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242. Negative Feedback

Read: Ezekiel 13-15

“So this is what the Lord God says: I will release a windstorm in My wrath. Torrential rain will come in My anger, and hailstones in destructive fury. 504 more words

City Devotional

How to: React to Seriously Negative Feedback

I received some super negative feedback about my essay shame orbiter and I’m not sure how to take it. It’s funny, I’m always saying how I wish I would be more critiqued in workshops.. 466 more words


eBay feedback

I have been using eBay as a marketplace to buy and sell for almost 20 years. Using my current handle, bleuchip (you guessed it!), I have 537 unique feedback with 726 unique transactions. 203 more words

Choosing to write- obstacles and overcoming them

Every day, I work on my writing confidence. One wants to be open to criticism and suggestion but not left raw by it. Like a lot of aspiring writers, I lack a support network, such as I have in the sciences. 378 more words


My energy works

My Thought:

Happiness is in the heart and mind, not in random circumstances. Beautiful things happen when I distance myself from negative thinking and demeaning self-talk. 517 more words

My Things

Re-thinking 'Negative' People

In this age where so often people engage their mouth before their brain, it’s important not to be so quick to label those who criticize something as being “negative”. 372 more words

Les Misérables - The Trials of Tribulations of Running an eBay Shop


The Inevitability of Being shat on from a great height


Crime and Punishment


To Kill A small business


OK, I think you get the point. 686 more words