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Forget Positive Thinking: This Is How To Actually Change Negative Thoughts For Success

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There’s no shortage of self-help gurus who swear that repeating positive phrases to yourself can change your life, encouraging that if you simply tell yourself “I am strong and successful”, your fears will simply disappear. 317 more words

Money Matters

The Voice in My Head

We’ve lived together since I can remember. We make every decision together. I try to make sure that you regret most of those choices because that gives me more power. 386 more words

Life is What We Think

Life is what we think it is: it’s the sensory input and then however we interpret that.

Much of our suffering is caused by ourselves, because if we would have thinking skills we would focus to what is best at each present moment, instead of thinking too much of the past or worrying about the future. 130 more words


God Made Each of Us Special (#BestOf)

(the Best of) A Year of Being Kind, Friday, October 20, 2017

I happened on this older blog post. I was so struck by several things in it that I couldn’t help reposting it as a #BestOf post. 676 more words

Photogram Workshop 1

A photogram is a type of contact print, made without the use of a camera or negative,

A photogram is created by placing objects on light sensitive material and then exposing it to light. 128 more words


Fuck you Depression

I try to be the most positive person alive, but I fail a lot. I have that engrained feeling of immediate negativity. Double that with depression, and it’s like a small drop of water can end up being a whole rain shower. 626 more words


From morning to evening, we are exposed to a range of events, and content, that has the potential to provoke negative emotions in us. Your hot water might not work, you might be robbed, or you could get a massive spot the day you bump into your ex.  787 more words

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