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New Releases I Regretfully Neglected in 2017

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time when you look back and realized you somehow managed to ignore some of your most anticipated reads of the year. 1,792 more words

Fun Stuff

Bitch Took my Fucking Pie

Yes I’m mad about some damn pie.

And guess what? It goes way deeper than that. Sure I can make another one or whatever but that’s not what I’m upset about. 626 more words


St Joseph Barsabbas - The Unchosen

Some people just have no luck.

Finalists but never winners.

Get so close but never quite make the cut.

Those kinds of experiences can mark a person, make them bitter and twisted, sour them. 501 more words

The Silent Syllable

You know the silent syllable, don’t you?

The one that’s there but…

But is it there, really?

The one whom you intentionally leave out of your conversations… 237 more words


Ever felt Neglected?

Have you ever felt Neglected or lonely when you were looking for care or attention from someone?

Also Ever heard this saying, “Never expect anything from anyone”?. 167 more words