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I need to lose weight

I know I need to lose weight and get to a healthy me, but every time I try, I fail miserably. I have uncontrolled diabetes. Yes, I know. 260 more words

Laziness Is No Excuse

Being lazy is easy… then again so is gaining weight and body fat. So the next time you want to be lazy and skip the gym, remember, fat cells love when you are lazy, it’s how they survive!




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Sorry, this is not a translation, but a request from my side. I feel encouraged to see the number of visitors on my blog but I also need some extra motivation! 77 more words

Sometimes working out just sucks...

p class=”p1″>It can be so hard mustering up the motivation to workout some days and some days I just have to eat a donut, but for the most part I stick to my routine pretty well. 683 more words

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