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This Is the Biggest Mistake Women Make When Negotiating

Susie Scher, a managing director at Goldman Sachs, was supervising an employee—let’s call her Jane Doe—who could be on her way partner. Doe was successful and accomplished—but she was known for taking feedback poorly. 558 more words


In Negotiations, The Pen Can be Mightier than the Mouth

A long time ago I heard that women are not so good at negotiating. You can’t blame this all on women, since part of the problem is how our attempts to negotiate are received. 818 more words


Do You Know How To Communicate? Here's 2 Great Tips

According to Small Business Trends, there are twenty ways to communicate effectively in the workplace. Then, there’s Inc.com that boasts five of them. CIO.com says that there are eight. 614 more words

Jeff Lowen


I’m radiating at the bottom, extinguishing a bright light,

Grinding hard, contemplating my moves for the high life.

Putting a purpose towards every dollar,

Street scholar, institutions don’t teach like the heavenly father. 253 more words


Book Recommendation: Presence by Amy Cuddy

Harvard professor Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on body language is one if the most watched video’s on YouTube – for good reason.

Her  recent book… 253 more words

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10 Factors Affecting How Much you Can Charge your Clients

Negotiating with a client about how much to pay you for your services is a lot like negotiating your salary at a corporate job. However, freelancers experience greater freedom in deciding their pay rate, and with that freedom comes great responsibility. 1,127 more words