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Renew your mind

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”

Zig Ziglar


How to Overcome Anxiety and Regain Control

Few emotions have more power over our bodies than anxiety. When it kicks in we can literally lose control of ourselves. Whoever have gone through this knows that is a terrifying experience to live. 839 more words


A negative impact

About a month before Christmas I think I kind of broke slightly. The stress of my job and the looming changes and responsibility ahead of me led to a now or never moment. 571 more words

Journal Entry

You can do what you want

I read the question this morning: what is it you really want? And the writer said Рbe honest. I want to live a spiritual path based on the experiences I have had tiny insights about during the past years, when I have had no option but to stop because of ill health. 180 more words


That Time I Had To Remind Myself: I LIKE YOU.

THERE are a multitude of books, workshops, audiotapes, and seminars out there that tell you what to do when it comes to relationships. Have you heard this one? 602 more words


Hacking the Negative Mind

I am not a natural positivist, quite the opposite actually. Often I tend to expect the worst of every situation and for a long time this was a source of great stress and anxiety in my life and one of the first things that sent me out to the path or personal development. 737 more words


[#spiritualsunday] Battlefield.

This sucks. It sucks to feel defeated and struggling to face every day.

As children of God we are called to live as a conqueror. The King of kings died for us and we should live in a way worthy of that. 165 more words