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The Enviable Envy of the Most Envious

I know I have been getting pretty personal with my recent posts, but I guess that is what I have come to use this blog for. 1,746 more words

Ocular Manifestation Maelstrom

What It Feels Like When Negative Self-Talk Creeps In

I know what it must sound like to you whenever those ugly words start pouring out of me.

Every time I tell you that I’m so stupid, I’m a failure, everything is my fault and so on and so forth forever into eternity, you must think that what I’m really doing is asking a question, namely: Do you agree that these things are true? 997 more words

Jealousy and Polyamory are Not Mutually Exclusive

Some of the most common questions polyamorous people encounter are those about jealousy. They are phrased in many different ways, from the blunt, “Don’t you ever get jealous?” to the accusatory “I could never let my wife fuck some other dude.” and plenty of shades of grey in between. 834 more words

Dear Brand New Mom: thoughts about real feelings

Dear Brand New Mom,

Being a mother is the most wonderful, magical, powerful things there is. There’s no doubt about it. People will tell you this, and you may not believe them. 651 more words

Adjusting To Parenthood



There are times when i fail to do anything and just keep thinking and rethink and it continues. I end up being blank and then there’s a question… 282 more words



Lately it feels like regret follows everything I choose. 251 more words