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Spirit boards.

In light of certain videos going around, I feel it would be a good idea to write this message.
We are going to call it “Michael, Michael are you here?” Because I’m not giving power to a name. 347 more words

Negative Energy

The Silence After a Broken Glass

I believe in negative energies. I believe in it so much that before I get on a train I feel out the people around me and the train cars. 672 more words


Clean Out Of The Negative People

In our lifetime we will meet many people, some will befriend us, some will touch our hearts and some will have a dislike for us. Sometimes it is not only those who dislike us that give off negative vibes but it can be our friends. 157 more words


I Lost My Mind Over a Downey Ball

Okay. I have got to get this anger under control. Seriously. What the hell is my problem?  Wanted to start some laundry this morning and I couldnt find the stupid Downey Ball! 291 more words


Facebook and saying #Goodbyenegativepeople

Who do you need to block from your contact list, unmatch or unsuscribe from, unfriend, unlike, unsnap or un-follow? I’ve had to do all of the above cut out people that i thought i could trust but turned out to use me. 438 more words


A personal letter to YOU.

A personal letter to YOU!

The thoughts or ideas that you have, about yourself or someone else, is a very powerful thing.

It can affect you in ways that you have never knew.   894 more words

Be The Love

Negative Energy and Emotional Vampires.

Negative Energy and Emotional Vampires.
One of the best things you could do for yourself is remove any negative energy from you life and your home. 457 more words

Negative Energy