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Patrick Buchanan on the US-Iran nuclear deal

Patrick Buchanan makes a powerful point regarding President Obama’s deal with the Iranian regime:

What does Iran get? What Iran always wanted. Not a bomb which would make Iran a pariah like North Korea and could bring down upon her the same firestorm America delivered to Iraq, but a path to become again the hegemon of the Persian Gulf.

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Flotsam And Jetsam

Negotiating in Europe #4 - Greece, Britain et al.

When Negotiating You Get What You Deserve.

  1. If you are receiving end of an unrealistic proposal and wondering to yourself: “How on earth could anyone expect us to consider that?”, ask yourself: “What have I done / failed to do /  that allows the other side to make that proposal?”.
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Change The Context

I’ve always hated the phrase, “think outside the box.” It trivializes thinking beyond the obvious by describing the box as a barrier one must transcend. Worse, it doesn’t even suggest how to accomplish what is a difficult feat. 446 more words

Negotiating with Dealers to Get the Best Lease Deals and Save More

“Do you still believe that not telling the dealer at first of your plan on leasing is the most effective way to begin negotiating for car lease deals? 103 more words

Tips on Negotiating and Getting the Best Deals when Buying Used Cars

A new car’s value depreciates by 10 percent once it leaves the lot, by 20 percent within a year, and by 60 percent just after three years. 121 more words