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Gift of a Craft Room

If you’ve been been following for a while you know that I moved from Napa, California to Reno, Nevada.  Huge move!  Most wonderful move!

So, we’re all settled and that is good.   480 more words

Acupuncture - what's it all about?

As mentioned in my previous post I found that acupuncture really helped me to get better from my anxiety.  That was my introduction to it but since then I’ve had it to help a range of problems including back pain, period pain and loads of other stuff.   625 more words


Full Circle Lessons

As a pre-teen and through much of my early adult life, I would experience asthma attacks.  Some were very severe and lasted for days.  I underwent allergy testing and countless blood samples to find out what was causing my allergic reactions.   577 more words


S--- obsession

Being very careful not to say out loud as some of you have threatened an intervention……… But I’m having soooo much fun!

Pair 10 of 16 (16 pairs in 2016) is finished. 66 more words


Last week when my baby (cat) was missing I could not sleep or concentrate on anything so I just crocheted. As you can see below I got a lot done in 96 hours, there were a lot of tears shed on some of these items and lots of prayers said while working on each and every one of them. 226 more words


Ein Inseltraum

Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier, oder halt doch nicht so ganz. Dies hat auch einen Grund. Der Einstieg in diesen Post erscheint vielleich auf den ersten Blick ein bisschen komisch, aber ich wollte gerne einmal erklären, wie ich es gedenke, diesen Blog zu führen. 1,082 more words