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Film Review : SPRING FORWARD(1999) Spending time with good men.

This is a slightly rewritten version of a review I wrote while at  http://thesupernaughts.com/ It is a great site run by good people. I miss my time there. 1,465 more words


Network (1977)

Main Features No 78

That’s Exploitation!

A news anchorman has a breakdown on air, and becomes a rating winner.

Network – Trailer, Warner Bros, 1,359 more words

Film Review

REVIEW: Purple People Eater (1988)

1988, Motion Picture Corporation of America

Linda Shayne
Brad Krevoy
Steve Stabler
Linda Shayne
Peter Deming
Editing… 644 more words

American Films

Silver Streak


20th Century Fox

Directed by Arthur Hiller

Produced by Thomas L. Miller/Edward K. Milkis

Written by Colin Higgins

Music by Henry Mancini

For most people “The” Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder Movie is “Stir Crazy.” But lemme ask you this: outside of the “Dat’s right, we bad, we bad” scene, how much of the movie’s plot or story do you actually remember? 1,063 more words

Action Adventure

Exclusive Interview with David Krumholtz about 'The Big Ask'

The Big Ask” is a very well made black comedy which stands out among other indie movies being released at the moment. Its story revolves around three couples who go on a vacation in the desert to help their friend Andrew (David Krumholtz) who has just lost his mother to cancer. 2,935 more words

Toy Story 3 | Movie Review

Directed by Lee Unkrich Starring
  • Tom Hanks
  • John Morris
  • Tim Allen
  • Joan Cusack
  • Ned Beatty
  • Don Rickles
  • Michael Keaton
  • Wallace Shawn
  • 254 more words
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The Big Easy

Dennis Quaid, he’s a puzzler. He has a natural charisma that transfers so easily to the movie screen, it’s like he isn’t even trying. But then there’s the films where it’s truly like he isn’t even trying. 67 more words

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