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What do you want?

The stronger want will rule over the weaker want.

But it’s hard to know what we really want because we generally have so many wants. 409 more words

Christian Science

What To Do When You Are Financialy Failing

The problem with financial setbacks and emergencies is that by nature they leave you with hardly any time to react. You might be too late in remedying a situation, and so, you must explore certain avenues to… 469 more words


How To Get A Job

Well we all need to start working eventually unless we selling drugs of which in that case, pass me some and no need to read further lol #JustJokes. 681 more words


Hello Everyone!

I’m an average 27 year old Piwi (Pinoy-Kiwi) stuck in marvelous New Zealand. And as luck will have it, I don’t have enough money. 114 more words


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Former England captain David Beckham, apparently in need of money.Yes, he reportedly sold his property in France.
The property is in the form of luxury homes occupied Bekcham when defending Paris Saint Germain (PSG), three years ago.However, she did not occupy it again after deciding to retire in 2013. 111 more words

Smkn 1 Slahung

College Sucks.

I haven’t even started college and it already sucks. Why is it that I need $26,562 to attend college?  (This is only for ONE YEAR at UGA. 237 more words

Borrowing Money!

Number 2

You guys know my situation at the moment and I told you I would let you know my progress each step of the way. 491 more words