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#23. Are you holding on to something you need to let go of?

Sure, yet to an extent I think everyone is regardless of whether or not they want to admit it. Should I let it go? Perhaps, but I don’t think I can. 88 more words


How can love be so fleeting?

 How can love be so fleeting?

I gave my heart from me to thee.
I loved & wanted nothing but thee.

My heart was strong & yearned for thee, 187 more words

Basic Healing Tools


Is healing for everyone? Yes of course. Are you willing to start or continue the adventure of your life? If so, this tool set will be very helpful. 148 more words


Connect Those Pesky Dots

“For god sake, once, just once, connect those pesky dots. Can’t you see that I can’t understand anything? Even a word?” That’s what I often say when I look at bad write-ups. 425 more words

O Fence

There’s nowt wrong with not answering the door, especially to complete strangers.  The letter box can receive love letters and the porch is a okay to put parcels in.   95 more words


Simeon's Inheritance with Judah (Joshua 19:1 - 16)

The inheritance of Simeon was found within the inheritance of Judah.  The only reason given for this was that the share of Judah was too much for them. 63 more words

Biblical Reflections