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The #Curse and Blessing of #Empathy and how to Recover from Negative Energy

I’ve always thought that psychics were so lucky to be able to just know what a person is feeling or thinking, but do we really know what happens to them when they do this?  715 more words


Interstellar (2014)

Deciphering Nolan is an absurd idea altogether and should be left best at the capable hands only. However, I would still make an attempt here. Space science is a reality which encompasses everything around us and thus to have interest in it is in fact a great idea for provoking thoughts. 523 more words

Mathew Mcconaughey

Cleanse emotionally heavy space with Good Vibrations

NEW:  Good Vibrations is now available as a pure essential oil – great for diffusing ($15 for 5ml).  Please email to place your order.

This air purifying spritz was originally created for a Reiki practitioner to clear her treatment area between clients.   56 more words

Essential Oil

Another day another battle


Nobody said life was easy. Everyone has his own battle. I have been fighting for mine but am I doing it right? Recently, the doubt is backfiring on me.  188 more words


Fight Off Negativism. Make A Shield Bubble Around You

Please read my previous blog on Positive & Negative bubble. As this blog continues with that reference.

Now, I have already talked about fighting off negative thoughts inside your mind through the… 1,524 more words

Mind Power

Protection !

Today I want to discuss a topic that I am asked about a lot. Protection!

Protection from what you may ask?

Protection from negative energy, psychic attack, EMF’s that come from your computer, mobile phones and all the electrical appliances that are around us today, just to mention a few. 62 more words

Archangel Michael

365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE - DAY 188: What Do You Talk About?

Sound is a vibration that propagates through air, water and other mediums. I believe that you will agree with this simple statement.

Words propagate through air, through our bodies and through the bodies of the people we speak them to. 180 more words