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50 Necron Warriors is all well and good, but sometimes you have to bring the big guns. Immortals are a joy to paint and have two primary weapon options. 89 more words


Wicked Webs and Reclaimed Ruins

I don’t know why I love them, but I do. Crypt Spyders are adorable. They’re eye-catching when complete and they are wonderfully frustrating for my many Magic wielding opponents. 120 more words



Necron Wraiths have definitely improved in their aesthetic over the years. My only complaint with them is the likelihood of their Whipcoils to snap off. Any they weren’t too troublesome to paint. 47 more words


Leadership for the Awakening Tombworld

I long since bought every single HQ the Necrons have to offer. I loved the Stormlord in the previous edition, throwing artificial lightning across the battlefield like a Necron Thunder God. 132 more words


Flayed Ones

Necron Flayed Ones pose a curiosity, in that they’re generally considered unusable outside of massive groups, and yet GW insists on limiting their design to a handful of ugly resin figures. 57 more words

Warhammer 40K

A fresh coat of paint on old Tinmen

Continuing my update of old Necrons, I started by discarding those hateful flying bases and affixing my old destroyers to new oval bases that perfectly ensconce their dimensions. 86 more words


Rise of the Sautekh Dynasty

I started collecting Necrons when they had their first redesign. I had always been fond of the original Necrons with the handful of units, simple rules and mysterious origins. 179 more words