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Rubicon Cluster / House of Trazyn

The Rubicon Dynasty managed to hold within its grasp what was estimated to be more than half Abfall’s mass following that moon’s detonation when Trazyn the Infinite and his Rubicon Necrons awoke from stasis just prior to the… 83 more words


Trazyn Arisen

The chamber was silent as a tomb, which was apt, since that’s exactly what it and this entire world was.

Lost to the aeons of history, no living being in the galaxy knew of the existence of this world nor its true name. 668 more words


First Wraith!

His name is Rova. He’s my baby. Well, one of them.

I have five more of these to do but I’m really pleased with how they’re turning out. 41 more words



Abfall was one of three moons orbiting the planet Adrilles. It was the smallest of the moons with a equatorial diameter of 892 km. It completed an orbit of Adrilles every 1.370218 days. 354 more words


Game Five: Attack! (Flyrants again...)

White Scars and Salamanders VS Necrons and Nids

Deployment: Vanguard.  Attackers get first turn, and must enter from the board edge.  Defenders set up 1000 points, and bring in 1000 on turn two. 459 more words

Game one: Attack!

White Scars, Necrons, Dark Eldar VS Necrons, Nids, and 3 Flyrants.

Deployment: Modified Hammer and Anvil with an 8′ x 4′ table.  Enemy deployment zone is their half of the table.  458 more words