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Life is like photography, if you don’t focus all you get is a negative. And when you get a negative you will develope slower.

“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. 28 more words


What People Say About Me is None of My Business

I was casually sitting at work the other day when a co-worker decided to inform me of another co-worker who had been spreading some negativity about me, let’s call her “Debbie Downer”. 425 more words


On the brighter side

This weekend I had plans to go visit my sister with the family, but we put that on hold because the oldest had a virus that got the best of him. 698 more words

Feel more, Live more

Feeling the whole gambit of your emotions is the only way to truly experience joy and beauty.

Understanding that and believing that? Two very different things!

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One Word A Day Keeps The Negativity Away.

We live in a world where it is so easy to get sucked up into the negative things surrounding us every day. Let’s be honest… Listening to your colleague complaining about their personal life everyday, made you NEGATIVE.  210 more words

Eight Products That Have the Most Negative Impact on the Environment

Unfortunately, there are thousands of products that have some level of negative impact on the environment. Even worse, new (harmful) products are introduced into the marketplace every day. 8 more words


The Emotional Combinations That Make Stories Go Viral

(Source: hbr.org)

Viral content typically evokes high-arousal emotions, such as joy or fear. But new research suggests arousal is just one of the underlying drivers of viral content. 1,321 more words