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Burning Mattress Help Needed...

UGH! All I can think of is What is so Freaking Special about this PSYCHOPATH that he wont leave my brain, yeah he messed me up big time but you know what, LEAVE YOU POS! 72 more words

Burning Mattress Help Needed...

Ok…first the burning mattress story: A friend s friend s uncle was moving. He was driving through Atlanta in his truck, all his stuff in the back. 76 more words

Things That You Needed To Now About The Newly Worldwide Spread Virus 'Zika Virus'

A newly detected virus was said to be spreading out to the people through mosquito bites. This virus is called Zika Virus. The signs and symptoms of the virus includes having high fever, joint pain, conjunctivitis and rash. 14 more words


We all seek out our own space don’t we; is that what you needed, space to be alone, space to be on your own, a real opportunity to work out what you wanted from life, what you needed to make your journey a worthwhile venture. 15 more words


Awkward Needed Moments

Currently, I’m a part of a Mount Vernon group that is working on designing an outdoor area for a development in Chamblee.

As a group, we’ve been really trying to focus a lot more on this because we all realize that we don’t have a lot of time left, thus, this past week was centered mainly around users. 407 more words


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Human Computer Interaction

As the technology is consistently evolving, as well as human interaction. One of the real challenges in the evolution of technology is how technology will be able to interact with humans or vice versa. 277 more words