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The Miracle of Love

The walls in Steve Jobs’ bedroom, the room in which he breathed his last, were bare except for the lone picture of Neem Karoli Baba hanging on one one of them. 1,741 more words


The Guru and the Disciple

The year was 1935.

A young college student was spending a lazy summer afternoon hanging around the temple complex of Dakshineshwar when, at a secluded corner, he was accosted by a rather burly looking Brahmin. 2,213 more words



It was two years ago when I had stayed in a hotel in Nainital for a night, I was with my friends ,next morning we had to return our native place. 736 more words


So What

Dear Srimatiji

So what if David Harvey’s Marxist analysis is verified by each day’s dispiriting news?
“Full effort is full victory.”

So what if the interlocking system of oppressions appears stronger with each passing month? 171 more words

No Time For Poetry But Exactly What Is

“When you remember me I come to you.”  ~Neem Karoli Baba (via)


All One

All spiritual paths lead to the same place, unconditional love.

I have been watching videos on YouTube of Ram Das, Krishna Das, and Bhagavan Das to hear stories of their time in India with Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba also known as Maharaj-ji. 767 more words

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