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Buckeye Statis

Every four years, since at least the 2000 presidential election, the people of the Buckeye State have braced themselves.  They know that, as residents of a “battleground” state, they are going to be subjected to an onslaught of campaign ads and campaign appearances,  questions from pollsters and reporters who will clog the streets, and the disruption of traffic and everyday life that naturally comes along with regular visits from presidential and vice presidential candidates and their surrogates. 522 more words


Will Love Triumph?

Republished Story by © Stuart Wilde

It’s nice to believe that love will, in the end, triumph over evil and nastiness. However, when looking at our world and situations like the insane slaughter of innocents in the chase for Brother Bin, and the gradual development of the world-wide Police State via techno-fascism, one wonders how the force of good might win, faced as it is by what seems to be insurmountable odds. 1,351 more words

Spirituality And Mysticism

How to Release Negative Energy ? #AcharyaAnujJain दूर करे नेगेटिविटी घर मे धूप जलाकर।

  1. रोजाना सुबह-शाम घर मे कपूर और लौग जलाने से घर के वास्तु दोष और पैसो की कमी दूर होती है।
  2. घर मे सीढियां, टॉयलेट या द्वार गलत दिशा मे हो तो सभी जगह कपूर की बटटी रख दें। ऐसा करने से नेगेटिविटी दूर होगी।
  3. हफ्ते मे एक बार घर मे कंडे जलाकर गुग्गल की धूनी देने से गृह कलह शांत हो जाता है।
  4. पीली सरसो, गुग्गल, लोबान मिलाकर घर मे धूनी देने से घर की नकारात्मकता दूर हो जाती है।
  5. रोजाना महाकाली के आगे एक धूपबत्ती लगाएं और हर शुक्रवार को काली मंदिर जाकर पूजा करे। इस उपाय से कभी पैसो की कमी नही रहती।
  6. सप्ताह मे एक बार नीम के पत्तो की धूनी देने से घर मे शुख-शांति बनी रहती है।
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Chapter 1 Verse 9,10,11

Chapter 1 – verse 9

Duryodhana says that he has a good team of warriors all ready to fight and die for him.
This indicates that death was sure for those who were on his side. 502 more words

Spiritual Musings

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Be So Critical Of Others

“There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.” ~ Proverbs 19:21 KJV

Has it ever crossed your mind why some people are always so critical of others no matter what good the individual has done? 1,109 more words


-YoUR thoUgT, youR exPERiEnCE-

The mind acts like a magnet which attracts the experiences which it desires to extract from ether, and these experiences depend upon our thoughts -understood?

250 more words

Manifesting Peace (A Neverending Journey) 

Most of my life I was one of those people who couldn’t stand the ‘get rid of negative people and things’ mentality that new age spiritualist constantly advised. 558 more words