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Inequality at Work: How Misperceptions of Power Influence Our Work-Lives

Negotiating… The back and forth between two seemingly equal participants… The interchange of wills struggling for supremacy, at last arriving at a mutually beneficial agreement: that is the popular conception of the art of negotiation, and as with the popular notion of the self-made man, it’s nothing more than a crock of shit. 758 more words

Olive Branch Inspection Contingency

Given a choice, without being told of potential consequences, a Buyer Client is 99% likely to include a Buyer Favorable leverage an inspection contingency, over the one on page 9 of the Offer to Purchase.  350 more words

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How To Negotiate a Great Deal on a Used Car

You’ve set your budget. You’ve done your research and you’ve found a used car that you’re interested in buying. Now what? It’s time to negotiate. 910 more words

Buying Used Cars

Tips For Negotiating The Price of a New Car

I can show you how to get a deal on a new car and negotiate the… The post Tips For Negotiating The Price of a New Car appeared first on Build, Price, Option.

The Big O II: Act 18- The Greatest Villain

(Act 17: Leviathan)

The setting is Paradigm’s top-security prison on an undisclosed island near the city’s shore. Beck and his goons have been imprisoned within this place for some time, but their 723 year sentence for Megadeus-instigated terrorism seems just as endless as ever. 1,503 more words


On Being Stupidly Open

One of the things that I think my direct reports would say is that I’m very open and honest… probably to a fault. I try my best say things that aren’t controversial but ultimately may be against my better judgement. 115 more words

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Six Specific #Brexit Thoughts on a Summer’s Day

This blog was written on Monday July 30th.

It was a Brexit week in which not much happened, except for the small matter of the EU’s chief negotiator, Michael Barnier, telling the new UK Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, that a key proposition in Theresa May’s Chequers plan would never be accepted by the EU. 2,251 more words