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On Tension, Stress, and Shock

By Dr. Lee Dubs

When I was in training to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in the early 1960’s, part of our psychological preparation included understanding what is commonly known as “culture shock.”  Based on research and interviews with North Americans – such as missionaries and government workers – who were living or had lived in other countries, psychologists had identified three stages of a common adjustment difficulty.  1,282 more words


Why Are So Many Expats Leaving Ecuador?

By Dr. Lee Dubs

One of a group of writers who want to encourage people to be better prepared when they move to Ecuador, Dr. Dubs is a long-time resident of Cuenca. 1,722 more words

Cuenca Living

The day I decide to wear shorts...

Got up this morning and it was a gorgeous sunny day. So being as it was my day off I decided to wear my shorts for once and let my white pasty legs see some sun. 238 more words



What does love mean to you??
How do you know your in love?
How do you make love last



Blah day

Today is just another day for me.. It started off good then gradually progressed into a blah boring day. The highlight of my day was getting a pedicure.. 185 more words


Here's my number....call me maybe

They all say call me anytime….I’m here for you anytime….but my brain won’t let me…I wanna call but…you are spending time with your daughter you have seen in months….you have a sick lived one….you are dealing with your own issues….I can come up with every conceivable excuse as to why I can’t call….and most of them are good reasons too….but it all boils down to the fact that I fear that I might be bothering people, that my issues scare them…or ultimately they are going to tell me I’m wrong it stupid for my feelings over whatever is going on…when you hear that a certain number of times in your life from let people, then you start to believe it.