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Rodney Tippit - Marketing Tips for Small or Large Businesses

Rodney Tippit is a committed individual who has been working in the furniture industry for several years. He is currently serving as the case goods buyer for Bob’s Discount Furniture, and he is responsible for product development, as well as working with international companies to ensure quality. 224 more words


Rodney Tippit - Tips for Building a Successful Sales Team

Rodney Tippit is an accomplished and versatile management professional who understands what it takes to develop a business with solid growth strategies. He has been working in the furniture industry for almost thirty years, and he knows that one of the best ways to boost company numbers is by… 224 more words


Rodney Tippit - Tips for Project Cost Management

Rodney Tippit has been in the furniture industry for over two decades and has worked at several top managerial positions. There is nothing free in the world, especially in… 295 more words


Rodney Tippit - How to Become a Better Negotiator

Rodney Tippit is a business management professional with over two decades’ experience in the furniture industry. He is experienced in several areas such as business management, developing and implementing business operations, and growth strategies. 259 more words


Victoria ShortFalls

Poverty is rampant in Zambia in spite of  being a tourist destination. Unemployment is extremely high and government-funded education only goes through 7th grade. Given these circumstances I was pleasantly surprised to see how friendly the people are and what a beautiful unspoiled country they offer to their guests. 244 more words


John Richard Drigalla - Negotiation Mistakes To Avoid

John Richard Drigalla is a skilled negotiator who is able to achieve the outcomes that are in the best interests of his clients and employers when he sits down to meet a… 231 more words


John Richard Drigalla - Tips For Creating Strong Business Relationships Online

While John Richard Drigalla is quick to point out that attending networking events and meeting fellow professionals in person is still the best way to form meaningful business relationships, he also notes that the increasing popularity of social media and other websites makes forming… 421 more words