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I’m radiating at the bottom, extingushing a bright light,

Grinding hard, contemplating my moves for the high life.

Putting a purpose towards every dollar,

Street scholar, institutions don’t teach like the heavenly father. 253 more words


Book Recommendation: Presence by Amy Cuddy

Harvard professor Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on body language is one if the most watched video’s on YouTube – for good reason.

Her  recent book… 253 more words

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10 Factors Affecting How Much you Can Charge your Clients

Negotiating with a client about how much to pay you for your services is a lot like negotiating your salary at a corporate job. However, freelancers experience greater freedom in deciding their pay rate, and with that freedom comes great responsibility. 1,127 more words


The Principle Of Higher Authority

We’ve all been on the new car lot perusing that perfect car that will meet all our needs only to find ourselves in some cubicle ready to sign an inflated value contract we weren’t even sure we’d be doing today… Haven’t we? 507 more words


Master Negotiation in Business and Life with Former FBI Negotiator Chris Voss | The School of Greatness

“What someone has failed to say is often a lot more important than what they have said.”

Buckle up because today’s episode of  The School of Greatness… 223 more words

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Find The Good In Every Offer

Every Offer we receive is better than the Offer that was not submitted.  I think I am a logical thinker  when my client receives an Offer to purchase from one person who looks at the house and no Offers from five parties who also looked at the house, the one offer in my hand is better than any of the Offers that were not written.   185 more words