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Dangit I need steady income

I have a bunch of gigs that I do to get money, but it’s all intermittent and slow in coming. Also never very much when it does come, which can get annoying. 513 more words

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For a smart guy I do a lot of stupid things

OK I’m semi laid up again because I hurt my foot in a stupid way. I just got the new shoes and I went for a couple of walks with them. 197 more words

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5 ways to increase your monthly income - no scams, no B.S.

No B.S. – what? Are you sure Jess? Yes, because I’ve already shoveled through all the B.S. and now I’m here to save you from having to do the same! 173 more words

Too hot to be walking around

But I did anyway. Bills had to be paid and there wasn’t enough time to get payment there in the mail. So I walked 3 miles in the heat, sweating profusely. 131 more words

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How Can I Easily Make Some Extra Cash?

If you asked the question, “How Can I Easily Make Some Extra Cash?” there are actually many ways to do this, especially in this day and age. 139 more words

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What Can We Do To Earn Extra Cash?

Well, believe it or not, this is on the forefront of most people’s minds these days, as people all over the U.S.A. struggle to make ends meet. 138 more words

Earn Money

We NEED More Money!

We all need more money, don’t we? We all want to win some money… right? Or at least find a way to earn a bunch of extra money! 424 more words

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