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Third Blog Post: Or, Why LINE Webtoon is Infuriating

I hate censorship. I hate censorship of good ideas, I hate censorship of bad ideas. I hate censorship of thoughts. I hate censorship of words. I hate censorship. 2,007 more words


Mixer Mania #37 – Notably Negligent

Did you know that we have Ginger Beer to thank for the legal term of negligence. It all stems from the English 1932 case of Donoghue v. 557 more words

Lime Juice


In the judgment today  Armes v Nottinghamshire County Council [2017] UKSC 60 the Supreme Court held that a local authority could be vicariously liable for the acts of foster parents. 339 more words


Stopping at the scene of a (police) accident

Today’s question comes in two parts:

I’ve just seen two different incidents on the news.

1. A man appealed his conviction against “fail to stop after an accident” I presume it was in the District Court NSW, part of his defence was that no such requirement is stated in the “NSW Drivers manual”.

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Case of the Day - Monday, October 16, 2017


… that confounded sodbuster neighbor just done cut our power line with his plow. In the ensuing fire that swept across the plain, the trees planted in our windbreak went up like Roman candles, and the ranch hands couldn’t stop the conflagration. 1,027 more words


Desecration of Angels
by Michael Romani

In our angels' desecration
Are sown the seeds of destruction

As your villainy grows bolder
This side of light demands I be its soldier

Better to strive hard and honestly die
Than ever answer to not doing so and as to why

Why deception has come to rule
And why the ways of the wise
Seem the ways of the fool
This life of ours is no easy surprise

You again deliver our girls to me sick
And wonder why my temper is quick

It is that you won't provide the medicine
No surprise that's how it's always been

If it were not for my presence at the delivery
I would never believe you mother to these beauties

Since Thursday night I have struggled on lost ground
Each time I have tried to get them help, I've found
That you deceptively stand in the way in every way
Until finally I have closed the door, keeping them away
From the harm to which your every effort has been directed
And now they are well and your maliciousness is corrected

And yes, if your goal was that I too be afflicted with this
Truth be told that your biological warfare did not miss

But after realization was reached that you sought only harm
And all of your lies had long since lost their charm

This destruction of yours has also been moved past
I am thunderstruck at how the harm you strike is so vast

How do you harm our children to strike out at me? 197 more words
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Could using your Mobile land you in Court?

Walk anywhere today and you’re bound to see people, heads down, swiping away on their mobile phones. Unlike them you’re looking where you’re going so you can avoid them. 900 more words

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