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King Solomon, Donald Trump, Fair Trade Post One

What is all the Trump “much ado:” about unbalanced trade balances not being the best deal for US Workers? 638 more words

King Solomon

Leaders share: How to Land That Promotion

Discovered the article posted below on landing a promotion and loved it. Very inspiring and relevant advice on how to succeed by women in leadership roles.  107 more words


Trial Advocacy v. Mediation Admission, Concession and Conciliation

The Korean War is perceived by most of the public to be long “over”; just another page in history.  In stark reality, however, that 1950’s war has never officially ended, but rather still, legally, smolders on.   721 more words


Should Mediators "Evaluate?"

Here is a quote from a blurb that recently appeared in the International Chamber of Commerce webpage:

“..the benefit of mediation was seen as lying in the mediator’s ability to look beyond the polarised positions of the parties and find middle ground by analysing the parties’ positions and making each reflect on its own and the other’s position.” 191 more words

Dispute Resolution

Oregon Standoff Ends

After 41 days, an armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in Oregon has ended. The last four anti-federalist militants turned themselves over to the custody of FBI agents after an emotional negotiation with them that lasted over an hour and was broadcast live on YouTube. 325 more words


How Should You Conduct Your Next Negotiation Meeting?

How can employees better their negotiation process?

Negotiating at work can be a slippery slope, especially if both parties involved are steadfast in their quest to receive what they desire most. 291 more words

Employee Development

Negotiating well in groups

The entire company, probably little over 50 people, was in the room. It was the 9th of December 2005 and we’d gathered to discuss the news that we were seriously considering an offer to sell the company. 565 more words