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Neel's Gap to Unicoi Gap (Overnight on the AT!)

A few weeks ago, Will and I took the dogs out on an overnight trip on the AT! Part of what I loved about this trip in particular was meeting thru hikers starting out in Georgia. 244 more words


The Fog

After sleeping in the Blood Mountain Cabins I wasn’t quite rested,the sound of rain reminded me of mice and kept me up most of the night. 654 more words

Neels Gap and blood mountain

We had to be up early to get a room at blood mountain cabins so it was decided Kevin and Andrew would slack pack to the cabins to reserve them.  935 more words

its not all sunshine and rainbows-enter Jessie Spano 2.0

When I first seriously thought about making this trek, I assumed starting it would be as happy as this hedgehog.  let’s call her….henrietta..

Seemed like everyone at Whiteblaze talked about the excitement and practically running up springer mountain. 397 more words