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Heart Hinge--Day Two

Day 2

It all started with a laugh.  It was lighthearted, merry, and so very, very friendly.  And recognizable.

Like many college freshmen, I knew no other way to spend that following summer except to “sort of” stay with  my family.   645 more words


Trying to keep sanity

​If only to sleep and forget

She would give anything

Oh that he’d leave her mind

And be gone from her heart by dawn.

That she would stop dreaming of him… 13 more words


Coffee Morning

Got my head out of bed

And my ass across the floor

Staggered through the hall

Hit my face on the door

My eyes were still closed… 224 more words


The More I Focus on Me, The More Needy I Become

“But there is another thing that happens here. It is the need-expansion dynamic. The more I focus on my needs, the more things in life get loaded into that category. 28 more words

The Blessing of Forever Homes

World Gospel Mission partnered with Africa Gospel Church to build the AGC Baby Centre in Kenya. The center opened its doors to the first two babies in April 2006, and in April 2007, 24 babies were dedicated. 248 more words


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Choose your friends wisely.

I have never chosen anything wisely in my life, let alone choosing friends. When i was young.. I liked people who were rich and clean. And that’s how I chose the best friends of my childhood. 250 more words

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