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Enough Energy For Success

We as humans, always seek our comfort. Somehow, we want to be happy, Except for the times, when you feel that you don’t want to be happy and just want to express the negativity to everyone else. 113 more words


The too common reenactment

(Caution- another critique you may not want to read.)


Don’t call something a REENACTMENT, if you are really doing it!!!! (Cause how do we know?) ex. 656 more words

Problem Solving

That is What I Felt

While catching up with my mentor we were talking/ragging on Trump. He was telling me his nickname for him and I was telling him how my father-in-law apparently wrote a letter to him at the white house not long after he was elected asking him not to be a boob. 380 more words


Skin Deep Beauty

Day three of our trip we left the island and came to the main land to spend the day in Savannah, GA. My take away from our day in the historic city: Savannah is beautiful – on the surface. 209 more words

Sacred Truth

Transferable Energy

Everyone has an energy field that surrounds them all of the time. You. Me. Everyone. Some people have positive energy, and some people have negative energy. 819 more words

How to Make Rational Decisions While Keeping Your Mind Clear

Here are a few tips and points that may help you when the time comes.

Pause and reflect:

Many people like to prepare and plan, and some like to be fast and respond to situations immediately. 42 more words

Jeyran Main

The Secret: And How My Thinking has Completely Changed

At the time of this writing, I watched a documentary that many people have told me to check out. Those who have watched it and abide by the film’s essential message swear by it, and it turns out that the most successful people knew about this concept and they achieved what they did because of it. 584 more words