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What is Killing Me Today?

Good Afternoon fellow readers. So anyone that has ever followed a diet or a lifestyle change has eating has became aware of the negativity within the media. 651 more words


I'm leaving in under 2 weeks, why can't it be simple?

I was sat with my new boss in a “meeting” I’d been avoiding for weeks. I’ve just come back from holiday and I’ve been blissfully ignorant since he gave me the project reports weeks ago. 846 more words


Black Ops 4 servers DOWN: Negative 345 silver wolf error codes hit

While it doesn’t look like a complete outage, some Black Ops 4 fans are reporting servers being down.
This includes seeing an error codes pop up while trying to connect to servers online. 21 more words




1. they say it gets better, but does it really? your heart threatens to burst out of your ribcage, out of your cursed chest. a death, a life, a kiss. 83 more words


sad tears

sometimes I listen to sad music
and the negative energy builds
but I say to myself, I have no reason to be sad
but negative energy is all I feel.

Written: 16th March 2019

Day 316: Hopefully My Future Self Will Be Thankful...

Don’t ruin yourself with perfectionism.
Stop lingering in fear and anxiety.
Believe it that God loves you with all His heart.
Accept the things you cannot change, including your inner demon, your flaws, the past your cannot redo, the self-hatred and self-blame you still point to yourself. 75 more words

1 Year Of Gratitude

I’m battling.

Recently I’ve been trying to be more positive about my life and my future. Last few weeks have been a wobble, slipping into old habits of self hate and negativity. 284 more words