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i am a master nego-shite-or!!

i get what i want… is what i do. i fix shit in my favour! i call you, you are fucked! i don’t know the meaning of no/can’t when i hear it!  30 more words


Urge the Heroes

My Friends,

Four years ago today, a friend of mine was murdered in the line of duty. Chris Kilcullen was a police officer and negotiator for the Eugene, Oregon police department. 2,120 more words

Writing Notes

Why would you want to mediate and not litigate?

Regardless of what kind of issues you have with someone else there are common threads. Misunderstandings, feelings of betrayal, financial loss, anger, control, you want them to suffer or “pay” for what they did among many other reasons. 260 more words


Are you a good negotiator?

Negotiation is a good skill to posses. No matter what you do in life, this skill always comes in handy. Starting from bargaining for your favorite knick-knack from the bargain market to closing out a business deal or a house that you are interested in. 361 more words

"The Blockade has not Ended" Interview with Josefina Vidal, Cuba’s Top Negotiator & Foreign Ministry Head for U.S. Affairs

Cristina Escobar.- Cuba and the United States are entering a new stage of diplomatic relations. How can these relations be constructed after so many years of confrontation, and what do the recent talks between the two countries mean? 5,742 more words


How can culture affect negotiation? Let's talk about that!

“Negotiation is probably as old as mankind itself and was born out of Homo Sapiens’ early struggles for survival and dominance.” (Richard Lewis Communications)

Negotiation is a consultation that exchanges views or reaching a consensus. 475 more words