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When it comes to resolving disputes, its never a good idea to be too full of yourself.

A lot of lawsuits are filed and pursued much longer than they need to be simply because people are naive and overconfident. Lawyers are trained to be confident advocates and that confidence can be an intoxicating drug that people need and want to hear to feel better about their situation.   206 more words


Salary Negotiation - The power is in your hands

I recently read a fantastic and mind boosting story of how a Silicon Valley software engineer was able to negotiate a fantastic salary for himself despite having been rejected from the same company previously. 455 more words



Itu artine opo toh?

Banyak istilah dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang merupakan serapan dari bahasa asing.

Dalam bahasa Inggris, kata Negotiation jika dipilah berdasar suku kata menjadi ne-go-ti-a-tion. 26 more words

Celoteh Malam

If it rains, I will be able to achieve my target !!!!!!

If it rains, I will be able to achieve my target !!!!!!

The title might look strange but there is a background to this one. I was providing consulting service to one of the companies in the Agriculture industry. 391 more words

Business Developement

Negotiations With God

This was written some years ago – when I was neck deep in fear. Am finally ready to share it. Part of my resolve to grow into a writer who will not hold back her truth – be it embarrassing or painful. 885 more words

Contracts: When Should You Get It In Writing?

 Have you heard the saying, “If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen?” As the phrase implies, oral agreements can be difficult, if not impossible, to prove. 204 more words