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How to have difficult conversations

I’ve recently been reading Crucial Conversations (Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler), because I wanted to know how to have hard conversations with people. It’s something that everyone struggles with. 739 more words

First Big Negative Feedback, Free Events, and All Seeing Eyes

You can’t please everyone.

But you really, really, really want to sometimes.

Being a freelance writer sucks when you’re dealing with people. We are in a day and age where Yelp Reviews are used on people for everything. 406 more words

5 ways to improve your customer service on social media

Good customer service is one of the most important things to consider. The reason people contact you via social media is because they want an immediate or at least fast response. 778 more words

Social Media 101

How To Deal With Negative Feedback

I recently let some negative feedback ruin my day.

I’d left a link to one of my posts on an online forum where bloggers give each other feedback. 983 more words

Self Improvement

Overcoming Negative Feedback

I had a fellow writer email me not that long ago. She’d just found out that she didn’t finalise in a competition and was feeling down and dejected. 834 more words

Help For Writers

Word AI Article Spinner is over priced garbage

Word AI Article spinner is a bad program/service

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How to react to negative feedback at work

ప్రతికూల వ్యాఖ్యలకు స్పందించండిలా..!

పని ప్రదేశంలో మన పనితీరు గురించి ప్రతికూలంగా వ్యాఖ్యానిస్తే ఏం చేయాలో తెలుసుకుందాం రండి..continue

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