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X: 27.06.17

In my dream, I was part of this big committee of about 20+ people, and there’ll be one main comm and one sub comm per division eg marketing, publicity etc. 122 more words


Untitled-Acrostic By Angela O'Connor

Untitled-Acrostic By Angela O’Connor

Now it’s too late, your push too far.

Every phrase and look you make

Guts the flesh of its life.

And you, yes you, desire that explosive reaction. 40 more words


Negative Confession #1

Merry Meet!

I have gotten this from the following website. http://www.wheeloftheyear.com/reference/NegativeConfession.htm

1: I haven’t Harmed Anyone

Let’s look at this for a moment. I haven’t harmed anyone. 59 more words

Being grateful

Some months ago, I bumped into the law of attraction. I had heard of it before but this time I really paid attention and started do learn more about it. 290 more words

Are you investing your time with the right people?

Welcome to my blog and this, my first blog post.  Let’s start talking about our closest ones and how they influence us.  Different researchers opinions state that we are more likely to think and behave according to the five persons we most share our time with.   135 more words


makes perfect sense to me

Soooooo, I received my first negative comment on my blog…

Source: makes perfect sense to me


It's Easy to be Negative

It’s so easy.

  • If someone lies, it’s extremely easy to give them that label.
  • If you look close enough, it’s extremely easy to find something wrong with the…
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