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Another sneak peek of my Egyptian themed samples for Powertex

Good morning. Here is another sneak peek at my mixed media samples created for Powertex using the new Egyptian themed stamps from Anna Hewlett (they will be available on the Powertex website shop soon) and 3D plaster busts. 31 more words


Nefertiti's Headwrap

What if the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s distinctive crown was really a special form of headwrap? It may not be that historically likely, but I thought it was a neat enough concept to doodle down in my sketchbook. 7 more words


The Painted Queen - Elizabeth Peters, Joan Hess

After a long and tiring trip, Amelia and Emerson are at last in Cairo, settling into their usual rooms at Shepheard’s. At least Amelia is settling in.¬† 199 more words


History and art go hand in hand.

I love ancient Egyptian history and decided to do this week’s art based on this intriguing civilization.

Picking just three pieces was hard but the following are the ones I finally decided on. 83 more words


Archaeologists Find Tomb Possibly Belonging to King Tut's Wife

The tomb, discovered in the famed Valley of the Kings, may belong to¬†Ankhesenamun, the wife of one of Egypt’s most well-known pharaohs, King Tutankhamun (King Tut). 57 more words



The beautiful one has come
In the image of feminine perfection
Timeless power beyond beauty of the real woman
Lying in her secret chamber where her other face is hidden… 22 more words