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Evernote joins the global conspiracy against left-handed people

I’ve spent the last two years in library school, but somehow it still never occurred to me to use note-taking and information management software for my own purposes until I took this class.  1,011 more words

Movember Matchup of the Day: Ned Flanders vs. Bob Belcher

Today’s Movember matchup is our first animated one, but also a pair of Emmy winners. Ned Flanders has been on the air with The Simpsons… 78 more words


The Best Episodes Ever

A while back, I was inspired by something that Evan Altman of Cubs Insider wrote called The Soundtrack to my Life. If you have some time and like Eminem, it’s a great read. 1,289 more words

Frank Grimes

New trending GIF tagged the simpsons no homer...

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The Debut of 4th and Krol! Week Two Picks!

BMK: Our longtime reader may have noticed a different logo this week.  To him/her I say: you’re right! We’ve changed the name of the column. 3,632 more words


..."The difference between Pacman and Flanders is just the red gloves"

Yesterday, perhaps the person I love and care for the most my life basically confirmed to me that they had converted to Christianity and in doing so had fully committed themselves towards living within the structures of the bible. 1,247 more words


Work Your Wardrobe With Karen: From Superdud To Superstud

’It’s not how you look on the outside that’s important. It’s how you are on the inside.’ You are likely familiar with this belief that has become a cliché. 378 more words