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2017, A Fond Adieu To You

In French, “adieu” means “Goodbye” and as the title suggests, we’re all bidding goodbye to 2017 in a couple of weeks. There were so many amazing things that took place in 2017, some of which I would personally wish to remember for the rest of my life, and some, well, should better remain silenced. 1,138 more words


//How to manage to keep a positive mind and how to get rid of negative mind. //

Our minds are full of thoughts , To be very honest most are negative . It depends on us how we manage to keep it positive. 542 more words

Don't rain on my parade

I am only about a month into my petition but there have already been some negative people wanting to voice their opinions.

I know it’s a country where you can speak freely and all but what is the point in wanting to put other people down? 411 more words

dream 15//

i hope i remember some of it later–for now i have totally blanked on any dream(s)) from last night

–woke up with that sick feeling of regret that i am still here… 11 more words

list 14

–i started to feel cranky at work for no reason

–i realised how tired i am–i am always tired, and everytime i realise i am tired it feels like it is the most exhausted i have ever been… 214 more words

Anxiety thrives in negative thoughts

This video shows Kitty Kat comfortable in his surroundings going for it and getting what he wants in seconds.  The point is go for it even when you think you can’t.  537 more words