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Recently i feel..there’s too much negative vibe around me~
Lots of negative ppls…negative behaviours~~negative things~
And i have to admit that all that negative things really give influence to make my mood become negative 😪 17 more words

From Glass To Empty Belly

They say the key to breaking habits is to find something to replace it with.

The day I stopped cutting was the day I decided to stop eating. 341 more words


Should Christians Partake of "Whine"?

“Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.”
–Theodore Roosevelt

One of the most destructive elements in a person’s life is the partaking of “whine.” It is quite common among those who always feel that they are victims or are entitled to certain privileges and luxuries in life without making the required sacrifices. 348 more words

[Rant] Ugh...

Klq nhưng đang nghĩ mấy post tiêu cực kiểu này khéo phải đặt pass :-ss Nếu có thì mình sẽ update trong About sau, hiện vẫn đang tạm tin tưởng là chốn khỉ ho cò gáy không ai tìm ra đâu :-s… 3,405 more words


Things I Won’t Miss

Unfortunately, not everything in Europe is all fun and games. Here are some things I am happy to not have to deal with once I get home. 354 more words

Travel Blogger

Same battle, just a different day.

A year and a half ago,

They said everything will be alright.

It’s been a year and a half already,

And I’m anything but alright. 240 more words

Free Style Poetry

You know it's real when it makes you cry

I haven’t cried in quite a while.. to be honest. Because I found a wayt to put some distance between me and anybody else. I was ging through life just like that – no feelings. 362 more words