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Remember: You Can Alchemize Anything!

I’ve been coming up against a very oppressive type of ‘authoritarian’ energy lately.  I am also seeing my friends and family going through similar experiences, so, perhaps you’ve been feeling it too? 862 more words

The Road To Self-Empowerment

The positive-energy-generator

Photo by Shane Aldendorff from Pexels

It seems that all my positive energy has drained out of me. Typing this makes me wonder what exactly burn-out symptoms are. 634 more words

Life Lessons

The Marriage of QM and Relativity

The title of this post will somehow sound strange but there are no concerns for the trouble. It is not a thing of present but we will talk about but the thinking of the past, when Paul Dirac made an astounding effort to join the two great theories of quantum mechanics and the special relativity. 663 more words

Negative Energy

Being argumentative, having a bad attitude, being aggressive, not getting along with others, being mean, wanting everything your way …….. all of this produce negative energy. 51 more words


All Along the Spectrum

I’m bouncing along the spectrum this week, sliding from hopeless negativity into enthusiastic, boundless optimism. 

I know there’s a sweet spot there. Just can’t seem to find that balance. 540 more words


Stop Complaining

Did you know ………..

that every time you complain you get more of what you are complaining about? Complaining does not solve anything. People don’t want to hear about what you can fix but choose not to. 28 more words


You've Changed

“You’ve changed and it seems like I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

This phrase is stated as an insult intended to discourage growth. 597 more words