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I was:

The one you ran to.
The one who wiped away your tears.
The one who comforted you.
The one who cared.
The one who made you laugh. 35 more words



I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth. I thought to myself. I mean, I had just read a polyamory article before coming on this walk and I was engaging in a secret intrigue with a high school flame but this was something else entirely- and did I really mean it as a joke that because of the zoloft I now thought “polyamory, why not??” 337 more words


Luxuries vs Needs

I don’t have a lot of material things that I feel I need in my life. For my work I need my technology – my computer, my Samsung tablet and my Samsung Note 4 – as those are crucial for me to be able to do my work well. 689 more words

in search of a better care....

Upon my broken soul, I seek retribution.

Upon my unwanted curse, I seek redemption.

Upon your unviewed maze, I seek destination.

Upon their unspoken words, I seek reputation, admiration, love. 6 more words


Lord, I need You

Lord, I come, I confess:
Bowing, here I find my rest…
Without You I fall apart;
You’re the One that guides my heart.

Lord, I need You, oh, I need You… 162 more words