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Nefertiti -The Mystery to be uncovered

Hi guys, this world is a mysterious place with a whole lot of mysteries in it.

There is one such mysterious mystery (Try to say mysterious mystery faster three times, it’s a tongue twister!) that has puzzled thousands of archaeologist around the world. 336 more words

Just Like That

Nefertiti Breakthrough - Atlantis Egyptian Hall Of Records - Dr. Carmen Boulter & DarkJournalist

Source: DarkJournalist
Daniel Liszt
April 28, 2016

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Pyramid Expert Dr. Carmen Boulter explore her shocking and exciting new discoveries of ancient sites using a new Space Archaeology Satellite Scan technique that suggest the Atlantean Hall of Records may have been found! 291 more words



I am standing in the Neues Museum in Berlin, looking in wonder at the bust of Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen. She has borne the same enigmatic look for more than 3,300 years. 339 more words


Q is for Quing

(pronounced as the male monarch’s name)

Q is for Quing

Lately, I’ve been wondering

If women can’t be kings

Not that queen isn’t a good word… 102 more words

The cult of Aten 

THERE are two major changes that occurred in Egyptian religious practice in the time of Akhenaten (14th century BC) . Continuing his father’s legacy for worshiping Aten, thought as a version of Ra up to this moment, he eventually arrived at a monotheistic view of the world which was a groundbreaking shift in perception. 488 more words

Tomb Traders Gotya at Builder's Brewery RFL Gacha Festival

Loot for all your tomb raiding-trading needs! Various canopic jars (human, falcon, jackal, baboon), oil lamp, Mirror of Hathor and divine statues of gods and queens: … 145 more words


Queen Uncrowned

This piece meant to express my anger and sadness over how people of African descent continue to be regarded and treated, not only in the US but across the world. 68 more words