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How to prepare a negotiation ?

For some sellers, it is a scary moment, meanings submission and compromise which are not always to their advantages ; This is because there wasn’t preparation. 822 more words


Negotiating Lessons from Brexit - Three

Situations in which to be careful:
The skillful negotiator is collecting information all the time. One never knows when it will be useful or for which deal but it is very valuable. 213 more words

Negotiating Skills

Deal Protections: Bargaining Strategies in Negotiation

Most of the blogs we have posted and the majority of the articles you read on the internet focus on negotiation between two parties. However, those of us that are regularly involved in the field of negotiation know that negotiators often have to deal with more than one party to reach a settlement. 495 more words


Trust Your Gut/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Deborah E. Lipstadt is an historian who has written much about the fact that there are still Holocaust deniers who disseminate their contorted views on the Holocaust period. 339 more words

Civil Divorce

Negotiating in God's Kingdom

Does anyone else love negotiating? No? No one else?

It’s pretty rare I meet someone my age who enjoys it as much as I do. The few times I’ve been able to buy or sell cars, the negotiation process has been my favorite. 857 more words



One of the strengths a mediator must possess is having the gift of patience. A solution that may not immediately be apparent, may well develop if the parties continue the dedicated work of talking, negotiating, and pursuing a proper solution to the question at hand. 164 more words