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Her needs

She must have hated me every time I spilled water on her without giving her prior warning.
She must have hated me when she swayed on the surface because of me… 72 more words


Family Communication and the Tale of John

I’ve come to the sad realisation that families in the 21st century suffer from poor communication. I love working with teenagers and young adults and the most common issue reported by both groups is communication problems with their parents (which later translates into communication problems at the workplace, with their romantic partner, etc.). 669 more words


The Sound Of A Hit In Overwatch Is Made By... Beer

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Overwatch is to big-budget release bonanzas what eclipses are to the rest of the sky. It’s a multi-million dollar production fueled by laser-targeted marketing. 395 more words


Getting my shit together

“Getting out on your own” and ” Getting your shit together” were just a couple of the subjects I searched on Pinterest  today, hoping to find something that could get me motivated, I guess… Now that I’ve graduated high school, yay me, I’ve been thinking a lot about how life will go for me or better yet what I’M going to do to start the life I’ve been planning on living over the past years.. 323 more words

10 Dope Pieces Of Paraphernalia Every Coffee Addict Needs

Do you dream of the second cup while enjoying the first cup? Is your sexiest fantasy the smell of coffee as it brews and the hot passion as it touches your lips? 1,048 more words



Sadhu in general means a sage in Hindi, my mother tongue. Sadhu’s are supposed to be knowledgeable and away from materialistic world. They tend to live a very simple lifestyle, eating what’s available, with no home or shelter , totally detached from the world and belongings. 160 more words


Ant Financial report: China’s online spending shifts to services and leisure

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On Saturday, online payment services provider Alibaba’s Ant Financial published China’s first online consumption index. The data is primarily taken from Alipay, Alibaba’s online payment platform. 362 more words