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Case of the Day - Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Today, we continue our consideration of the problem posed by Tracy from Pinebark, New York. You recall Tracy’s problem from yesterday: the neighbor’s arguably dead tree fell on her car, crushing it. 1,819 more words

Case of the Day - Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Today we go to the mailbag!

Today we consider an interesting problem, this one submitted by alert reader Tracy of Pinebark, New York. 1,418 more words

When Negligence Leads To Injury from a Personal Injury Attorney in Sedalia

When someone else’s negligence leads to a personal injury, it is hard to accept. This is because it simply is not fair for someone to follow the rules and still get hurt. 363 more words

Sedalia Attorney

Pure PTSD claims and the decision in Pel-Air: a body blow for plaintiffs

Whilst I realise that for most members of the public a juicy set of facts is far more compelling than even the most irresistibly cogent legal precept, I am often disappointed by the scarcity of legal context given in news stories these days. 1,095 more words


Video Games Don't Cause Violence, Negligence Does

Almost everyday I come across news articles debating if video games increase violence among children. This has been an ongoing debate for years and I’m sick of it. 545 more words