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Why don't we drive through red lights?

Move over H.L.A. Hart –  a new quasi jurisprudential vehicular analogy is about.   In a google hangout hosted by Dr Ranj, Maurice Saatchi states his case. 1,354 more words

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Laws Limit Leaving Kids Alone

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - How young is too young legally to let a kid walk home alone?

Two Maryland rocket scientists are under investigation for child neglect for letting their kids, age 10 and 6, walk home alone from a park a mile from their home. 278 more words

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Angered By Circumstances

Sometimes when we read the news or witnessed something very horrifying, we get angered by the situations. For instance, I get very worked up when people take it as God’s will when their children died from an avoidable freak accident due to their parents’ negligence. 218 more words

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Mules v Ferguson [2015] QCA 5

The Supreme Court of Queensland recently considered an appeal in relation to a claim that the plaintiff’s general practitioner was negligent in failing to undertake a proper examination in response to her reported symptoms. 493 more words

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TBI and Negligence: Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Brooklyn

The law states that a person who suffers a brain injury due to negligence may be entitled to compensation. Consult a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer for more information. 6 more words

When the Monsters Underneath the Beds, Started, Babysitting the Children

When the monsters underneath the beds started, babysitting the children, you’d abandoned your own offspring.  When the monsters underneath the beds started, babysitting the children, then, you wouldn’t be, doing your jobs correctly, parents, because, HOW can you, IF you were, better parents, leave, your offspring, in the cares of something so scary like them monsters under the beds? 121 more words


The aim of this blog

The aim of this blog is to highlight and comment on current news items that are health related particularly legal issues; The stories I gravitate to are dealing with health professionals – Nurses, Midwives, Doctors etc and the legal implications of their acts or their failure to act – Negligence. 105 more words