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Depression / Anxiety

Even in today’s society, the words above carry a stigma. They are used as adjectives against people, to imply that they aren’t worthy, or aren’t as valid a member of society. 350 more words


Finding peace to try again

If I could give an analogy, it would be this;

I have pretty bad eyesight – not the worst and not because of any reason other than genetics… So, I wear contact lenses. 613 more words

Journey To Motherhood

Hearing from God

He’s speaking to me…
Well of course He’s speaking to me – why wouldn’t he be.

In case you’re wondering if you’ve missed something… you haven’t – the He I am referring to here is God. 624 more words

Messages From God


College is scary. Not in the sense that I’m afraid of venturing out and being forced out of my comfort zone (although if you would have asked me about it 2 months ago, my answer would have been way different!), but because it is  530 more words

Sometimes, I really hate being a student.


Two weeks ago I was assigned 2 group projects and my 1st Calculus exam in the same week. And since then I have been going bonkers trying to get all my homework done, go to the ACC Learning Lab to make sure I understood (somewhat) Calculus, writing my papers for comp 2 and reading the necessary stories, meeting with my speech group for our presentation, studying for my speech midterm..going to the gym, working, AND church! 357 more words