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Why These Game of Thrones Characters Should Have Been Alive...

If you follow Game of Thrones, you know it is dangerous to have any favorite characters on the show. I sometimes really wonder what would these characters’ stories have been like if they were still alive.This brings me to the following list of characters who should have been given longer lives… 476 more words


A Whole New (Westerosi) World: What GoT Show Watchers Can Expect When They Crack Open A Book

Game of Thrones fans are broken down into two groups. Those who have read the books (The often overly snobby and critical “book-readers”) and those who haven’t entered the textually based world of George R.R. 944 more words

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Ned Stark returns to Game of Thrones.

With all the hype and excitement surrounding Jon Snow, and his inevitable return, you might be forgiven for not seeing this one coming. All men must die, but occasionally they crop up again. 121 more words

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A Long-Dead Main Character Is (Sort Of) Returning To 'Game Of Thrones'

For the first time in the show’s history, last season of Game of Thrones had a flashback scene. It didn’t provide anything we weren’t already aware of — Cersei will marry a king, until someone “younger and more beautiful” takes everything, etc. 180 more words


[Quote] The Man Who Passes the Sentence

This quote ties into something my dad has taught me. There are some members of my family who have grown bitter with age. He told me, “You can’t blame the world for everything that goes wrong with your life.” 169 more words


Game of Thrones Winner: "The Wolf and The Lion"

So last weekend while I was hanging out with Chrissy and Glen, we watched two episodes together. It was pretty great, and I love the two of them so much, and watching with other people was a whole lot of fun. 470 more words


Game of Thrones - Best show ever [spoiler alert]

Just finished a five-season marathon of Game of Thrones (GOT). A little late to the party, so I binge-watched in less than two weeks. As a TV series fanatic, it is safe to say GOT tops my list of favorite shows. 412 more words

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