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Persistent negotiation: An inoculation against crummy customer service

It’s a sad feature of the world we all inhabit: Most customer service representatives seem surprisingly unequipped to serve us. “I’ll have our technical department call you back when this matter is resolved.” (No you won’t). 654 more words


An interview coach says there's a right way to answer the dreaded salary history question

You’ve been job hunting for a while, and you finally hear back about a job you really want. The recruiter reaches out and asks if you’re free to chat for a few minutes so they can ask you a few questions. 1,867 more words

Back To The Future With The New £1

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So the new 12-sided £1 coin is about to hit our streets. Panic at Tesco’s (who haven’t been able to convert their trolleys in time) and a source of national pride in “ 848 more words

Question Time last night: 'Britain after Brexit'

I am a regular watcher of the BBC’s Question Time, although I should probably stay away for the sake of my blood pressure. Yesterday evening a special ‘Britain after Brexit’ episode was broadcast, during which an audience which was divided as the country was at the referendum (roughly 52:48) posed questions to a panel composed of (in no particular order) Suzanne Evans (UKIP), David Davis (Conservatives), Nick Clegg (Lib Dems), Melanie Phillips (The Times), Alex Salmond (SNP) and Keir Starmer (Labour). 955 more words


Similar Negotiation Skills Needed in Business and Family Disputes

Whether you are participating in a business transaction or dispute resolution. If you plan on having a continued relationship with the person on the other side, it is imperative that you understand the principles of negotiation. 257 more words

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Cosmetic Issues = Buyer Savings

In a high demand real estate market like Denver, Sellers have the advantage. When Buyer demand outpaces available inventory, the Seller is king, and they have the upper hand at the negotiating table. 700 more words

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