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Getting the most out of your contractor

With the advent of the do-it-yourself revolution in home improvement, we are all tempted to look it up on the internet and then, well, do it ourselves. 797 more words

The taunt response of Rabshakeh to the Israelites (Isa 36:12-36:12)

“But Rabshakeh said to them.

‘My master has sent me

To speak these words

To your master                                                                          

As well as you.

I am not to speak these words… 81 more words

How to Negotiate Your Next Car Purchase

by Terson J., Contributor

You’ve made the decision to buy a new car and you’re aiming to get a good deal, but do you know the best ways to negotiate for an awesome price? 490 more words


Learning Everyday [2016/8/18]


  1. Having sunlight really helps my productivity. Not sure how office’s without sunlight work well. For those rooms without sunlight, we need install CoeLux, artificial sunlight…
  2. 113 more words
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The Seven Golden Tips Of Negotiation

The Seven Golden Tips Of Negotiation

How exactly do you get good deals without turning into some form of autocratic bruiser that then alienates the other party? 445 more words


Steps To Make Negotiating Less Stressful

Negotiation is part of every day life and work. We face plenty of opportunity to communicate clearly and effectively with others that influence decisions for the present or future. 630 more words


BDSM 101: Nipple Play

Want to give your sadistic sex play a little nip and tuck? Well, when it comes to getting naughty with your nipples, you can be gentle, or you can be rough! 1,066 more words