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Cooking Week, Days 1 & 2: Negitoro and Persimmons

This winter break, I have approximately a week of free time here at home in the Bay. For a while, I haven’t had enough time to cook so I took this as an opportunity to have a “cooking week”. 741 more words

Cooking Week

Day 52: Komeraku こめらく

Think of chazuke as porridge; it’s literally pouring dashi soup (or sometimes tea) over cooked rice. We found Komeraku こめらく at the foodcourt of Tokyo Dome City and although I shouldn’t be by now (hey I’m in Japan!), I was still pleasantly surprised by how good and wholesome my negitoro with onsen egg chazuke don was. 19 more words


Day 16: ぐろ問屋 三浦三崎港

I love kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) in Japan. Of course, not every kaiten sushi restaurant is good; I do my research and you should too. 61 more words


Day 9: つきはし

Lunching around Meguro is great as there are a lot of options and the office lunch crowd is not as crazy as the CBD area. My Japanese colleagues brought me to  58 more words


Day 4: まぐろだけボーノ 白川

I fasted for almost 18 hours because of a medical checkup this morning so being hungry was an understatement by lunch time. Plus the nurse withdrew three vials of my blood for testing so I was pretty desperate to feed myself well as a reward for enduring the needle. 52 more words


Day 3: 鮨 たじま

I was planning to lunch at another sushi restaurant but when I got there, it was not there. Of course, I was upset as I hate having my meal plans disrupted. 123 more words