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Utah Court reaches to find a boat renter liable when a boat sinks on Lake Powell due to high winds

The Federal District Court found the boat rental operation was negligent to defeat damages defenses provided by admiralty law. Causation, the relationship between what the defendant did and the accident giving rise to the claim seems to be stretched in this case. 3,202 more words

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St. Louis Police: Crash Victim's Body Went Unnoticed

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The husband of a woman whose body was found near a St. Louis freeway two days after a car crash is accusing police of negligence. 128 more words


How impaired must a defendant be for there to be a presumption under Florida law that the defendant was negligent?

How drunk does somebody have to be in order for Florida law to say, “Okay, at this point you’re presumed to be impaired”? .08, it’s the same law in all 50 states. 116 more words


The Caparo test: Caparo Industries Plc v Dickman [1990] 2 A.C. 605

Lord Bridge said,

‘In determining the existence and scope of the duty of care which one person may owe to another in the infinitely varied circumstances of human relationships there has for long been a tension between two different approaches. 895 more words


Indeterminate Liability: Ultramares Coroporation v Touche (1931) 255 N.Y. 170

A decision of the Court of Appeals of New York. Cardozo C.J. delivered a judgment warning about the potentially endless scope of liability in negligence cases. 78 more words


Medical Malpractice infographic

Have you suffered damages from the negligence of a doctor or trained medical professionals at a hospital or emergency room? Our attorneys are ready to help you fight for your medical malpractice case all across Florida. 27 more words