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It's okay to have negative feelings.

I’ve noticed that when people open up and admit that they aren’t feeling so well, or just generally say something negative, there is this tendency for people to negate those feelings. 265 more words

Extreme Horror

You are a good mom, even with post partum depression

Last week was the first ever ‘Post Natal Depression Awareness week’. This initiative was held by PANDAS, a no-profit organization based in the UK the aim of which is to spread information about pre- and post-partum mood disorders and to provide support and advice. 384 more words

Negative Feelings

Behind the smiles

As I mentioned before, somewhere in the blog, when I decided to go public and ask for moms to tell me their stories, I had an overwhelming response. 803 more words

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Getting Through Brief Dips

A couple of weeks ago I had a week that really sucked. Ok, not the whole week, but at least a few days. I was grumpy with PMS, I screwed up some writing I did, my house was a mess, and I was having a lot of anxiety. 562 more words


Are you lonely, Mama?

Found on the Huffington Post

Last night, I was in bed, ready for sleep, doing my nightly terrible habit of scrolling through my Facebook feed, when it hit me. 893 more words

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Dealing With Negativity

Dealing with Negativity

Dealing with Negativity.

Dealing with negativity and other emotions while being the victim of bullying is not only humiliating and depressing, but it can also cause suicidal thoughts and the execution of it. 448 more words

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Stress and Seizures

Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t plan on having epilepsy.

But here we are. And we all know that stress is #1 in the hit parade of seizure triggers. 887 more words