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How a watch proved to be a powerful reminder.

I recently sold a watch on eBay and it reminded me that in a negotiation the other party wants to buy as much as you want to sell. 681 more words


Collaborative Divorce: Best for All

Divorce is one of the most recognized life stressors.  According to the “Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale,” it ranks second only after death of a spouse, and is more stressful than imprisonment or death of a close family member.  178 more words

Customer Service - A Dying Art?

An incredible amount has been written on the subject of customer service over the years, much of it unnecessarily complicating matters, when really it is nothing more than a simple equation. 1,359 more words

Why is Trump Foundering?

So far, we’ve witnessed probably the weakest new president ever. Between the leaks, the spontaneous Twitter pronouncements, controversial executive orders, losses in federal court, and historic difficulties in getting a cabinet approved, I think I can safely say that American history has never seen a president so bad at his job, at least this early in his administration. 719 more words


The 5 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

Some people possess natural negotiation chops. The rest of us just need practice.

Negotiating can be uncomfortable: standing up for yourself, asking for what you want, and trying to get a better price, terms, and condition often feels confrontational–and most of us avoid confrontation. 774 more words


Negotiating Lessons from Brexit - Two

Structuring Expectations: Part One

The pre-negotiation phase: The negotiation has begun already!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that in the period running up to the formal start of a negotiation the parties are not negotiating. 253 more words


7 things to say when negotiating property prices to buy or sell

(Source: www.99.co)

Negotiating property prices is a skill that can be learnt

Negotiating property prices is a skill that can be learnt

If you’re a first time home buyer or seller, negotiating property prices may be a little tough. 955 more words

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