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What is your idea of 'snapping'?

What is your idea of snapping? Road rage? Grabbing a gun? Yelling? Hitting someone? Quitting your job? Spending all your money? Cheating?

But only ignore the road ragers? 902 more words


Is Your Spirit Being Poisoned?

There are times where we may simply deal with things in order to stay comfortable and stay in the safe zone. But at what cost is that “safety”? 404 more words

Everyday Life



I could feel someones incoming bad energy coming my way while I was out with the girls having dinner the other evening

A heavy something about to land on my shoulders or perhaps plant itself in my soul so it can continue to grow and reek havoc… 395 more words

Magickal Arts


Seems like I’m constantly finding myself comforting other people with the words I want someone to say to me.”

Empath (noun):
1. a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

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Dadee Eshews.

“My dad broke my heart before any boy ever could.”

Happy Mother’s Day y’all! I know today is mother’s day, but as I thought about everything that me and my mommy have been though I start to thinking about the absence of my Daddy….. 1,767 more words


Misunderstood (adjective):

1. Not properly understood.

2. Not properly appreciated. 

“Being misunderstood by people whose opinion you value is absolutely the most painful.” – Gloria Steinem… 658 more words