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The Upstart Necrons and You

Wonderful news, Guardsmen!

As you know, many regiments have been assigned to assist the Adeptus Mechanicus with their ongoing geological survey. In a stroke of complete coincidence, many of the worlds with blackstone deposits you have been assigned to also contain a sizeable population of mechanical xenos known as… 550 more words


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Seems appropriate with the new Necron vs. Admech Forgebane set coming out. A dashed good thing those pesky Necrons are so primitive and crude! :)

Warhammer 40,000 - Forgebane

On June of 2017 Games Workshop gave us the new and improved edition for Warhammer 40,000. With the release of the 8th edition came the introduction of new Space Marine units, armor, and lore. 372 more words

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Forgebane - Necrons VS Adeptus Mechanicus boxed game

Looks like we have a new boxed game on the way called Forgebane, featuring the new Necron Lord and new Imperial Knight we glimpsed at LVO… 77 more words


Labyrinth of the Necrons

Well! This is certainly an interesting idea! Chapter Master Valrak has just posted up this video showing off some pictures of what looks like a new boardgame coming in the vein of Shadespire. 281 more words

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Lost in the Lore: Warhammer 40k - 101

For the last three weeks, we’ve been exploring the Lore of Magic: the Gathering. This week we will be diving headfirst into the Grimdark Future that is Warhammer 40k in all of its majesty. 1,807 more words

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WIP: How to put Leds in your Necron Monolith

How to put Leds in your Necron Monolith

Here is my work in progress on how I am putting leds in my Necrons Monolith

Step 1: Prototyping… 320 more words