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Sadness versus Depression. Positive versus Negative

I heard an actress say this once. “Depression is when you don’t care about anything. Sadness is when you care about everything.”

We’ve all heard, 773 more words

Positive Energy

Don't Let Anyone Get You Down (Or try Not To)

“If people are trying to bring you down, be proud of it. It only confirms that you’re above them.”

I feel like that is something that I need to write on my bathroom mirror, better yet on EVERY mirror in my house in red lipstick as a constant reminder. 767 more words


Gossip Kills

We are all victims and perpetrators of gossip.  It is hard to resist the false sense of connection created when we put our heads together to talk about others.  194 more words

Challenge Yourself

Averting the meltdown

Like many Aspies and autistics, I experience meltdowns from time to time. I plan to write more about that subject in the future, but I have to be very brief today, because I’m in the midst of preparing for a weekend visit from my sister, who lives overseas. 336 more words


You vs. the Feels

Walking around with an attitude you can’t shake?  Understand what it does to your body, why it’s silly to let it linger and how to clear the air – fast. 695 more words

Self Development

You want to know why I don’t care what you think?

Well, I’ll tell you.

I spent the majority of my life trying to be something that I wasn’t. 196 more words