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Donald Trump Brings Déjà vu Reagan Moment

Today is the big day.

And Trump’s fans are paving his way!

They’re ready for another Reagan wave!

And Donald Trump shines the light on top of the hill in the big city. 92 more words

Donald Trump


Today the four year old is on treat lock-down as a punishment for being rude. After much protesting, flailing about and gnashing of teeth, I thought she’d finally come to accept her fate. 89 more words


I looked up over the edge of my reading glasses at the gentleman sitting one seat over from me at the coffee bar of Busboys and Poets. 955 more words

With Self-Love Everyone Wins!

After writing in a recent post “To Be or Not To Be- A Guide on How to Make Decisions”, I began to contemplate the varying decisions a typical young woman would potentially be faced with. 333 more words

The Negotiating Gifts from Greece - #2 - Kicking The Can Down The Road - Deadlocking

  1. Argue and keep arguing – whilst arguing you are not making concessions or even proposals. In fact you are not negotiating (attempting to secure an agreement).

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Lead negotiator calls Iran deal 'very good,' says Obama has supported Israel more than any president

CBS News reporter Major Garrett might have momentarily tripped up President Obama yesterday as he was taking his victory lap at a press briefing about the Iran nuclear deal, but today’s briefing by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman was a much calmer affair. 499 more words

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Negotiating Gifts from Greece

Gift One: Preparation 

  1. A few lessons in How not to negotiate.

    1. Being Unprepared hands control to those who would seize it. The lack of a clear idea of what the consequences of Grexit might be make it difficult, or even impossible, to have clarity of purpose or objective.

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