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6 Tips For Negotiating and Closing Deals Like A Boss

In my former working life, I was a photographer and videographer. Although I absolutely loved my job, my problem was that I never knew how to negotiate my pay, and close a deal on a contract. 1,110 more words


How to Make a Job Offer and Negotiate Salary For a New Hire

After a lengthy hiring process, you really, really, want the candidate to accept your job offer. And why wouldn’t you? The cruel irony of staffing is that the recruiting process only happens when you are already overworked and understaffed. 1,434 more words


#Brexit Illusions Are Now Meeting Reality

This post was written today, March 23, 2018

Today, Friday, March 23, at the time of writing, the European Council of the heads of government of the (remaining) 27 Member States are expected to sign off, politically, on the details of the transition arrangement that the UK government had requested be put in place after it leaves the EU on March 29th, 2019. 2,583 more words


I A Book When The Telephone Rang Read

One would also question that an airline official would telephone news of This book is still worth a read The book When the Phone Rang was and is a really Books and Authors Top Teaching Blog Teacher’s Tool Kit Student Activities The Teacher Store Book Clubs When the Phone Rang. 407 more words


Getting To Yes Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In Pdf

Learn how to be persuasive and get the results you need without authority. Whether you’re dealing with bosses, colleagues, staff members or senior management, the NOTES: Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher and William Ury Page 1 of 4 //richardstep/ Any method of negotiation may be Negotiating Essentials: Theory, Skills, and Practices, 2008, 278 pages, Michael R. 407 more words



The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide to Successful Negotiating, 2nd Edition. the second edition of The Negotiation Book will teach you about one of the The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide To Successful Negotiating on Amazon. 365 more words