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Saturday morning 

Sleeping in, the early summer sunlight shines through, bright. A quiet, still morning begs for your sweet voice and gentle touch. If you ever wondered if you were needed, you must know you are.

You can be happy if you allow yourself to be, the trick is remembering you hold that power and not letting anyone else take it.


Fitbit can now track your activity from your Nexus 6P/5X, no wearable needed

(Source: www.androidauthority.com)

Fitbit is the world’s biggest wearable seller and the reason is clear: Fitbit devices are among the best on the market.

Popular as Fitbit may be, there are hundreds of millions of users out there who have no interest in wearing a tracker on their wrist. 256 more words


New dress, new make up

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a new dress and new a few new make up products. It was definitely needed.

Alone Time

Quick post because why not.
Alone time is needed.
It is a must.
Might now always be fun and may even be boring.
But it is needed. 44 more words

Concrete and Brick Point up needed

For more details sign-up HERE: http://www.therealdealmeetup.com

If any one has a referral for someone who does concrete repair and brick point-up/repairs in Harford County, please send that info my way. 17 more words