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The air feels polluted

And it is choking me.

It is filled with debris from a people

Determined to be heard.


It is heavy. 

A thick smog having settled, 52 more words


Freedom From Negative Energy -- Jone Victoria -- July 4th 2009

In light of July 4th, I was thinking of what post would make sense. Then I looked around my room. Clutter — books piled high on the floor. 427 more words

Astrology Notes

Releasing Negative Energy and rediscovering the joy of creation!

In my six months as a published writer, a huge amount has worked – but I have become trapped by the negative energy swirling around the small areas which are not as successful. 756 more words


It's Amazing What Happens When You Stop Talking Sh*t

It is an unfortunate, needless, soul-sucking habit many of us have developed almost unknowingly. For the sake of highlighting the true smelliness of this lousy act, I will not sugarcoat or disguise it in euphemistic terms, and rather stick to calling it what it is: some shit! 946 more words

Thought of the Day: Energy

Energy is everything. Where we invest our energy and where we waste our energy defines who we are and determines the places we go. And it’s not always easy to see whether we’re investing or wasting. 94 more words

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You must be aware of how you are using your life energy. Negative begets negative, positive begets positive.

Hard truths & How to be happier. 

I’ve been considering the best way to write about this topic for a while now without sounding like an insensitive asshole…

And while one of those terms may very well be appropriate… the other is not. 576 more words

Sage and Hitchhiking Ghosts

Sage and hitchhiking Ghosts.

Have you ever been to Disney World/Land and they have that ride “The Haunted Mansion” and at the end they mention to be careful of “hitchhiking ghosts”. 365 more words

Negative Energy