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Ruins and Games

Hey everybody!

It’s the last day of another week off work, sadly, though this one didn’t go quite according to plan – I was supposed to be going to Milan, but as it turned out that didn’t happen. 1,404 more words

Board Games

WIP Update: Week 4 of April 2015 and Next Mini Poll

What a month this is for the hobby front – unusual load of work is prohibiting me from making significant leaps in completion however I did find some time to spare on my models the past weekend. 937 more words

Miniature Hobby

Ciaphas Cain: Grim Lightness in 40K

Well, it’s high time for me to resume Science Fiction Spring. I’m chiselling away with a few of the classics, but on a lighter note, I decided to use the opportunity to delve into a franchise I’ve maintained a passing fascination with for several years. 1,293 more words


I'm a Heretic! (I Love Playing 'Nids)

I might be getting a bit away from myself here, but I gotta admit, I love playing as the bugs.  Something about ‘dem little critters that make them so fun to play, and I can’t quite put my talon on it…. 1,065 more words

Housekeeping & Editorials

Club Meet 18/4/15

Every so often we get the urge to have a game of something we’ve not played in a while, tonight’s game of choice was the World of Warcraft board game complete with Burning Crusade Expansion. 342 more words


New experience Friday

Hey folks!

Today saw a new experience for me, as I had my first game of Warhammer 40k at the local games shop, which you might remember me mentioning in… 563 more words

Board Games

First Unit of Necron Warriors

Finished these kitties a couple of weeks back and was just waiting for the camera to do them justice. Not bad for a first go, I suppose. 65 more words