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Can You Go Back to the Negotiating Table After a 'No'?

Dear Annie: I’m thinking of talking to my team leader about a 5% raise, even though he already told me I’m only getting a 3% increase. 833 more words


A Writer's Goals: An Obscure Mystery Novelist Gives First Time Writers Some Much Needed Information Regarding Publishing

Dear Unpublished Novelist,

Stop what you’re doing. Immediately. Paying attention? Good.

Now read the following letter (in its entirety) before you decide what to do with that first manuscript you spent so much time on your posterior writing. 789 more words


How to Negotiate a Better Price on Girl Scout Cookies

Let’s preface this article by saying that girl scouts are awesome, and I used to be one. But this is a recession people! Many people don’t have money for thin mints, so Box of Mirth will teach you how to get a cheaper box of cookies. 212 more words


The hostage negotiator, the air traffic controller and me ... 

Motherhood can be best described using a whole lot of action words. I am constantly attempting to reach agreements, compromising, mediating, discussing and consulting. Along with a whole lot of directing, keeping people on course and securing their safety and well-being. 44 more words

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Q&A #2: Payment and First Meets

Payment and First Meets

Q. Hey! Sorry to be random, I was just wondering if you could answer some questions for me ? I’m new to being an SB. 351 more words

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The Business of Editing: The Agony & the Ecstasy of “No”

Contract negotiations and project negotiations are difficult to begin with. Rarely do we come to the bargaining table from a position of strength. But occasionally we do, when our client’s client has insisted we be hired. 1,427 more words

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If Your Buying Home, Buy 2

Three years ago, John Paulson gave a keynote address at the CNBC/Institutional Investor Conference. In his speech, he told those in attendance that he believes housing will continue its strong recovery for the next 4 to 7 years, saying that: 470 more words