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How’s your vibe doing?

Its that personal flavor that you bring. It’s the current of your soul that others can feel.

Maybe you worry about what others think so you stifle your vibe, feeling like you cant be yourself. 66 more words

Self Care

But What If It Goes Right?

A friend was recently telling me about their plans for setting up their own business. They’d been thinking about it on and off for years and things were such in their life that now seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it happen. 328 more words


Negative emotions that take over! Protect your self!

Found this and thought it might help some friends weed out negative emotions.


Avoid relationships that center around gossip. As has famously been said: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Quality relationships are based on an exchange of ideas and excitement; this is what helps us grow, evolve and achieve our dreams. 286 more words


I like you, New York … most of the time

The initial cultural shock period is over. I sometimes don’t even notice the contrasts and novelties anymore that were so surprising and strange at the beginning. 332 more words


My life

Most of my days are very repetitive. It starts with me going to school, me going for brain training, me getting home and sleeping/watching something while eating, me working, me taking lots of breaks in-between the work, me showering, me sleeping. 310 more words


Makin' It Dirty

Dirty Humor. The word dirty instantly brings to mind negative or sexual connotations. The word dirty is sometimes seen as synonymous with taboo, or sinful. Yet, I believe it is important to accept that life is a little dirty. 147 more words


The gloss is wearing thin

There comes a point when the novelty of a new place begins to wear off. It’s true to say that life here in Mwanza has probably reached that point- it’s taken eight months but life here has definitely become more mundane. 290 more words

Tanzanian Living