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I waste time
like I got time to waste
to spend in many useless moments
alone, in space, and just displaced

why is it a waste you ask? 24 more words


Stop worrying, please

In most cultures, people are thought to worry about everything. It is something passed along from generation to generation and it is like a part of our being. 240 more words

Neurons that wire together

Just a quick post, about this. “Neurons that wire together, fire together”. This phrase was first used in 1949 by¬†Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist known for his work in the field of associative learning. 36 more words

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 101


How do you feel outside of your comfort zone? Do you see this as a positive or negative thing?

  • Because of my anxiety, being outside of my comfort zone makes me nervous, heightens my fear/anxiety at first but with time and depending on the situation my anxiety will decrease and nerves will calm.
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365 Day Self Discovery Challenge (2018)

Negative to Balanced Thoughts

I have had a long healing journey. I used to have negative thoughts, views, and core beliefs. For example I used to view the whole world as a dark and scary place. 115 more words


1425 Miracle Morning

Mircale Morning can
create Mircale day &
Mircale days creates
Mircale life. But how ?
When you get up first
thanks to God, pray,
be silence for five… 79 more words


Are you a solution or a problem?

What are you?
Are you a solution
Or a problem?
What are you?
Are you a problem
Or a solution?
What are you?
Are you a winner… 75 more words