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It’s Wednesday-Friday! Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields we have this intriguing photo prompt taken by Björn Rudberg. I can’t wait to read what the other Friday Fictioneers saw in the picture. 118 more words

Friday Fictioneers

“Abandonment” – and why Universities shouldn’t scare their paramedic students with nonsense

Today’s correspondent is a student:

… studying a Diploma in Paramedical Science and have just read about “abandonment”.

A PowerPoint presentation the Uni has sent us on legal responsibilities advises that “You must always transfer care of a patient to a professional of equal or better or better training to avoid charges of abandonment”.

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3 Weapons Against Contributory Negligence

Maryland is one four states (along with Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia plus the District of Columbia) that recognize the Contributory Negligence Rule, which says that a damaged party cannot recover any damages if it is even 1% at fault. 653 more words

Auto Accident

Case of the Day - Tuesday, March 20, 2018


We had some great trees in our backyard when I was a kid. My parents let each of the four of us children “claim” one of the trees as our own, although I must now confess that the utility of doing so is no longer obvious to me. 1,086 more words

When People Tell Me I'm A Star

i am a constellation of nothing


every fiber of my mass

is an unempty space in empty space

made up of matter that does not matter… 135 more words


The Journey Begins

The Purpose and Position of the Blog

Purpose: The purpose of “The Fall of the FDA” advocacy group is to raise awareness and encourage advocacy among citizens of the United States about the negligence in enforcement of FDA’s own policies/criterion towards their food and drug approval process. 52 more words