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Bipartisan bills create needle exchanges, offer drug to reverse overdoses

SALT LAKE CITY — A series of legislation is being proposed that attempts to stop the high numbers of overdose deaths in the state of Utah. 277 more words



Split 7″
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London vs. Berlin, who will survive and what will be left of them ?
Counting on NFT Records one can bet that their won´t be any losers in the label roster anyway and so it was bound to happen that also these two opponents are disorderly spinning their rounds to the sound of the always welcome 77-Slop-Waltz in the poorly lit side alleys of Soho respectively Berlin. 87 more words


If you have time

and want to read some of my other work, please feel free to read my very first publication with NPQ Newswire. You can find it here! Happy reading!


Needle Exchange Programs Work

To public health professionals, providing injection drug users with access to clean syringes through needle exchange programs (NEPs) is a no brainer. Research study after research study continue to show conclusively that NEPs reduce the transmission of HIV and viral hepatitis, are tremendously cost effective, and provide a range of other services that benefit the participants and greater community. 591 more words

Hi! Nice to Meet You, I have Hep C.

If you were to meet me in my everyday life, you might find it a little unusual and even slightly off-putting that I bring up the fact that I have Hepatitis C within the first 24 hours of us hanging out. 1,358 more words


Needle exchange program has turned San Francisco into junkie city

The number of complaints to the city about discarded needles has skyrocketed in the past couple of years — and although San Francisco has the largest program in the nation for handing out free, clean needles to drug addicts, a quiet policy change has evolved over the past decade that may be contributing to that rise in complaints. 69 more words

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