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Exploring the agent/process problem in international negotiation

How do power asymmetries and domestic influences effect the course and outcome of international bargaining? The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) most recent round of multilateral negotiations have suggested an answer to this question in its struggle to continue the economic liberalization process. 3,170 more words

The benefits of household tasks that multiple people can do (like dishes)

In my post from two weeks ago I discussed the idea of cross-training for domestic labor. (This reminds me, I still haven’t taken the actions I assigned myself at the end of the post…). 238 more words

Domestic Labor

Cyprus: Forever divided?

The island of Cyprus has been divided for decades and despite various attempts at reunification, the last few months have been deemed by many seasoned diplomats as a good opportunity, and potentially a last one. 39 more words

Negotiation: What is it...or What it is.

Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D.

This evening’s post is meant as a thought generator.

One of the things that makes us who we are is that we all see the world through our own lens, shaped and colored by the environment around us, how we developed as we grew, what we did, and many other variables. 380 more words

Executive Leadership

Pace Yourself in Your Career

When you first finished school and started your job search, the world was your oyster. So many meaningful jobs out there to pick and choose from. 1,394 more words

Work Issues

Day 402: Walking with SOUL: the word Dispute

The Word: Dispute (more information gathering)


Stepping from the drawing, and the drawing board and thence onto the building-site: physical things don’t go just this way and that way; there is always so much more involved, things that weren’t apparent in the plans and intentions. 591 more words

How to Stop Leaving Your Money on the Table

When I first heard this Americanism I was confused. Who is leaving money on the table and why? Also where is this table exactly? I've got GPS…. 1,002 more words