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Stress and Seizures

Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t plan on having epilepsy.

But here we are. And we all know that stress is #1 in the hit parade of seizure triggers. 887 more words



A pitiful existence among a greater being, yet,
the existence takes form of anything to be more than itself.

In taking new form the existence changes nothing in actuality, 197 more words

Negative Feelings


There’s no way to avoid it, the feeling’s come over me
It’s a truth in my eyes, I’ve lived it through reality.

I’m tired and long for rest, but when I sleep I feel no relief… 148 more words

Negative Feelings

Working Your Way Out of Anger, Fear, Hate, Blame...

It’s so crazy how far you can grow and still fall back into the same old stupid patterns with their same old stupid powerful feelings in a minute. 547 more words

21 Toxic Thoughts Keeping You In A Rut (And How To Overcome Them)

We’ve all been there before. Nothing is working and you feel like crap about yourself. Everything’s hopeless, so it seems. It looks impossible to get ahead. 2,833 more words

Participation Trophies Are A Waste

My son has been on great teams and not so great teams, but his trophies don’t reflect that. He’s been on gritty, undefeated teams in leagues that refused to recognize 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. 111 more words


We're Drowning In The Highlights Of Others

I’m starting a Vlog (video blog) called Koobecafon. It’s a result of the frustration I  sometimes feel when I go on Facebook and see all the great vacations, accomplishments and bonding my friends and family are doing. 317 more words