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In early october 2014, Alexander Kluge presented a series of films at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. The programming culminated in a seven hour Sunday screening of  2,470 more words


Constructing Cons(piracy) and Hyperstition: sowing the seeds of Discordia?

Diffractions Lecture Series will take a look at the cultural and psychological aspects of conspiracy theories and how they are relevant in today’s reality.

The discussion will synthesize theories of Icke, Žižek, Negarestani, and Han-yu Huang. 274 more words


The Asimov Illusion

Could believing in something so innocuous, so obvious, as a ‘meeting of the minds’ destroy human civilization?

Noocentrism has a number of pernicious consequences, but one in particular has been nagging me of late: The way assumptive agency gulls people into thinking they will ‘reason’ with AIs. 1,835 more words


Asymptotic Thinking and Naturphilosophie: Some Thoughts (pt 1)

This post is largely jumping off from a string of comments between Reza Negarestani, Benedict Singleton, and Alex Williams amongst others from several weeks ago. Also Liam Sprod discusses some similar issues… 1,245 more words

Speculative Realism

Slime Dynamics and Dark Vitalism (Ravaisson, Negarestani)

The proofs for Slime Dynamics have been approved and I’m quite happy to see this project complete. Looking over the draft and working on my talk for the… 420 more words

Speculative Realism

Exhumation as Artistic Methodology

This is the short intro/intervention, from my second Transmediale 2012-talk on the Search for a Method-panel, organized by Timothy Druckrey, involving in addition to me Inke Arns, Siegfried Zielinski and Wolfgang Ernst. 1,553 more words

Media Archaeology