terminator
  • Kh’leritehk Dynasty (1,500 points) …
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6MMRPC Week 3 Update - Better late than never!

Whew! Week three’s update is a bit late, but here it is!

The Doom Scythe is coming along. Assembly of the main body was completed Friday for use in our learning game. 701 more words


Necron Tomb Portal Scenario

 Two factions battle in an area which unbeknownst to them contains a portal to a Necron tomb.  Perhaps this is an awakening tomb world, or maybe an isolated pocket … a last surviving remnant of a mighty complex laid low by the pitiless march of eons.   990 more words


ATC 2015 Spotlight - Queensland, Necrons!

I thought it might be interesting to go through a couple of the more unusual or hard core lists we are going to be seeing at this years ATC so here we go… Queenslands Necron List! 672 more words


40k League interviews: Neil talks Necrons

With the aim of building a bit of a buzz about the leagues going on right now, and to allow people to talk us through their lists and chat about their armies, I’ve started doing some interviews with club members taking part in the 40k league, fixed at 1000pts. 930 more words

6MMRPC Week 3 Mid-Week Update

Just a quick mid-week update. I have been slowly working on my Necrons for the big game in August. Matching the metallic colors on my newer models to the older models took a bit of doing, but I finally figured out a pretty good match if not the same exact mix of colors I originally used 10 years ago. 414 more words


Battle Report - Warhammer 40k - Necrons vs. White Scars in ITC 2015!

Jeff brough in his White Scar army to play my Nerons in Mission 5 from the ITC format scenario pack!

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