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Плот1 тонет. Даже не смотря на прочность его содержимого, он безвозвратно тонет и постигает глубины своего положения. Каждая веточка плота там, где она должна быть, каждый прут прочнее других двух и плот все равно тонет.

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How can I lose weight fast?

The best way to lose weight fast is by stop doing what is contributing to the weight.

Sounds simple enough but not always easy.

The main contributor to weight gain is your lifestyle from what you eat and how active you are; by having nutritious healthy foods and daily exercise you will be able to sustain your ideal weight because the daily habits you are doing, either help or hinder your weight. 1,027 more words


How can Thoughts, Negative Feelings and Emotions, play a contributor to physical health?

Let’s start with Headaches because they are the most common type of physical illness.

Experts say they can be related to stress that is built up from our everyday living and the emotion from that stress becomes a emotional trigger, especially for migraines. 1,119 more words


How can I beat depression / anxiety?

How can I beat depression / anxiety is one of the biggest questions of today.

Being a health therapist, it is my job to help you find what is the cause and not deal with the problem like doctors do and just give you pills to mask the issue. 233 more words


Power Poses

This is my No 1 tip for everything.

The power behind this one action is so good; I’ve not found a situation that could not benefit from 2 mins in a power pose. 113 more words


Feelings emotional & physical

All Emotions are feelings but not all feelings are Emotions.

We are easily all aware of our Emotions in one way or another, even if we probably label them in different ways and that is something we really have to try and understand. 511 more words


Gut, physical & mental health

Gut Health.

We all know not to give children the wrong foods for as the children will not develop into a strong Healthy person.

As babies, we know breast is best and then on to a formula which has all the Nutrition a baby needs to grow Strong & Healthy. 500 more words