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Letting Likes Define Me

I was lucky to pass the age of twelve without being glued to my phone. This is no judgement on those who are young and have phones and share a love for social media. 338 more words


This is Why You Should Feel All Your Negative Emotions

Maybe no one told you this often enough, but it is okay to be sad. It’s all right to feel things to a point that makes you want to clench your fists tight. 346 more words

Dealing With Negativity

Dealing with Negativity

Dealing with Negativity.

Dealing with negativity and other emotions while being the victim of bullying is not only humiliating and depressing, but it can also cause suicidal thoughts and the execution of it. 452 more words

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When you are somewhere between Baby Blues and Post Partum Depression

You question every decision you’ve ever made leading up to and including this baby.

You wonder if you’ll ever be happy again.

You are scared you are the only woman to ever feel this way because no one ever talked to you about this so everyone else must be feeling sunshine and rainbows like good mothers should. 415 more words


When Life is Grey, See Blue

After two whole days of nonstop raining, I got into my car on a damp and dismal morning. The grey clouds matched the greyness that had crept into my demeanor. 424 more words


Highly Sensitives, What You Connect With is Your Choice

If we are so good at feeling our pain and the pain of other people we should be really good at feeling love, joy and peace!   77 more words


Alone at the Table With No One, Except You

It’s one of those mornings. You know, when you wake up feeling nothing but dread and emptiness. Like you can see your future and it doesn’t look bright. 1,102 more words

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