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When I’m in a hurry

Time passes so slowly

Oh! So slowly

I want the needles to make haste

But they appear stuck

I look, willing them to move… 60 more words

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Shock as Needles found in Play Area

Just to reassure residents I will continue to work with the local Policing Team and other stakeholders on dealing this issue.

Chorley Guardian Article

Hopefully we can prevent this happening again. 6 more words

Aidy Riggott

Voodoo Child

TW: drug use

TW: self harm

For some odd reason I have the inability to express my thoughts into words as well as I once could. 501 more words

Personal Story

On Pens and Needles

Since getting back home, I have struggled with pricking my finger with the lancets and injecting myself with my insulin pens. I have had a pretty significant needle phobia ever since I was a kid. 509 more words


Tatt-do or Tatt-don't?

So today I went with my mother to get two piercings. She got her nose re-pierced and her daith, in the hopes that her headaches might become less severe. 336 more words

Yarningham Exhibitors - There's More Than Just Yarn

In our final feature on our Yarningham exhibitors, today we look at everything BUT the yarn.

First up we have scissors and cases from Beyond Measure… 80 more words


In Cebu, kids suffer as drugs fuel an HIV epidemic

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

From high-schoolers and prostitutes to public servants, widespread drug use is driving up infections in the city at the epicentre of the Philippines’ HIV epidemic. 1,627 more words

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