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Neglected Tropical Diseases and their Neglected Health System hosts

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) demonstrate the dangers of an over-reliance on the market in healthcare. In this case, particularly the pharmaceutical market. The vast inequities this market has created is exemplified by this collection of diseases, easily treatable, but still affecting billions of people worldwide because the countries in which they occur do not present a profit-making opportunity to the private corporations which research and manufacture the interventions and drugs necessary to prevent and treat. 469 more words

Nijmegen Day 4 - Overview of the Neglected Tropical Diseases

Today I had to do my Self-Study Assignment on Burden of Disease. In western universities, lectures are just media to introduce things, self-study is the core of the studying itself. 332 more words

Infectious Diseases

Nijmegen Day 3 - Neglected People - Neglected Diseases

Today was an official day of the course. Dr. Monique, Dr. Henri and Dr. Ajeng came to the classroom to open the course program and ice-breaking. 293 more words

Infectious Diseases

Nijmegen Day 2

Yesterday was the 2nd day in Nijmegen. Mieke picked me, Tiara, Anna and Jose. We walked to the Nijmegen Institute for International Health Office. She introduced to some people there. 230 more words

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