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Today's Thought: What Better be First

The Prayer of the LORD: Jesus taught His disciples that their prayers should be centered on the glory of God, and it is only after we spend time praising and adoring Him that we should shift to focusing on our needs

Daily Thoughts

Beaches and Bike Ridee

In the spirit of candor, I will say that I suffer from pretty severe anxiety. So much so, that simple tasks which may seem mundane to the average individual become extremely difficult for me. 886 more words


Selflessness: n. concerned more with the needs and wants of others than with one’s own desires and needs

Extreme altruists are portrayed as selfless individuals mostly interested in fulfilling the needs and wants of others and not so much in fulfilling their own personal needs and wants. 156 more words

Common Sense

Once More In This Light - 6/22/15


to your chosen,

end of road design.

Desolate to reach you,

need only

just to see you

once more in this light.

Alone Time

Life is busy.  When we have a slice of free time outside the requirements of work or school and the necessity if eating and sleeping, we have a myriad of choices about what to do with that time.   261 more words

The Lords' Prayer

As Christians all over the world become busier and busier, prayer seems to take less priority. It is a “tyranny of the urgent” matters at hand. 647 more words