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You may never have heard of some of the diseases that are mentioned in this post – I certainly hadn’t until I studied them at university – but that makes them even more interesting to read about! 2,056 more words

Infectious Diseases

Geckoes: Saving Australia?

Way back in the year 1997, Canyon and Hii suggested that Geckoes found in Australian homes could be used to control the populations of mosquitoes. Which would be good news, seeing as… 681 more words

Pest And Vector Control

Reading: African Health Leaders

African Health Leaders: Making change and claiming the future
Omaswa, Francis and Nigel Crisp, editors. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2014.

Written by Africans, who have themselves led improvements in their own countries, the book discusses the creativity, innovation and leadership that has been involved in tackling everything from HIV/AIDs, to maternal, and child mortality and neglected tropical diseases. 31 more words


Globalization, Ebola, and Some Good News

I remember reading some time ago an article highlighting the fact that research into effective treatments for tropical diseases only gains momentum when it begins to affect Western populations (either through the historical colonization of African/Pacific nations or the spread of the disease to Western countries through trade). 656 more words

Poverty And Development

Introducing Pests and Vectors


A pest is generally an animal (although there are weeds too!) that reduces the agricultural/horticultural output of a farm, allotment or garden. The pest can directly damage the crop plant (such as through eating it) or in the case of weeds, compete for nutrients, water and sunlight. 210 more words

Pest And Vector Control

Question Time on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs): The COUNTDOWN has begun!

By Susie Crossman, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine As part of the COUNTDOWN launch we gathered together a group of international NTD experts (David Molyneux, Lorenzo Savioli, Moses Bockarie, Alan Fenwick, Margaret Gyapong, Kamal Kar and Tim Martineau) for a lively chat on the priority areas in the response and some pressing issues that need further exploration. 3,029 more words

Neglected Tropical Diseases

COUNTDOWN launches in Liverpool with a special guest from Liberia by @sci_ntds

By Alan Fenwick, Imperial College

The presence of Dr Anthony Bettee at the COUNTDOWN launch was poignant because he had flown from Liberia. In two weeks, providing there are no new cases, Liberia will be declared Ebola free. 84 more words

Neglected Tropical Diseases