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Calling all my over-thinkers

1. What do you call a person who acts different towards you via phone vs face to face.

2. They had you in their top 5 but now treat you like your number was never saved.

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Let It Flow.

What do people Want the Most

1. To love and to feel loved.

2. A career or other kind of vocation that is meaningful and utilizes your talents.

3. Healthy and happy relationships in all areas of your life. 122 more words

Take a Chance On CHANGE!!!

When Is The Last Time You Focused On Your Own Hopes & Dreams?


“Let today, be the day that you step out of your comfort zone and take a chance on reaching new heights! 246 more words


#writephoto — Begging The Question

“You know,” Andy said as they were standing on the edge of the outcropping looking out at a beautiful orange sunset, “I was smitten from moment I first laid eyes on you.” 406 more words

Flash Fiction

Setting Boundaries: Expectations

Can I expect them to come see me on a regular basis?

What can I reasonably ask from them?

Is it ever OK to ask for them to meet our needs?

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All I ever do

I didn’t want to be a fool
Didn’t want to fall for you either
Oh! But this heart
And this thing called love
Have a dangerous game played against me… 71 more words


Self fulfillment with Christ

Anyone who has taken a management or psychology course has heard of Abraham Maslow. He was an American psychologist working in the early part of the last century. 847 more words