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Comorile Egiptului Antic

Biblioteca Națională a României găzduiește zilele acestea expoziția “Comorile Egipului Antic”. Expoziția este compusă din peste 300 de exponate (replici și originale) cum ar fi celebra mască a faraonului Tutankhamon, bustul lui Nefertiti, un fragment de sarcofag autentic, obiecte de cult, statui ale zeităților,  bijuterii, foi de papirus și multe altele. 41 more words


In case you were wondering...

…Tut’s tomb has no hidden chambers after all.

The third radar scan of the pharaoh’s burial site conclusively shows that no additional mysteries lurk immediately behind its walls. 46 more words


Nefertiti Edges Kinky: You Belong To Me (Issue I)

You Belong To Me is my first story under this particular pen-name. You Belong To Me is a Twilight fan-fiction it’s a Jasper/OC pairing set in a alternative timeline. 491 more words

You Belong To Me

Not Amused, screenprint on paper

The Queen of Egypt is not amused by her 2017 relooking.
/!\ inside the 3D glasses is hidden a not-so-politically-correct image.

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Non-Western Art: Ancient Egyptian Art

I have been fascinated by Egyptian art since a very young age. I believe it started with the Disney movie The Prince of Egypt. Do any of my readers remember that movie? 879 more words

Eternity with One Eye

Originally Published on MomsGetReal

I love the trend towards “real” in advertising. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, Cameron Russell’s vulnerable TED Talk  on being a model – they all raise interesting points about what we surround ourselves with.  498 more words

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