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Superman 2 (1981)

Lois Lane finally realises that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same, leading to his renouncing his powers to live his life as an ordinary man, not counting on the arrival of three Kryptonian super-criminals. 182 more words


#163: Hopscotch




Special Features

  1. Video introduction featuring interviews with director Ronald Neame and novelist and screenwriter Brian Garfield
  2. Original theatrical trailer and teaser…
  3. 69 more words
Ronald Neame

Schlocktoberfest 666 - Day 11: The Unholy

The Unholy (1988)


*Spoilers Throughout*

What’s It About: It’s something like a priest survives falling several stories so he’s assigned to this church in New Orleans where other priests have died so he must unravel the demonic succubus mystery and there’s also a group that puts on sexual Satan shows. 678 more words


4 More Creepy Non-horror Horror Moments

Last week, I wrote about The Bunny Game (in retrospect, I may have been undeservingly kind). In that review, I mentioned a scene that reminded me of the cuts in the video “Close (To The Edit)” by The Art Of Noise. 718 more words

Stroker Ace

Sometimes I’m really surprised by the career path of some film directors. They don’t all just show up in Hollywood one day and start directing films. 685 more words


Vintage Cable Box: The Toy, 1982

“If you want a friend, you don’t buy a friend, Eric, you earn a friend through love and trust and respect.”

The Toy, 1982 (Richard Pryor), Columbia Pictures… 987 more words