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Contaminated Brain

I don’t know why but as soon as my partner wakes up my motivation to do stuff just plummets. Yesterday I was doing so well on the dishes, as soon as he woke up…its like dishes didnt became a thing to me anymore. 119 more words

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Happiness is Within You, Not Out There

You cannot decide my happiness. You cannot define what makes me happy. You can not make choices that are going to make me happy. Only I can find my own happiness and only you can find yours. 843 more words

Lies, lies and more lies

‘You can’t do anything right! even as a christian everything you do is never right’.

‘Are you good enough?, even….. and….. is better than you’. 192 more words




This blog is about my January …

It hasn’t been awful but it hasn’t been brilliant either .

Start with the good parts — I’ve joined poetry and art groups . 142 more words

Leaving Comfort Zone

I’m just a basic girl who want to get just things out of my mind but i’m unable to because of the fear of being judged,I’ve always wrote Facebook status and definitely got judged.I’m not a blogger,i don’t know the language how to write this but i’m just writing it to get this fucking shit out of my mind. 119 more words


Closed Distance 

This is what I wrote before I spoke to you:

“I know I’m anxious and messy and a lot of the time, if you don’t understand me, what I say could be considered rude. 456 more words


The Good

Blustery wind slaps the sidewalks and

A woman yells at her seven year old.

Seven years old, seventeen years old.

The seventeen year old is bent over… 170 more words