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In the moment - power to choose

Let me start this week’s post with a “Health warning”; it’s not written for those suffering from clinical depression.

There are some effective therapies for clinical depression. 483 more words

In The Moment

Working Through Negative Feelings Around Abortion

This post in inspired by an anonymous reader who asked The Council a few months ago if the soul she aborted would return to her in a future pregnancy. 772 more words

Questions & Answers

See the brighter side of life.

“Alam mo, masyado kang negative,” said our principal who just read my book 13th Prayer. I was fortunate to had a chitchat with her regarding my first book in St. 570 more words

21-Day Reflection Writing Challenge

New study links social media use to less gray matter in your brain

Too much Facebook = less brain cells, according to a study in the medical journal Behavioral Brain Research.

The researchers did MRI scans of active 85 Facebook users. 328 more words


Letting Likes Define Me

I was lucky to pass the age of twelve without being glued to my phone. This is no judgement on those who are young and have phones and share a love for social media. 338 more words


This is Why You Should Feel All Your Negative Emotions

Maybe no one told you this often enough, but it is okay to be sad. It’s all right to feel things to a point that makes you want to clench your fists tight. 346 more words

Dealing With Negativity

Dealing with Negativity

Dealing with negativity and other emotions while being the victim of bullying is not only humiliating and depressing, but it can also cause suicidal thoughts and the execution of it. 448 more words

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