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Eye On Springfield with Head Ned of Okilly Dokilly

By now, I assume anyone coming to this site has heard of Okilly Dokilly. They blew up everywhere overnight. For 2 days, I was getting smashed with emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications, and text messages about this Ned Flanders themed metal band that just kind of appeared out of nowhere. 575 more words


New Dr. Colossus Song!

Dr. Colossus just dropped a new track entitled “Stupid Sexy Flanders.” It’s pretty excellent, as all of their stuff is. Check it out above or on  98 more words

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CD Review: Okilly Dokilly - Okilly Demos

Themed metal bands are nothing new with vampires, clowns, and whatever Lordi are meant to be putting out hard hitting tunes. A Simpsons themes metal band is something unusual to begin with but these guys have taken it even further and picked the polite, friendly, church-going Ned Flanders, dubbing themselves the “world’s only Nedal band”. 195 more words

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Meet the Ned Flanders-themed heavy metal band, Okilly Dokilly

Okilly Dokilly is a heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona that draws its inspiration from Simpsons star and holier-than-thou neighbor extraordinaire Ned Flanders.

This is the band in all their glory: 126 more words


Lord, Love a Lefty! Reflections of a Southpaw After National Left-Handers Day

As a journalist and a publicist at WriteBrain Media, I see the queries from fellow journalists all day long. The hot topic query yesterday was “ 358 more words

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There is a Ned Flanders Themed Heavy Metal Band !

You think it’s weird? You’re absolutely right! I am taking a short break from the monorail event to share this hilarious news I came across on Facebook yesterday. 103 more words

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There's a Ned Flanders Metal Band Called Okilly Dokilly That You Need to Hear Right Now

#OkillyDokilly pic.twitter.com/MHbevY8eBX

— David Haladus (@effected666) August 13, 2015

A Phoenix heavy metal group faced a dilemma — in a sea of metal bands, how do you to stand out from the crowd?

201 more words