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A Walk with Willow

     There is a secret among some equine enthusiasts who desperately desire to own their first horse. One is good. But two are better. Three will love you. 1,348 more words


CEN,sumber bencana dalam keluarga

Saya awalnya menyadari bahwa saya termasuk anak dalam golongan Childhood Emotionally Neglected (CEN) adalah ketika saya kesulitan mencapai rasa puas diri,low self esteem yang terus menerus,perfeksionis,cenderung memiliki negative self-thought,penghargaan diri saya rendah sekali terhadap diri,kesulitan mengatur diri dan perasaan,merasa hampa atau ada yang tidak terpenuhi,susah terkoneksi dengan orang lain. 332 more words


Not For Money

A child begs in the street not for money but for affection;
Not for the grandoise but for the food in the stomach,
A shelter from the weather, 165 more words



Oh no, I’m losing my friends!

This friendship is getting a little old.  We’ve been neglecting it.

A little humour that I couldn’t resist this evening!

General Toronto

T. Kittens Update 

Leo reminded me tonight that I haven’t been very diligent in sharing their escapades lately. Actually, what he did was step on the iPad in just the right spot and it opened my blog program. 592 more words


Death of a Wallflower 

How much more dead did he have to be…

Before they realised he was gone?

He’d spent his entire life waiting to be noticed…

Now he had an eternity to wait again. 16 more words

When will it get better?

So I am constantly amazed how we can go from one extreme to another when it comes to Heather getting good care. We understand that she has good days and bad days just as we all do. 1,683 more words

Mississippi Mental Health