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Atcovitz v. Gulph Mills Tennis Club, Inc, 571 Pa. 580; 812 A.2d 1218; 2002 Pa. LEXIS 2832

Atcovitz v. Gulph Mills Tennis Club, Inc, 571 Pa. 580; 812 A.2d 1218; 2002 Pa. LEXIS 2832

Jerry Atcovitz and Roslyn Atcovitz, H/W, v. Gulph Mills Tennis Club, Inc, Jkst, Inc. 3,339 more words


John Cushing

Title: Attorney
Company: Cushing Law Offices
Location:  Chicago, IL United States

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R v. Kojo

In this case, the accused drove around a car with bad brakes and a bad steering wheel. One day, out of nowhere the car left the road, climbed a pavement and killed a child – there wasn’t any pressure on the driver the driver of a car to leave the road, he wasn’t trying to escape from anything; his car simply failed. 31 more words

"Boys are Boys" No Defense to Workplace Violence Claims

Employers can be held liable for injuries suffered by employees who are assaulted by their co-workers, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reiterated in a recent case. 778 more words

Application Process

English Court of Appeal establishes remoteness of damage test

A recent professional liability decision delivered by the English Court of Appeal should interest anyone in New Zealand concerned with professional indemnity insurance: Wellesley Partners Limited v Withers LLP  EWCA Civ 1146… 1,072 more words


The Flint, MI Tragedy Or When Human Lives Matter Little

I first heard about the Flint, MI water issues early this past fall, on Tumblr of all places. After investigating it a little online, I reblogged the initial post to spread awareness a little, but mostly I just kept an eye on it from time to time because raising Internet awareness often seems a fruitless task, and there seemed to already be many warriors in the fray on this one. 669 more words


Personal Injury: How do I defend a claim against me?

Have you been in a car accident that you have been accused of causing through carelessness? Or has someone come into your place of business and been injured? 319 more words

Personal Injury