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BFG Necron Alternative Colour Scheme

Hi guys,

Quick Necron update.

I have tried out the alternative silvery colour scheme for my Necrons and am far far happier with it. The yellow, although a nice in my idea, just didnt seem to work on the model making it too flat and blocky. 69 more words


BFG Necron Colour Scheme advice

Hi guys,

Quick post – I had planned on painting my Necron fleet in a bright yellow colour scheme and have painted up a tester model, but am now swithering over going for a bright silver look instead. 61 more words


Kit-Bash competition!

Well, I didn’t win, but it was a lot of fun doing this! My entry is the Necron Cryptek on the right, kit-bashed from a number of Necron sets: 225 more words


Battle Report 3 - Space Wolves vs Necrons

The Battle at the Gate of Helbane

They say that Necrons do not know fear – a deliberate process of their creation. It made them stronger, made them fight longer, and allowed them to face whatever odds with inhuman determination. 435 more words

The Manus Dei Campaign

Necrons Awakening

Your favorite workshop is open once again after a week of silence. And what a week it was! Between business and sickness I got very little time to spend on the miniatures and deadlines came-a-knockin’. 504 more words

Miniature Hobby

A sparse week

Hey everyone!

It has been a bit of a sparse week for gaming news, I have to say. The most exciting thing, for me, was a look at two of the upcoming ally packs for Imperial Assault, … 768 more words

Board Games


Another “commission” for my brother. I was looking for a quick n easy paint job, so nothing fancy. Good enough for who it’s for!