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Be Mine Too.

Did I ever tell you that you’re my favorite person? No, I guess I didn’t. But I’m telling you now. I don’t even remember the day it started but soon, you were the reason for those smiles when I’d be walking alone on a crowded sidewalk, thinking of something you’d said to me before. 296 more words

Just a few thoughts..

I can’t get you out of my headdddd. Just so you know, I’ve got a girl crush. Hate to admit it but I get a hard rush and it ain’t slowing down. 415 more words



Friends, you know I rarely “push” specific ministries, but I have to introduce you to the Pennsylvania United Medial Association (PUMA). They are doing TREMENDOUS work in helping the people and churches of Nepal. 58 more words

The Spider and The Fly

With silken words he wooed her
Wrapping her within his gossamer strands of compliments
Teasing her with promises of a golden future
His breath warm and tantalizing against her ear. 167 more words


Who doesn't love Babies!

These days, can be difficult to let good things shine through. One good thing that I enjoy is babies. I love babies, they are new and pretty to look at and they smell good.   181 more words



God, more of You
Is what I need
Beyond food and air
And everything
You are all I need
And more of You
Is what’s best for me… 25 more words

God's Love

Things You Need To Know As A Teenager

When you enter your teenage years you have a lot of falling in love, 
Fights, fall outs, break ups a lot of new hobbies change of tastes in music food books so much more and also a lot of friends leaving a lot of that actually, 
What you need to understand is that it's okay, 
This happens it's life and it's a process of growing up and growing older, 
It's okay to get mad when some one makes fun of you even though they are your best friends 
It's okay to be sad when the person you want to talk to doesn't reply or text back or whatsapp or Facebook or whatever, 
It's okay to cry your self to sleep not that you should but if you do it's okay, 
Your only human and your aloud to hurt and feel pain, 
It's okay also to make mistakes and completely mess things up life ain't easy, 
It's okay to give up its also okay to try new things, 
It's okay to change your opinion it's also okay to have an opinion that doesn't match others were not all the same, It's okay to have a huge crush on someone and even though you know you don't have a chance, 
It's okay to feel jealous, 
It's okay to do what you want and not do what your parents what you to do all the time, 
It's okay to sleep in and stay out late, 
It's okay to party out with friends and forget tests and assignments once in a while it's okay to let go (I advice you do this rarely ), 
It's okay to let people go remember people can't be owned they aren't property, 
It's okay not to be okay 
- S.A