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Nefertiti (2)

There are certain images which are a joy to paint and Queen Nefertiti is one of those. I’m sure I haven’t done her beauty justice but I was captivated ever since I saw the bust in a museum.

Original Acrylic Paintings.


What makes an empire? Is it money? Happiness? The amount of people?

If you think about it, people seem to think of empires as those areas with lots of people, that seem to control lots of area of land. 265 more words


Нефертити- красивата царица на Египет

Тя е красива, изящна и прилича на порцеланова фигурка. Името и означава “идващата красота” и е нарицателно за хубава жена. Това е Нефертити- владетелка на Египет през 14 век пр. 18 more words


The Ancient Egyptian Mourning Ritual, existed also in Amarna?

During the reign of Akhenaten many things changed in Ancient Egypt. The new Pharaoh modified the artistic canon, his residence, the religion, the cult…but what happened with the death? 72 more words


Nefertiti: The Book Of The Dead

By Nick Drake.

Will those who like crime novels and detective stories like this? I don’t know as it is not a genre I read much? 277 more words


Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and all that jazz: What have we learned?

It’s been almost a year since the media first noticed something afoot in the tomb of Tutankhamun. The saga is well known and has been much debated.  1,918 more words