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Southpaw Sorrows

Truly, we are the probably the last publicly marginalized, reviled and scoffed at social group on the planet –  we ‘left-handers’.

From the old Catholic-school nuns who swung yard sticks like Japanese Katana’s with the same stealth and accuracy across our sore, crippled knuckles, 446 more words


5. A Baby, a Scientific Sex Book, and Job Recruiters

The above image has nothing to do with anything, but someone posted it on Facebook, and I just love it.

As usual, I find myself fatigued and sporting perpetual red/purplish bags under my eyes that even the fiercest concealer cannot control (not that I have the artistry to make that work anyhow…my makeup routine only consists of eyeliner along my bottom lashes, not the top. 363 more words


Deathcats/New Swears Split EP Review

Glasgow’s favourite punk outfit Deathcats, married Ottawa’s ‘ultimate party boys’ New Swears with a blessing from Fuzzkill Records. Their union has resulted in the fuzziest of EPs. 260 more words






penis is such an ugly word we should call them dingly-dangly-diddly-ding-dongs

Love it when a girl plays with my dingly-dangly-diddly-ding-dong. 

14 more words

Stupid Flanders

I used to think I liked the Dutch.
For one thing, what’s to hate? Not much.
And even if you wanted to,
There’s no such place as… 152 more words


"It's my job!"

Does your workplace sound like this?

Of course not! Unless you’re delegating to (ahem, exploiting) a posse of cute forest animals to do your dirty work. 244 more words

And Now For Something Completely Different

Thinking About NVCC 12/14/2014

On an episode of the Simpson’s Homer asked his neighbor Ned Flanders where he had been? Ned replies, “We went away to a Christian camp. We were learning how to be more judgmental.” It’s funny because Ned and Homer are cartoons. 170 more words

Thinking About NVCC