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Treasure Hunt / Shopping List

An extension of gap fill around the room. Instead of a matchup on a sheet, you could get everyone out of their seats with a treasure hunt. 104 more words


Keeping on task

I have found with one of my low ability groups a good way to keep attention whilst presenting new work on the Interactive White board was by using a worksheet. 117 more words


Fill the Gaps - Basic

Take a text in TL and take out some words. Have the students fill in the gaps. You may want to include the list of words missing, or leave it open to a little more creativity from your students. 12 more words

Needs Resources

Cheat copying

Irregular preterites = difficult to learn.

Tactic 1 – the song, which I heard being sung around the corridors for days afterwards!

I got the kids to note down in rough as many stems as they could and then we wrote them all on the board and tried to match up with the infinitives… 126 more words


Real newbies!

An activity I found worked well as a starter at the beginning of year 7 helped with numbers.

As the pupils entered they each were given a number (not in the right order), in silence they needed to get themselves in sequential order by only saying the number they had been given and pointing either side. 95 more words


¡Arrebatad!: Snatch!


Students, working in pairs, are given a set of picture cards, word cards matching the pictures and a set of opinion picture cards.  Students play with one hand and have their thumbs on the table edge.   249 more words


Running Translation

Take a text and cut it into small phrase-sized or sentence-sized chunks. Divide the class into groups – groups of 4-5 works best. Keep the cut up texts at the front of the class, numbered and one for each team. 327 more words