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Health Care Is Bad For My Health

I live in a country where health care is, essentially, free.  We don’t pay for anything.  And the quality stinks.  At least, where I am, it’s deplorable.  499 more words

Do we have power over feelings?

This is a controversial post. It’s not an easy subject because FEELINGS have become so integral in the perception of our “happiness” or unhappiness”. But I’m considering that feelings are in actuality much less powerful; that they are light like butterflies.  795 more words

Accepting Difficult Feelings

In less than two weeks, I am moving to England to pursue my wildest dreams (I don’t think this is an exaggeration). I have not been counting down the days, so when I suddenly became aware of the two-week mark a couple of nights ago, it had quite an impact on me. 2,074 more words


6 Ways Sensitive Introverts Can Manage Negative Emotions (an Introvert, Dear article)

My article for Introvert, Dear  is now published online. This is my first time writing for this publication and I intend to write more pieces in the future. 57 more words

Life Lessons


In a study conducted at the Universidad de Cantabria, Raquel Linge and her team performed a study using cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive seizure-stopping cannabinoid found in marijuana, to treat depression.

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How to Use Complaints

I’m not afraid of complaints or negative feedback. If you are in customer service you shouldn’t be afraid of them either.

This is because indifference is the opposite of love not hate. 257 more words

Customer Service

Something of Value!

By Peggy McColl

I recently returned from presenting a workshop in Cincinnati, and when I pulled up to the parking attendant’s booth at the airport, I handed him my ticket and he flashed me a huge grin and said, “Hello! 800 more words