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Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail - The Photocrafters

Like a lot of these places, this one was on an upper level of a very seedy looking building. When I walked up the entrance stairs to the lift, I was greeted by some stern looking HK Police Officers arguing with the door person – who seemed to be pushing back pretty assertively… Something had been going on, but as long as I couldn’t see any body bags or “police line” tape anywhere, I was going on up! 343 more words

2. Gear

Exhibit 1

This photo shows the effects of damage to the emulsion of a negative called reticulation. It’s entirely accidental but in this instance is curiously effective – the fault suiting the subject matter and making it unearthly and strange.


[album] more water drops

These are some more experiments with water drops on negative film.

The setup was lit with a single flash (and a self-made color gel). For the correct timing i used a self-built light barrier made from a laserpointer and photodiode for triggering the flash and my trusty Olympus OM-4-Ti in bulb mode.


water drop

bulb exposure on negative film with a single flash added.


IC CM Tree Raining Light On The Ocean EMJ +

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture photography pulling light-stretching light looked to me like rain hitting water.  Yet, it also looked like waves or surf.  There’s also the look of a film negative.-Ernie Moore Jr. 453 more words


Simple Scanning of Negative Film Without a Film Scanner

Having finally gotten around to developing the steadily increasing pile of film that had been amassing over the past year of general creative apathy, I was stuck with no longer owning or having access to a film scanner, so I turned to Google in the hopes of sourcing a DIY solution. 679 more words

Art And Craft

Fujifilm F-125 Negative FILM Cinematography buat Fotography Keren Lho

Halo kawan, beberapa waktu yang lalu saya dapet film murah. 1 Bulk untuk 100ft atau sekitar 30meter hanya Rp. 300.000. Cukup murah jika dibandingkan Kodak Collor 24 exposure saja seharga Rp. 395 more words