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I’ve been wanting to do a post on lyrics for quite some time now but hadn’t quite put a finger on how I wanted to go about it.  1,205 more words


Starting Off On The Right Foot

It isn’t just seeing the positive qualities in my instructors now that teach me, but also their short comings that show me what I rather not do as an instructor myself one day. 435 more words


Spinning Wheels

While well-aware of the negatives,
I seek out excitable positives
asking outside help so sorely needed
coming to conclusions to ponder
or to alter
upon reaching the turning point, 42 more words


What is "insight?"

A student posed this question to me yesterday as we were reviewing the scoring rubric for the class’s argumentative essays. The rubric said an exemplary paper called for an… 542 more words


"I Googled My Name and It was Shocking..."

Recently, I’ve been asked several times to give search engine optimization (SEO) advice on how to quickly remove a negative result that appears at the top of the page when a name, business, or other closely related keywords are searched, e.g., Googled. 383 more words

Social Media Marketing

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. ~ Hans Selye

Thinking over it

Why we believe quickly when someone says bad things to us and why does it take hell

lot of time to believe the good things they say??