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Needle exchange program delayed

Pilot will likely begin in late September or early October

The launch of a pilot needle exchange program in Clatsop County has been delayed.

Originally scheduled to offer exchanges for drug users in Astoria and Knappa locations last Friday, the program will likely begin in late September or early October. 38 more words

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Clean needle exchange to move forward in Ogden after changes made to offerings

OGDEN, Utah — After about a year of negotiations and planning, the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition will be able to run a clean needle exchange program at Metamorphosis in Ogden. 484 more words


Our view: Needle exchange pilot a sensible action - Editorials

Regret about an ugly situation shouldn’t get in the way of confronting it.

Although it’s depressing to consider that we live in a time when opioid drug addiction is a familiar aspect of American life even in bucolic rural areas like ours, we can derive some encouragement from the fact Clatsop County commissioners and other public officials are receptive to creating a needle exchange program. 13 more words


Cities consider safe injection sites to battle overdose deaths

Opioid epidemic leads some to look at providing a safe space for drug use.

Public health interventions aimed at injection drug users since the 1980s have had two primary goals: get people to stop using and prevent the spread of disease. 46 more words

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Overdose epidemic builds new empathy for people with addiction;

Reducing the harms of drug use.

America’s approach to battling illegal drug use has focused for decades on making the consequences as harsh as possible. Those caught selling or using drugs faced stiff criminal penalties, filling the nation’s prisons with mostly minority and low-income offenders. 35 more words

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Swapping needles: County will offer free needles to drug users to stem the spread of disease

County will launch pilot program in Astoria and Knappa.

A needle-exchange program coming to Clatsop County later this summer is being lauded by public health officials concerned about the spread of disease, but some in law enforcement are wary. 39 more words

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Oakland punk rockers serve up lunch and clean needles

By Brian Howey, Bay News Rising Staff Reporter

Beneath the thrum of freeway traffic, Michele Magobet shuffles past a foldout table. Pausing to examine plastic tubs, she picks out a tiny candle, alcohol swabs, a handful of hypodermic needles.  1,174 more words