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ADF medics (or ex medics) at the scene of an emergency

This question comes from WA. My correspondent says:

I come from a military background we were told that our skill level does not fit into a civilian mould.

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What duties do business owners have to have security cameras?

Security cameras are not always required in every business. A lot of times they are. 129 more words


Slow Learner

By my age, you’d think that I would learn. But apparently I’m a slow learner. Only classes in Hard-Knock University seem to make enough on an impression to drive home the lesson. 863 more words

Can the severity of a brain injury be measured?

We get into these brain injury cases and everybody always wants to know, “Is there 166 more words


What if the wrongful death happened at work? Is there someone who can be sued?

When there’s a wrongful death at work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s only 117 more words