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When You Can't Settle, Consider a Mini-Trial

A mini-trial is basically a sophisticated settlement conference. When you have complex questions of mixed law and fact, a mini-trial may be your best way forward. 361 more words

Litigation Strategy

Negotiating in Europe #4 - Greece, Britain et al.

When Negotiating You Get What You Deserve.

  1. If you are receiving end of an unrealistic proposal and wondering to yourself: “How on earth could anyone expect us to consider that?”, ask yourself: “What have I done / failed to do /  that allows the other side to make that proposal?”.
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Negotiation is a process of bargaining with one or more parties to arrive at a solution that is acceptable to all. This process involves five basic steps: Planning Interpersonal relationship building, exchanging task-related information, persuasion, and agreement. 433 more words


Trial Lawyer Negotiation Secrets

Enjoy these 30 years of trial lawyer negotiation tips via Periscope

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Lessons from a recent UK construction law case

Between May 5, and July 23, 2015, three UK law firms wrote articles about a recent UK construction law case. This blog looks at some lessons these firms believed could be learned from the case. 685 more words

Master Service Agreements

Sun Country Pilots Call For Final Mediation Session

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Pilots from Sun Country Airlines have asked federal officials to release them from mediation talks if an agreement can’t be reached in their final session with airline officials. 209 more words


English Idioms in the Business Context

An idiom is a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words. In other words, learning and knowing about these idioms can really save you from having a tough time understanding a native speaker in a business context. 4,793 more words