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Best Practices For Reputation Management

Business owners often do not realize how important their reputation is until something goes wrong. Poor customer service will be talked about. Keeping that in mind, here are some suggestions about how to do things the right way to gain customers, earn profits and see your company grow. Stay

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Reputation Management

The Social Bite: 5 Rules for Handling Negative Social Feedback

This post originally appeared on BranchCreativeNetwork.com in June 2015

The saying goes that “you can’t please everyone.” That may be true, but as a brand on social media, it is important to know how to react to negative feedback and have a plan in place to address it in a timely manner. 513 more words

Social Media

Can You Recover from a Major Gaffe at Work?

Dear Annie: Help! I made a terrible mistake and now I don’t know whether my career here can survive it, or whether I should just start job hunting. 882 more words


Handling Criticism

On Friday I got completely blindsided at work. One of our new clients sent us some feedback, and it was vastly negative. Some of it had to do with the work I have been doing specifically. 300 more words



When an output of a process is taken and fed back to the input of a process it causes changes to the output. This changed output is then fed back to the input and so on. 1,186 more words


An economy of words

I can sometimes come across as abrupt. I know this about myself. Many people have met me and told me down the track that they didn’t think I liked them when we first met. 538 more words


Your Online Reputation Was Killing Your Business!

You spent years building your business. You invested time, sweat and tears just to make things happen. You’ve missed your kids birthday, anniversary and time for your family. 609 more words

Online Reputation Management