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Don't Get Upset

The words that come from others that hurt, need not be acknowledged and certainly it does not help to sling hurtful words back at others. There is only the noise in your life that you accept, silence is always possible.

Day 43


Forty-three days of fear and uncertainty are put to rest with a single word.


I’m not fully out of the woods, yet. I still have to get the mass in the vertebrae biopsied. 120 more words

no thanks

so today’s the day of Liam’s showcase and he was amazing he sung so incredibly, awesomely, fantastically well I was so proud of him.

when it ended everyone was telling him how amazing he was and he kept saying he was really bad and hated it. 373 more words


Somebody & Nobody

I am that lady that say’s sorry as she very carefully tries to navigate around you as you are peacefully browsing the new fiction isle. 1,050 more words


Anxiety or fear?

3rd September 2015: Sydney, Australia

I am a week away from having my first scan since the disappearance of the tumour on my left lung, and admittedly, throughout the past two days, a negative thought pattern have resurfaced. 200 more words


Mine or yours?

Every now and then we all have moments when thoughts starting to kick in. Somehow our minds allow every single thing that comes up. Mixed with different feelings, which we try to solve with a question. 643 more words


Two sides of tourism: positive & negative

Wominaus is also a travel blog, spiced up with an inspiration to see the world and ways to do it.

I will be sharing all things to do with Travel & Tourism, from travel tips and inspiration to more educational matters for the “what’s behind the scenes” awareness. 1,199 more words