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Why People Reject the Tyrion Targaryen Theory

Tyrion Targaryen has all of the makings of an R + L = J level theory – that which is accepted as canon with all of those who disagree dismissed as tinfoil. 2,576 more words

Ned and Jaime as Foils

They occupy similar positions in their respective families. Most consequentially, they both have weird closeted Uncle Dad relationships with their sisters’ kids. They’re also middle children. 1,351 more words

Jaime Lannister

Margaery Tyrell, Walking in Ned Stark's Bootprints

April is here and April showers bring May flowers, so now seems a reasonable time to talk about the flower-themed queen from Highgarden: Margaery Tyrell. 1,804 more words


ASOIAF: Why were iron and bronze the chosen metals of The Kings of Winter? Why are they said to be ‘strong and dark to fight the cold’ ak...

The Real Reason Iron & Bronze Are the Metals of Winter

Bronze and iron are the metals of winter, of the Kings of Winter, which we learn both through Robb’s comments and again through Catelyn’s comments in A Clash of Kings: 1,411 more words

House Stark

Second Looks - Ned Stark

This post will be talking about Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, from the HBO television show Game of Thrones (and prominent in the source material, George RR Martin’s… 4,070 more words


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