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Hatred Begets Hatred



The dense, black silence of the Tomb was suddenly shattered and crushed by a deafening scream of fury, of pure rage. None can be certain how long this mechanical scream lasted because it emanated from a creature without breath, without care or concern for time. 906 more words


My weekend off

Hey everybody!
It’s been a quiet weekend for me – I got caught up with all my degree work on Thursday, then just continued on and ended up doing the work for the rest of the month. 637 more words


Manus Dei Faction Update - Kh'leritehk Dynasty

The Necron Legions of the Kh’leritehk Dynasty are currently a major mystery of the Manus Dei System. Prior to M41.995.0101, a Necron Dynasty of such name has never come into contact with the Imperium of Man, either in combat or even in rumor. 563 more words


A quiet week

Hey everybody!
It’s been a fairly quiet week for me, where not a lot has happened due to being embroiled in stuff with work. Lots of late nights, and as a result I’ve not really had much time for the exciting stuff that life has to offer. 598 more words

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Retrench and Regroup

Trazyn the Infinite stared into a shimmering pool, watching the waters of reality shift. He had been observing eddies of time and probability for hours now. 547 more words


Post #345, or A Catch Up

Hey everybody!
It feels like a long time has passed since I’ve written a non-game-day blog, so thought I’d write something meandering and wonderful today as a sort of catch-up. 1,048 more words

Board Games

Rubicon Cluster / House of Trazyn

The Rubicon Dynasty managed to hold within its grasp what was estimated to be more than half Abfall’s mass following that moon’s detonation when Trazyn the Infinite and his Rubicon Necrons awoke from stasis just prior to the… 83 more words