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The Doors of Your Lips

Your lips are described as doors- quite remarkable ay?

Doors open and close, allowing things to enter and allowing things to stay out.

Our lips have this same ability. 87 more words


Day 547 - Deleting a personality part 2

Deleting a personality part 2

Art By:  Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I use self – forgiveness to take away the energies and my judging from this self sabotaging and this personality. 478 more words

One point five

Imagine that my mind is a car, this car runs on positivity and confidence.. now imagine it sat on the side of a road because it broke down 10 years ago and the exterior is so destroyed it’s almost unrecognisable. 215 more words


My Biggest Pet Peeve.

So, if there is one thing that drives me so insane, it is females discussing negative comments about other females.

This really does drive me insane. 367 more words

All About... Moi


I’ve been having a hard time focusing recently, I know what I want to do long term, but short term i’m lost. Focus is such an important thing in anyone’s life. 553 more words

Creative Writing

A Not-So-Final Farewell 

I had my final meeting of my field site committee yesterday. It is sort of an arbitrary ending, as we were unable to meet in the month of April, so we set our final meeting for the end of March instead. 344 more words

5 Traits that make you a Mediocre.

Successful people always strive for the best; as individuals we should not settle for less. However as humans, our abilities differ, thus the need for us to depend on others for some services. 74 more words