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Necron Lychguard and Ghostark

After many eons, the Necrons rise once more. Translation: I finally finished painting a few Necrons after a couple years sitting around.

The Ghostark was the subject of a tutorial video on how to assemble and magnetize a Ghostark/Doomsday Ark. 58 more words


Roost 40K Written Battle Report 016 – 1850 points Space Marines vs Necrons

Jerrod and I haven’t played each other for a couple of months so we were due for a game.  I requested to play against Jerrod’s Necrons with the list I used for the Out Of The Basement event.  2,624 more words

Games Workshop


Well no, Boxing Day actually, but I was too busy to blog yesterday, so yay Christmas! *in a posh British accent* I received many gifts ‘n’ stuff. 93 more words


Legions of Death!

Well this is some very exciting news!

I have been a huge lover of the Necrons pretty much since I got into Warhammer 40k, and when FFG announced the Necrons would be in Conquest, I was very excited. 116 more words

Board Games

Painting: Canoptek Wraiths

The second Necron unit to join the forces designed for my “Pyramids of Stigmata” convention game consists of six Canoptek Wraiths.

There are painted using the same paint scheme as my Necron warriors ( 213 more words


Painting: Necron warriors

Although I had a number of boxes of Necrons on my shelf, it was not my intention to start a new army for some months—until I decided to host the “Pyramids of Stigmata” game at FALL IN!, a wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pa. 232 more words