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My Mother taught me how to Probe!

Funny as it may sound; I believe Mothers are the biggest and the best institution to learn from. I have been in sales for 15 years now and that’s exactly how much time it has taken me to realize that I have inherited my sales abilities from my Mother! 721 more words

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Should I sell my home as-is?

Ah, the need for speed in a real estate deal – we’re quite familiar with it. From clients who’ve taken a job out of town with an impatient employer to the need to sell a deceased family member’s home, “Should I sell my house as-is” is a common question. 703 more words



When buyers start to over step their bounds is often times when real estate transactions go sour. Buying and selling a home is all about being reasonable. 1,207 more words

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Serious about negotiating fair and square? Then read this.

All too often negotiators end up like the proverbial children who quarreled over an orange. After they finally agreed to divide the orange in half, the first child took one half, ate the fruit and threw away the peel, while the other threw away the fruit and used the peel from the second half in baking a cake. 849 more words

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Thoughts on Leadership: More About Negotiation

This week my travels found me first in New York City for meetings with prospective brokerages then back to Irvine at our HSF Affiliates headquarters. I’m a big fan of the idea that new eyes see old things in new ways and that’s why I am constantly listening to books. 73 more words

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Trump's N. Korea talks are set to fail

By Hermes

Unlike my colleague Aristophanes, I’m not going to hold my analysis on the Singapore summit. The future is uncertain, but the past can reasonably predict what’s to come for American-North Korean relations. 477 more words


The Other Side Of The Table: Reverse Engineering of INTERVIEW STRATEGY

So, how does a concept from the field of engineering get itself into the dysfunctional event called INTERVIEWING? Reverse engineering is a detailed examination of a technical product or service, with the end-game of producing something similar. 964 more words