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Whoops! Haven't posted for a while.

My word I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since my last post. Sorry about that. I haven’t got an awful lot done in that time I’m afraid but I have painted a few odds and sods. 107 more words

New stuff! And not-so new stuff!

Hey everybody!

It’s been a pretty quiet week for me this past week, as I wrestled with the last essay for the degree I’ve been doing for a while now. 794 more words

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Battle Report 10 - Space Wolves v Necrons

Battle for Sector 27


Jarl Barume Helbane

Necron Overlord

The battle for the communications array of sector 27 had lasted nearly five months. Five months that Jarl Barume spent fighting a back and forth battle with the Necron Overlord. 813 more words


Painting Adventures!

Hey folks!
Inspired by the always awesome Roemer’s Workshop and his latest update, I want to share some of my own adventures with paintbrushes from the past weekend! 356 more words

Warhammer 40k

WIP Update: Week 1 of May 2015

Another short update this time. This week I made some more progress with the Lychguard – sorry no Showcase posts for the week as I threw down the towel a bit too early on the work trench it seems and still suffer from irregular office hours. 237 more words

Miniature Hobby

Club Meet 2/5/15

It’s not often that a new Codex has such a polarising effect as the new Eldar one has had. There has been a large part of the Wargaming Community ( 932 more words

The Mattcave

Ruins and Games

Hey everybody!

It’s the last day of another week off work, sadly, though this one didn’t go quite according to plan – I was supposed to be going to Milan, but as it turned out that didn’t happen. 1,404 more words

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