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Wants vs. Neecds

We hear a lot of people discuss weighing in on the ‘wants vs. needs’ in multiple areas of our lives. When it comes to shopping… When it comes to choosing certain things when doing home improvements… there are many ways that we can apply wants vs. 912 more words


One hundred heartbreaks

The end result may be one broken heart, but it is not done in one blow.
My heart has been broken from a thousand simultaneous strikes from a thousand simultaneous directions. 207 more words


Splurge away...

Today I had my first Mani-Pedi in like 7 months. I thought that Spring shouldn’t have to see my cracked and dry heels any longer; plus my 4 year old son blurted out a few nights ago: “Mommy your feet are scratchy”. 317 more words


There is a difference.

Sometimes its what you need rather than what you want.



How Needy is 'Needy'? Some Early Church Views

Basil of Caesarea’s stance on wealth and poverty (see my previous posts) is blunt and uncompromising. It is also very relevant to today, where consumerism has achieved almost god-like status. 529 more words


The Journeyman

Loosen up those boots let down your curled hair
Have a cup of tea and sit down in your chair
Let me rub your shoulders or kiss your gorgeous neck… 38 more words


Who Do You Work For?

How did you respond the last time you were asked, “Who do you work for”? Many people will respond with one of these two answers: the name of their organization or the name of their boss. 458 more words