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N K N K & SAMSY - 'Need You Now'

The first collaboration between N K N K and SAMSY, ‘Need You Now’ is undeniably brilliant. It only took me one listen to get into as the groove of this track grabs onto you and does not let you go. 92 more words


06/02/2015 Day 153 - Non-Instrumental Song That Features Your Favourite Instrumental Solo

Hello World – By Lady Antebellum

This song stands out specifically for this challenge, because I have always like how the instruments (violin, piano, and electric/bass guitar) get more intense as the song carries on, and there’s a very strong emotional finish here. 64 more words

365 Days Of Songs

Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

With 15 years now under their belt, Hot Chip is a household name in some circles. Somehow, despite a genre gap and fellow dance artists fading, Hot Chip remains, still producing their dance pop beats well past what is probably considered acceptable to be listening to dance music. 510 more words


Hot Chip - Why Make Sense? Review

Hot Chip have been making waves with their latest album, Why Make Sense?, which sees the band cutting back to a somewhat simpler sound. They seem to favour more subtle electronic sounds in 2015, allowing lyrics and key riffs to take focus rather than swamping our ears with complex layers as per their previous style. 208 more words


Album Review: Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

Hot Chip

Why Make Sense? (Domino)

It may not sound particularly exciting, but one of Hot Chip’s greatest gifts is the group’s consistency. Six albums and fifteen years into their musical voyage, they still come up with the goods on a regular basis, their catalogue evolving into one of the most steadily assured collections in modern dance music. 779 more words

The Music World

Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

Okay, cards on the table: Who saw this coming? Literally, who saw this coming? Hot Chip as one of the major players in the indie playing field? 912 more words

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