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The Wknd I Spent SedatedĀ 

Ok so last week was quite the ordeal. A lot of stuff happened and then towards the end of the week I had to deal with some medical things at the hospital. 543 more words

We need your support!

Did you know that only 10% of potential blood donors donate?
Did you know that one of the situtations where more blood is needed for transfusion, is after a car accident? 120 more words

Blood Donation

As Mad As A March Hare, Round Ere Anyway

šŸ˜·Ā It’s fair to say I’m still feeling blooming awful, my noseĀ šŸ‘ƒ Ā has turned into a leaky tap, which refuses to stop and I have all the energy of a sloth. Ā  478 more words


New projects or what to do when you want to commit a murder

Have you ever had one of those moments when you heard (or seen) bad news, something that hit your nerve pretty deeply, and you wanted to murder the person(s)in question without skipping a beat? 310 more words

Vaccine Time - getting ready to travel

My husband and I are travelling overseas next month. We’ve been planning the trip for nearly 12 months, so we are both extremely excited that it’s nearly time to go. 594 more words



I found myself as a tree… the inside of my foot up to my inner knee; Six fingers woven and two index fingers and two thumbs pointed as a leaves. 34 more words


My First Accupuncture Appointment

As part of my get healthier initiativeĀ I have decided to do something I have always wanted to try acupuncture. After my initialĀ assessment and treatment I thought I would share the experience with you incase there is anyone out there interested in trying it. 525 more words