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Daniel Radcliffe isn't ruling out a return to Harry Potter, the wizarding role that defined him

The Boy Who Lived lives on, and the Man Who Played Him may do so again, too.

While the incredibly successful Harry Potter franchise continues to live on through an official on-stage sequel, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and a spin-off film trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, these new instalments feature nary a trace of the stars of the original film series. 223 more words


Artist Vincent Desiderio, whose work inspired Kanye West's 'Famous,' says the rapper is the new Andy Warhol

Since his early days as a Chicago beat maker, Kanye West has been a master of sampling — only the scale and the canvases have changed. 1,027 more words


Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce from fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, after 10 years of marriage

Lisa Marie Presley has filed for divorce from husband Michael Lockwood after 10 years of marriage, reports People, citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple were married in 2006 and have 7-year-old twin daughters, Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love. 94 more words


Calling all '90s kids: Lisa Frank is releasing a set of colouring books, stickers, glitter and all

If you’re a true child of the ’90s, then you’ll remember Lisa Frank with the greatest, glitziest fondness in your heart. From backpacks to pencil cases, those were the days of glitter, puffy stickers and rainbow horses, everyday, all day. 55 more words


'I wasn't bragging': Chelsea Handler reveals she had two abortions at 16 in essay

In an essay for Playboy highlighting her appreciation for having access to safe and legal medical help, Chelsea Handler reveals she had two abortions at the age of 16, putting a rare spotlight on an issue few celebrities discuss. 294 more words


'I loved Bruce': Caitlyn Jenner covers Sports Illustrated wearing her Olympic gold medal

It turns out the rumours were only half true that Caitlyn Jenner was set to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated nude, draped in an American flag, sporting nothing but her Olympic gold medal, which she won in the decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Games. 388 more words


OTA Posts Disaster-Readiness Page for Surgeons

The Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) just launched a page on its website devoted to disaster-preparedness resources for surgeons and first responders.

Titled “Get Prepared,” the page includes: 60 more words

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