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Homeostasis And The Constancy Principle - We Are All Creatures Of Comfort Even When We Go Out Of Our Comfort Zone

It is autumn in our part of the world, and the first chills are in the air in the late evening and early morning, and the family discussed last night the need to get out our warm clothes from storage in readiness for the approaching winter, in order to be well prepared for its arrival. 3,119 more words


3 Ways Negative Feedback Can Help Your Business

Did you know that 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising and that approximately 20 – 50% of purchases are the result of a word-of-mouth recommendation? 445 more words


Is your fear stopping your social media comms from saying anything?

Communicators often confide in me that they don’t really like using Facebook (and other social media) for their organisations because people will probably post snarky things in the comments section of each post. 637 more words

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The big mistake most people make when they receive negative feedback

Nobody enjoys getting negative feedback. When we receive an unflattering performance review from our boss or get turned down by a date, it’s human nature to try to feel better by dismissing the judgment as unreasonable or biased. 874 more words

Stabilizing Feedbacks in the Climate System


Stabilizing Feedbacks in the Climate System // Published on Mar 3, 2017

We often hear about “positive” (accelerating) feedbacks in the climate system speeding up rates of change, even exponentially. 45 more words

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Social Media Megaphone

Every business has a brand.  Every brand is made or broken through branding.  But what is “branding”?

Whatever your business – be it buying megaphones, selling megaphones, helping facilitate the purchase of megaphones, or consulting about the buying and selling of megaphones – you will become a brand.   221 more words

Top Film Photography Blogs

Film photography is pretty niche, so when I can’t geek out about it with my friends I love to turn to blogs and see other people as interested in it as me. 437 more words