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How to Make Rational Decisions While Keeping Your Mind Clear

Here are a few tips and points that may help you when the time comes.

Pause and reflect:

Many people like to prepare and plan, and some like to be fast and respond to situations immediately. 42 more words

Jeyran Main

Negative Vibes

It is always said to mingle with your like minded people so may get to learn, share ideas and be motivated but then and there comes a sitting, a group of people or places where the vibes are so negative that it drains you of everything you have. 261 more words


Love, where you are at

As I was waking up this morning I was getting this download from the universe.  I know this is happening when my body starts to feel a little different from normal.  315 more words

Negative Energy

We do not see things as they are. We see things as WE are.

Every morning I watch the news while I enjoy my coffee. Most times I’m listening to keep up with things that are going on in the world. 849 more words

My Cafeteria Card

Size Doesn't Matter

One of the biggest dream killers is DISTRACTION. Distractions come in many sizes, shapes, forms, people, and situations. And you know it’s a genuine distraction when you spend a great amount of time trying to convince others their perception of you is wrong. 127 more words

Moon Magick

Moon Phase Magick Correspondence

The moon is a powerful tool for doing spell work. It’s believed that its different phases will help get better effects for specific spell work. 643 more words

Cancer causers (promoters) 😡

Cancer causers ruck up every rucking second. And probably proud of it. 😏 promoting negative behaviors as IF unbeknownst to?

They do not have good timing or think that every second counts. 786 more words

Good Timing