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The Politics of “Rights”

In the coming election year we are going to be bombarded with promises of free stuff. It’s inevitable. Phrases like, “basic human right” are going to be bandied about like candy on Halloween. 1,319 more words


"The State of Nature"

“The State of Nature”

Don’t trust the truster.

Yet distrust disappoints
in not

And we’re all
humans, all men
normal, all women wanting
freedom. 56 more words


(L10) Human Rights

1.) Is there a “right of free speech” in the abstract, or is the question of free speech at root a matter of property rights? 308 more words


Negative and Positive Rights

Negative rights

  • Describe rights which allow you freedom to act in certain ways without harming others
  • Impose no obligation upon others to take any action to serve you.
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Negative and Positive Rights

Negative and positive rights are not bad and good rights. A negative right is a right that does not require anything from anybody. For example: the right to life or the right… 153 more words

School Essays

Government 1B Lesson 10 Essay - 1. What is Robert Nozick's point in The Tale of the Slave? Do you think his point is valid? 2. Explain the difference between positive and negative rights, using at least one example.

Robert Nozick was trying to point out that even though we don’t live in total slavery we still are slaves to the government. In an ideal government we would be paying a fixed amount to live in a country, but today the United States government can take as much money as they want from us. 109 more words

Ron Paul Curriculum

Culture Wars: Co-Existence Through Limited Government

I’m writing about the history of government thought control and the means of restraining it by constitutional limitations on its powers. Western governments are more and more intrusive on private decisions, and modern feminists strongly influence their actions and propaganda from their positions in academia, government, and nonprofits. 3,271 more words